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    Question Audio crackling and dropouts, system slowdown while downloading, high DPC latency.

    I don't know if you're allowed to post an issue that is solved but I spent many hours hunting this one down and Tom's Hardware always seems to come up in Google results, so this might help somebody some day. I was suffering from very pronounced audio crackling/dropouts and a general slowdown of...
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    Question Best practices and pointers for a firewall PC ?

    Happy to be back after a long time!:giggle: I am looking to buy or build a system for PfSense / Untangled / IPFire . I have a business grade Virgin fibre, ISP router, cisco switch, 2 UniFI APs, Cat6 all over the house, etc. I had a PfSense, which was quickly hijacked by a very close friend of...
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    [SOLVED] Cisco ASA Help IPSEC Tunnel is up but I cant ping remote hosts and Vice Versa

    Hey as the title says, this is my first IPSEC tunnel I've set up it seems like almost everything is good and I have the tunnel active but I cant ping remote hosts I swear its like on config off from working so very simple set up here at my house (GFIREWALL) I use and at the...
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    [SOLVED] HELP Firewall Expert, Setting up a Cisco ASA 5505 at home I can reach internet from ASA but not from computer inside LAN

    Setting up a Cisco ASA 5505 at home I can reach internet from ASA but not from computer inside LAN could someone help me? I have set the outside interface for DHCP and I can acquire my public IP address, I can ping outside, but inside devices can't ping anything or reach outside, also I'm a bit...
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    [SOLVED] How do I change the Firewall settings in a BT HUB, and what do I change them to?

    have an IoT product for Food service businesses, We offer a remote monitoring service for fridges & freezers using wireless temperature sensors and a gateway which plugs into the clients network/router. A client is having trouble setting up as the gateway won't connect to...
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    Question Firewall recommendations

    Back in the day i used and loved outpost firewall, but since its no longer being maintained, i've been looking ever since for a similar software. Currently I'm using Glasswire, it doesn't seem to be bad, but its not quite what i want, does anyone knows a Firewall similar to outpost (most...
  7. willyburns

    [SOLVED] Do I need antivirus software on my PC now that I have a good wireless router?

    Hello people! I have setup a new network using a BT Openreach Huawei HG612 modem and an ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC2900, which replaced the nasty lump of plastic that TalkTalk made me purchase with their fastest broadband package, which is laughably up to 70.2Mbps (I should've stayed with Virgin...
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    Question I think my GPU fan is dead

    imma break it real quick. I know during idle i only have 1 fan spinning, of course that's normal. But during gaming or benchmarking on uniengine heaven, my temp at best got into 98 d celcius, with only still, 1 fan spinning. i also got into msi afterburner, and set fan speed 100%. STILL...
  9. atinesh.s

    [SOLVED] Can we install 2 OS on 2 SSD in the same system

    Hello guys, I am planning to add an SSD in my system. Currently, I have a dual booted system with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 on a 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD. I do my professional work on Ubuntu and open windows very rarely just to play games on weekends :p I have a small confusion. I can add...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Please give me your opinions on my pc build and are the parts compatible

    Hi thanks for taking time to take a look at my thread. I have been thinking about upgrading my computer for some time now and had read articles claiming that now is the best time to get a new system with the new GPU's dropping and the fall in DDR4 prices. Here is what i have currently planned...
  11. F

    [SOLVED] Need help to determine issue in my pc!

    Hey everybody, Just 2 days ago my PC turned off randomly and wouldn’t turn back on. I checked the back of the psu and the green light was blinking. I purchased a new psu assuming the psu died, but after installing the psu, the pc still wouldn’t turn on. I tried the following methods already to...
  12. Tigerwarrior1

    Will a 4x4 16GB work on this MOBO?

