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  1. A

    3 Monitors with a Radeon HD 6450 and Motherboard

    Hi, I recently realized I am not able to run 3 monitors using only the Radeon HD 6450. The Radeon HD 6450 claims to need a 300 Watt power supply, but I currently only have a 240 Watt power supply. What are my options for getting 3 monitors working? I tried to run two of the monitors from the...
  2. S

    Hi i have install prob for CD divece driver not found how to salve and install windows 7

    I have new for windows 7 I'll put disk my dvd tray and then click starting installation going few mints and then see laungauge then click next button there was had prob to installation am getting tat error disk device not pls check ur USB DVD drive pls give me solution how to manage this prob
  3. M

    How to Fix Xbox one Monitor Wont Turn on!

    I recently received An Xbox one.I set it up.When i turn on.Xbox one successfully turned on,But the problem is the monitor wont turn on.i have Benq Gw2250.I also Recently Bought that.It was Working perfectly fine
  4. D

    SSD Question for games!

    I am going to get the Samsung 850 Pro 512 GB SSD for my birthday (May 7). I was wondering for when I get it, instead of putting all of my steam games onto the SSD how do I put certain steam games onto it? More about : pu
  5. A

    New Motherboard and CPU, no display coming from either video card or Motherboard.

    So recently i bought a new Motherboard (GIGABYTE INTEL LGA1151 H170 HD3 4*DDR3 / 8*USB3.0 / 6*USB2.0 / HDMI / DVI / VGA / GBE LAN / ATX MOTHERBOARD) and CPU, (Intel Core i5-7600K 3.8 GHz QuadCore 6 MB) after installing these i went to boot and everything powers on, except i was getting no...
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    Is this is a good pc ?

    This is my first ever pc and i want to know is the specs are good : PC Gamer Titan Light Gaming TLG5850 TI - Processeur Intel Core i5-7500 (3.4 GHz) - RAM 8GB DDR4 - Graphic card ASUS Phoenix GTX 1050TI - 4GB - ASUS H110M-K - Storage 1To - PFC 300W -
  7. W

    A question about sound proof computer cases?

    How can a sound proof case deaden sounds if it still has openings at the back of the case, for the exhaust fan mostly, can't you still hear sound emitting from the back of the case? What is the best sound proofing material/cases out there? I want to deaden a low tonal quiet but annoying revving...
  8. T

    Guys Please Help With My GPU Issue!

    Guys i just discovered that my AMD GPU is always stuck on 0 and ive tried other things but it doesn't work! Please help out!! I will post images of my problem
  9. S

    Tv to PC No Display via HDMI

    My tv is displaying a black Screen when connected to my PC via HDMI cable. The Tv recognises the connection but nothing appears on screen. The cpu is working but I don't seem to know where the problem might be. FYI I have Installed Nvidia 1050 ti graIic card but haven't installed it's driver...
  10. D

    10 core engineering sample

    I somehow ended up with an engineering sample from intel. The question is, what should I do with it? I indentified it as the Xeon E5 2658 v2. It's an impressive CPU. And I wanted to sell it but did some research about engineering samples. Heard they often have special overclock abilities so...
  11. S

    CPU temps not showing properly in hardware monitors

    So my build consists of an AMD A10 7850K at stock speeds with a cooler master seidon 120v v2 (an AIO liquid cooler) and i get an idle temp of 60c but it doesnt stay there, it constantly fluctuates roughly 10c and doesnt stay constant. What it will do is slowly within around 20 seconds go down to...
  12. DrGreer

    Thermal Pads Instead of Paste?

    My Corsair water cooler came with a pad of thermal stuff that I wound up having to remove and replace with paste. It was perfect though because it was spread out perfectly evenly and was a thin layer. I did some searching and there are lots of thermal pad suppliers on ebay. They say it's for ICs...
  13. M

    External Hard Drive In Cradle Issue

    I have an external hard drive in a cradle but can't find the 7pin circular power connector that goes into the HD. It's a fairly old HD but am loathed to spend £15 on a new cradle if there's another option. Any Thoughts would be gratefully received
  14. K

    formula VIII OR HERO IX old high end or new mid?

    hi there is better to go for high end old mobo or go for mid end of the new mobo hero IX? i would like to overclock so im going for an expensive mobo is worth it to spend such a money or is a bad decision and cheaper mobo can do the job with same capabilities. I´m trying to build a pc to play...
  15. M

    $4000 Ryzen/AMD build

    It's been 5 years and I am building my first Ryzen/AMD Build So far I have put this list together. I need to leave about $500 left over for VEGA (assuming it won't cost more). However, I won't mind if it goes over a little bit. Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: As soon as Vega comes out (May...
  16. A

    M.2 drive corrupt and cannot wipe clean

    How to reformat a PLexor M.2 ssd. I have a similar problem in that I wish to reformat mu M.2 drive which is corrupt. Every time the card is installed and in spite of pressing the Del on startup my PC goes to the M.2 drive and freezes. I remove the drive and Windows starts normally. I try to set...
  17. S

    Wİll it be bottleneck?

    I will play single player games like gta5 farcry4 nba2k mad max... and ım using i3 3210 3.2ghz/8 GB ram DDR3 will it be bottleneck ?
  18. J

    connecting masterLiquid pro 240 to PSU

    I just purchased a masterkiquid pro 240 and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to connect the pump cable directly to the psu. Because of the 4-pin connection on the pump, I can’t find any simple solution to do so, it appears that almost every molex adapter will have only 3 pin fan...
  19. C

    Dual GTX 1080 @1080p???

    Hello. I am using currently an i5-4460 + GTX 1060 6Gb. I play TF2 competitively and would like to get 200+ frames at all time, even when there is a lot of things happening on the screen. It can get pretty intensive sometimes. I am currently getting 100-150 average frames, but when things get...
  20. M

    PS4 Pro and old TV

    Im looking in buying a console, so all in all reading PS4 will fit the best, but then in one of pages i read that you must have 4k TV to wirk with that true or will my older TV will be able to work with it as i was using for my PC gaming some time ago. Really want console for other...