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First time build

Forum discussion tagged with First time build.
  1. S

    Question What GPU should I use?

    Budget (including currency): 2000 CAD Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming in general (I don't plan to play any heavy games. My Steam library), video editing (Premiere) and, VMs in VMWare (Windows 8.1 and Server 2013) Here's the rest of the config...
  2. ItsJabber

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my old PC (Seeking Advice)

    I currently have an old build that has a few issues when it comes to playing games such as loading games, long boot times, and sometimes just freezes. This is the old build https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/srjDdm . I am fairly new to building PC's and have done research (but not too in-depth)...
  3. R

    GTX 1080 £310 Worth it?

    Hi All, I am currently running a GTX 770 and i've been wanting to upgrade for ages. I was going to wait for the new graphics cards however it seems with AMD not releasing anything the new gpu's won't come out till the end of this year. I had a quick look on gumtree and I can get some 2nd hand...
  4. D

    Best Router To Use For PC Gaming/Downloading

    Hey guys so what's the best router out there to buy to play games online flawlessly, and to download things the fastest I can? Thanks for the help guys!
  5. Z

    cpu slows dont while at good temps and at 100% load

    ok now when playing games my cpu drops down to 700mhz while its runing at 50c and the cpu is running at 100% load i dont get it my cpu should be speeding up to help improve performance i have the power options at max and i cant change and cpu settings in the bois can someone tell me whats happening?
  6. I

    pc shuts off when gaming and wont turn on for plus minus 5 minutes

    If i game for a longer period of time, sometimes my pc randomly shuts off. I have recently bought a new cpu, an intel i5, and a new gpu, an MSI gtx1060 3gb. This should not be a problem for my 1200watt psu. I have also monitored my cpu and gpu temperatures and those dont go above 58 and 65...
  7. K

    Problem with new PC

    Hello, I bought a new PC recently(thanks to some of you here:) But I have a recurring problem.. I bought a new CPU,motherboard,RAM and cooler,but the PSU,GPU and HDD and SSD are from my old PC. I had a problem with my old build where the PC wouldn't turn on when I pressed the power button,only...
  8. J

    RX 460 Bottleneck a 1500X?

    Should I go with a 1500X or will it bottleneck. Do you recommend a 1400 instead?
  9. mikegallagher

    Looking for large hi res display replacement for Quadro 4000

    My HP ZR30w monitor is gradually dying with vertical stripes and fading issues. The video card is a Quadro 4000 which seems to be working just fine. What might I consider to replace the HP monitor? Built the system in 2012 w / i7, 24G ram & 8TB storage. I am working with Autodesk 3Ds Max and...
  10. C

    Computer wont turn on after plugging in second monitor.

    My desktop computer shut off and wont turn back on after I plugged my second monitor in. The motherboard is fine, it still transports power through the computer and all the USB ports work. My power supply works also, I just bought a new one and tested it and it passed with flying colors. By any...
  11. T

    Opinions on build

    I plan to stream, and run a dual monitor set up down the road. But an idea of the games I want to play is: Rainbow six siege, Black ops 3, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1,Star wars Battlefront, Overwatch, and H1Z1, and CS Go, GTA V. as well as many more games, and some more games down the road when...
  12. B

    How To How to get a Dog in Skyrim

    There are a couple of dogs that you can get in Skyrim as a companion. More are added in the Dawnguard DLC, but the best dog available is Vigilance, which can be found in the basic Skyrim game. Finding Meeko. Meeko is located at Meeko's Shack out in the woods, east of the Dragon Bridge and south...
  13. DustinV

    Best budget SSD?

    Hello, I'm looking for a cheap ssd to add to an old HP computer (parents pc) Was thinking of getting a 120gb under $40?? Any recommendations? I was looking at the Kingston, San Disk, pny and a data 120gb for about $35-$40
  14. A

    Advice with my first PC build

    Hey, I am currently in the process of acquiring parts for my first gaming PC build and even though I have some knowledge of PC's, as this is my first build, I would appreciate to have guidance and reassurance from the community. It would greatly help if you could inform me of any parts that may...
  15. M

    asus VG248QE texture error

    my friends monitor keeps turning off and then turning back on after like 5 seconds and says it has some sort of texture error and that the drivers had an internal error.
  16. D

    BSOD Every time I play a game.

    I really have no idea what is going on. I am able to do some troubleshooting and am trying to figure out what is going on but I need help. All my hardware is new besides my hard drive. Here's the dump files. Text doc https://www.dropbox.com/s/25sv6ko7fdd9ws8/bsod%20dump%20files.txt?dl=0...
  17. S

    Is a CPU cooler required

    I am buying an i5 4440 CPU and would like to know if I should buy a CPU cooler separately.
  18. dithorage

    Upgrading my graphics card!

    I am currently using a AMD CPU and a AMD GPU, i was wondering if i should go for the GeForce GTX 960 Gaming 2GB graphics card. Would i be making the best decision for my current system? MY current system: CPU AMD FX-6300 Vishera Motherboard AMD Corporation 990FXA-UD3 Graphics 2048MB ATI AMD...
  19. P

    Unknown performance drop

    So over last few months, my computer's performance significantly decreased. It was working good for 4 years and now i have no idea what to do. If i play a game, there is always FPS drop every few sec and when i watch movies sometimes screen freezes for short duration. my specs: HD 5870 1Gb AMD...
  20. T

    Searching for new graphics card

    Since the search functions of my local dealers' websites suck, I cannot find graphics cards that fit my requirements: I would like to get a graphics card that supports Eyefinity and features two DVI-I dual link ports. Simply as that. Sounds like being easy to look for but even when requesting...