    Hello, community! So I was just wondering if my Vengence LPX DDR4 (4x4) 16gb kit will work on my motherboard. I've looked at the memory support list on the motherboard's information page but usually, there are way more modules to be listed on there. I don't even know if my motherboard will...
  13. J

    Gaming: previously low ping suddenly became higher than Cheech and Chong

    I have a few favorite servers I frequent on a couple of games because in them, my latency is reliably under 100. Literally, this changed overnight. Now, I see that my server ping in one of the games is peaked at 999 (although it's probably even higher than that) when it was previously at 60-70...
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    [SOLVED] Nvme slots meaning ? Asus mobo

    2 x M.2 Socket 3 1 x Type 22422280 supports SATA and PCie 3.0 x4 modes 1 x Type 224222110 supports PCie 3.0 x4 mode Mobo: asus rog strix z390e I have 970evo 250gb on the up slot, win10 running with it. I want to buy 970evoplus 1tb, does that work full speed with the down slot ? Also if ı...
  15. N

    [SOLVED] Did I gimp myself? h370 :(

    Hey team, I'm in the process of upgrading my PC after 6 years. I plan on swapping out my current MOBO, CPU, and RAM. I bought the GIGABYTE H370 AORUS Gaming 3 WiFi, and wanted to pair it with an i7 8700K. Upon further inspection I realized that this is a budget MOBO and won't support OCing. My...
  16. A

    TRying to find a Budget Motherboard. Cant find a Fit

    TRying to find a Budget Motherboard for my Build using 9600k as Cpu in ATX Mid-Tower. with Overclock a bit but not extremely. going to be 1080p gaming. will also wanting it to be future proof for a while. every motherboard i find it has issues Need some great Mind Ideas. Don't want to spend...
  17. L

    Surround sound broken

    Hi, we have 2 x Samsung HTF6500 home entertainment systems. They are a few years old but well looked after. I think the speaker ports are. broken on both of them. Not all the speakers seem to work anymore. Is it possible to replace these and can you do it yourself or do I need to take it in...
  18. F

    Can A HD 6850 Run On My Dell 375w PSU?

    My psu model no is: dell psu L375P-00 Specs: My pc specs are q6600, 4gb ram. If not so would gtx 650 be fine?
  19. K

    Buying GTX 1080

    Hello guys, i want to buy a gtx 1080 ( USED Graphics card because i dont have money for a new one) and its around 320$ and 280€ in my country. and 750-800€ new. i want to ask you, what test can i do to be sure graphics card isnt dying in the next few days/weeks and get scammed..?
  20. E

    DisplayPort to HDMI for gsync

    With the latest Nvidia driver it seems that i can use gsync with my freesync monitor, but i noticed that i only have an HDMI cable. Will DisplayPort to HDMI cable like this...
  21. Q

    [SOLVED] Newly built PC: black screen.

    Just put together all the components, turned on the power for the first time, then got black screen. My CPU has small screen, it says "HDD POST ERROR" then I unplugged my HDD, this error still shows. here's my component list: 1, Asus ROG Maximus XI formula motherboard. 2, I9 9900K CPU 3...
  22. B

    SSD Installed as Boot Drive (windows 7) with a HDD with all of my previous data on it, but it doesn't load that data

    So as the title says I have recently installed an SSD with windows 7 on it as my boot drive and I previously had a hard drive as the boot drive and storage for all of my games. Now that I've installed windows 7 onto the SSD, the data from the hard drive refuses to show up. I can access the files...
  23. I

    Does my H430 lenovo motherboard support Xeon CPUs?

    This is my motherboard: H430 Desktop (Lenovo) - Type 2558 , machine type model 25582QG I was wondering if a xeon e3 1220 lga1155 would be compatible with my motherboard, I've been looking around but haven't found a specific answer to whether my mobo can handle the cpu or not. Any help is...
  24. E

    [SOLVED] ASUS B250 Mining Expert for non-mining use

    Sorry to ask such a basic question. I’m completely new at this. I have an ASUS B250 Mining expert, which I only acquired because it was going at a good price. My two questions are: 1) Can I just use it for a desktop computer build? I don’t want to do any mining. 2) if yes, do I just need a...
  25. A

    [SOLVED] M.2 Slot question

    I have an Asus Prime B250M-A motherboard and I see it has two m.2 slots, one for optane ready module and for m.2 SSD. Can I put a second m.2 SSD instead of optane module. The m.2 I had in mind is the Samsung 860 evo m.2 SATA sad.
  26. XMEN_2012

    [SOLVED] Ryzen Zen 2 is here - Ryzen 9 will be fastest at 5.1Ghz

    Ryzen Zen 2 cpus is about to take conputer world by storm. Check link below for complete information.
  27. C

    Thermal throttling on 2600X?

