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  1. M

    Question opinion on this build

    I'm currently working on my first budget build, could you please tell me if these parts are ok Case—-Black/p/CC-9011171-WW Mobo...
  2. Z

    Question New Build blue screen irql_not_less_or_equal

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with a problem I am having. I made my first build a couple weeks ago using the following components: It turned on correctly, I updated my BIOS to the version F32 as suggested by the manufacturer and by Gigabyte's @bios...
  3. T

    Question Help with my first build

    Hey guys, I’m new to game pc industry and need some help with my first build my budget is around €1000 or 1100 usd. Only going to use it for playing games like apex legends, destiny, warframe etc. I already got some advice and picked some parts: Could you...
  4. M

    Question is an optical drive necessary?

    starting my first pc build and wondering if I need and optical drive.
  5. A

    Question First build. PC wont turn on. high pitch squeak/squeal coming from PSU

    This is my first build and i go to turn it on and the PSU makes a high pitch squeal. i figured it was a dud so i returned it and got another one. well it is doing the same thing. My PSU is a corsair hx750i
  6. W


    Hello guys This is my first PC build im not experienced with pc parts i just watched youtube videos about pc build guide. Problem is when i turned on pc in open case it took longer like 15sec to show any display and i noticed front LED fan spaining slower and LED light on Fan was like dimming...
  7. AlaridKonz

    Question Blue screens every so often in my new first build

    Build: First time buying PC components and first time building it. I researched a lot so I wasn't completely lost. I purchased a Ryzen 5 3600X and an Asrock b450m pro4 it meant that I needed to update the motherboard before installing the processor. So I...
  8. T

    Question Want your opinion

    Hello everyone, I want your opinions on this build this will be my first build. I am an intel fan which is why i am chossing the 7700k and i want mainly a white build with red accents. Thanks, TheWhiteShogun
  9. D

    Question PC Won't Appear on TV (First Build)

    Hey all, So, after saving for a while, I finally decided to do my first 500$ PC build. My parts include: -i5 series 9 processor -thermaltake case -MSI b360 gaming plus motherboard -550 w evga PSU -(1x8) Corsair Ram -Samsung 250gb SSD After closely following a couple video tutorials, I put the PC...
  10. J

    Question Review my part list?

    Hello, I'm about to build my first PC (I know nothing about computers, but looking to learn) and was hoping to get some feedback on what I have planned. The PC will be used for architecture 3D modelling/rendering, graphic design (adobe), photo editing, and some gaming. I often work with...
  11. S

    Question Is this PSU good enough?

    Hello I'm building a PC for the first time soon, and I'm not really too sure what I'm doing surrounding power supplies, so I was hoping that someone here would be able to help me. Basically is this power supply enough for this build? and does it have the correct connectors...
  12. N

    8GB RAM for Gaming Rig

    Hi I m looking for the best 8GB Ram available in Indian Market for my gaming rig. I want it to be single module since I have a plan of upgrading it to 32GB in future. Here is the configuration I m planning to go with CPU-Fx 8350 G-card-ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 AMP Edition 2 GB  MoBo-Asus...