    My Ryzen 5 2600X usually above 4.0ghz during normal usage, but when I run Prime95 sith Small FFTs, the clock speed stays at 3.89ghz. Is it throttling or is there another problem?
  28. A

    Help choose between these pc's and this one
  29. S

    Recommend me a budget monitor

    Hello, I'm in need of a new monitor as my old HP 2510i just gave up. PC is build of - i5-4590, GTX 970 4G, 16gb RAM. When it comes to gaming, I really only enjoy RPG games, other than that my PC is generally used to watch videos and browsing the web, nothing fancy. Any help would be...
  30. N

    i5 3330 - GTX 1060 Bottleneck?

    Hello everyone! Right now im using an i5 3330 with a gtx 760. Im looking to upgrade to a gtx 1060. Will there be any bottleneck? thanks
  31. R

    Motherboard fan port issue.

    Hey guys, I have a Corsair 460x RBG case with a ASUS TUF Z370-PLUS Gaming Motherboard and a Corsair H80i V2 Cooler. My issue is that I only have two fan CHA_FAN ports on the motherboard yet I have 3 front fans to connect. Currently I have the Cooler set into the CPU_FAN port and the bottom case...
  32. AndrewFreedman

    Best Tech Stocking Stuffers 2018: Cheap Gifts for Enthusiasts

    With holiday expenses nothing to sneeze at, you'll likely want to get some friends and family members lower-cost items. We've collected a few of our favorite small and somewhat affordable gifts. Best Tech Stocking Stuffers 2018: Cheap Gifts for Enthusiasts : Read more
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    Surprise! Wireless ISPs Throttle Video Streaming

    Northeastern University researchers discovered that wireless ISPs, including a satellite provider, throttle streaming video services and not other apps. Surprise! Wireless ISPs Throttle Video Streaming : Read more
  34. V

    Online games massive stuttering

    i5 4460 GTX 1050 Zotac 2GB 8GB DDR3 (4*2) gSkillz Samsung850evo (win10 x64) WD Blue 1TB 7200rpm (games) Asus H81-MC 50mbps down 4mbs up 1360*768 60hz I am a casual gamer and face irritating stuttering in the 2 online games that I play. 1. GTA Online 2. Battlefield 1 1. The stuttering occurs...
  35. D

    Low Budget PC Build

    Hi Guys I was wondering if you can help me build a PC which will involve low amount of money to be spend My brother has already a 1050ti graphics card which he recently bought but overall his pc is really slow and its about 3-4 years old so we were wondering if we can setup something under such...
  36. S

    Trying to install 4x4GB (but wont work) 2x4GB works fine.

    So I've been trying to install 4x4gb ram for a while now. So far from what I've Googled, there shouldnt be a problem with my specs. Computer runs perfectly fine with 2x4gb. When I install 4x4gb the computer turns on, but the monitor,keyboard and mouse arent "recognized" aka not responding...
  37. C

    Bsod on my new build every time I try installing/booting

    Hello there, quite a long story. So I build my new system, installed Windows, everything was going very smooth. About 3 days later while trying to boot into windows I got a memory exception bsod. Thought it was just a strange random crash, then it happened again. Eventually it happened every...
  38. N

    Low fps r5 1600 and gtx 1070 @1080p 144hz

    I have gtx 1070 evga hybrid, 16gb ram, r5 1600, ssd 250gb samsung evo 960, 1TB HDD and asus prime b350-m motherboard and im getting 35 fps on high-ultra on GTA V, PUBG 55FPS very low, realm royale 100 and soo on, can someone explain me why am I getting soo low frames on my pc? I have it for 1...
  39. S

    Laptop or its interface freezes randomly, unfreezes when AC is plugged in or taken out. What's causing this?

    Hi guys--lost my old account somehow so I'm even noobier than I was before...anyway... I'd say the problem has gotten out of control. Worse? I'm not sure--just that sometimes it can freeze 10-15 times in a hour. Maybe more. It froze about 10 times in the duration of me typing this out. Using my...
  40. mprospero

    10 Cheap Gadgets to Keep You Cool This Summer

    Beat the heat with these handy products under $30, from a chilling towel and inflatable pool to a Super Soaker. 10 Cheap Gadgets to Keep You Cool This Summer : Read more