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    Question First build. Need some help

    I plan on getting the rx580 red devil and ryzen 5 1600. I'm not sure on which psuto get. I don't really want to spend over 50 bucks on a psu, but it I really need to I'll look into. I just want some suggestions from people that actually know a lot about psu's. In general what wattage should I...
  2. T

    Question I need a PCI slot graphics card and some advice...

    I've recently acquired a HP pavilion a340a and am having a competition with a friend on who can supe up their early 2000s computer for the cheapest and the best. unfortunately He has a Mother board that has PCIe slots and he has put in his old 750ti where I can not. I've been looking at parts...
  3. R

    Build Advice First Time Build List

    So I am a first time PC builder and I am familiar with the parts and stuff I need and have researched and made a list of components to get and assemble it however I am worried that it may not be compatible or not function as well as other components. Here is my build, the budget is 1.5k...
  4. C

    Build Advice First Build : All advice is appreciated! Need help with Motherboard and maybe CPU Budget : £900

    This is my first time making a build so I'll try and keep this to the point. I am going to use the system for some gaming (mainly Rainbow 6) and basic Uni work. I don't know if I bother trying to by an overclockable CPU because it is my first build, but I do want this build to last a long time...
  5. Adz90

    Question First over clock advice.

    Hi guys. So here goes. I recently finished my first build, specs attached Ive done a alot of reading and have changed a few settings all ready, So far ive clocked it up to 4.8 ghz Vcore is set at 1.370v These are the only changes ive made in...
  6. L

    Question Building a PC and want to know if everything is COMPATIBLE

    PC PARTS: AMD RYZEN 5 2600X GIGABYTE RX570 4GB ADATA SU650 2.5in SATA SSD 120GB Seagate Barracuda 1TB MSI B450M Gaming Plus Motherboard (AM4) Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 Black Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-05 Gaming Case Black Corsair VS550 550W Power Supply *the power supply...
  7. T

    Question Where is the F-Panel and HD audio connector on Z390 A-Pro?

    I have a NZXT h500 case and it has two connectors with the labels "F-Panel" and "HD Audio", it's supposed to go in the motherboard but I can't find it. Any ideas?
  8. D

    After resetting my monitors windows is prioritizing my secondary and uses iGPU for games

    I was installing Lightboost to my GN246HL but i came to know that msi afterburner has to be disabled during the installation after having done so, so i reset my monitors. The next time i rebooted Windows priorotized my 60hz monitor(which is connected to the iGPU for technical reasons) over my...
  9. P

    Z230 Memory Upgrade

    Hi, I have an HP Z230 Tower Workstation, with Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 (4) @ 3.600GHz CPU and NVIDIA Quadro K600 GPU. It currently has 2x8 GB RAM but I want to upgrade it to 32 GB. However, there is a catch in that two of the four memory slots are damaged (giving beeps when plugging RAM into...
  10. H

    What cables do I use to connect a gtx 1070ti to the PSU?

    Hi, I bought a gtx 1070ti but I am not sure which cables to plug it in with, my power supply came with a bunch of cables but I dont know which one, if someone could provide a picture or a explanation it would be greatly appreaciated :D
  11. S

    DDR 4 ram which is better?

    is it better to have 16 gb of ram across 4 sticks or is it better to have 16 gb ram across 2 sticks?
  12. G

    AMD compatible ram

    Hi, im new to the PC world and just finished building my PC. Whenever i boot up, my system beeps three times indicating "main memory read / write test error" according to ASrock website. In my bios for slots DDR4_A1 and B1 the ram is recognized and says 4096 MB DDR4-2666 for both slots. And also...
  13. E

    Amd 8350 Dual Monitor Setup

    I'm trying to figure out how to do a dual monitor setup on my amd 8350 if possible. I have a gtx 1050, 8 gb ram, and an Asus M5A78L-M plus motherboard
  14. E

    Building my first pc and had some questions about the hard drive.

    I am building a pc on a budget and have been ordering parts when they are on sale, or bundled with other parts i need ect. I already got a new hard drive ordered in and am now just saving up the money to buy the graphics card and a windows 10 operating system. My question is, could i transfer my...
  15. T

    60hz vs 75hz on 60fps

    Hello guys, My question is im looking for a new monitor and saw one thats on 75hz Now my game is only at 50-60hz at the most. Am i gonna see a difference when i have 75hz or should i stick with 60hz bevause im not passing 60fps ingame? Or are there other things in 75hz 60fps that makes it nicer...
  16. L

    Keyboard buttons problem

    some specific buttons on keyboard doesn't work. the black ones are the keys that does not work... If it can be fix please help. I don't know if its a software or hardware problem.
  17. S

    Gigabyte GTX1050, DP Signal, no HDMI Signal

    Hi guys. Anyone an idea? I have a Gugabyte GTX1050 TI card with HDMI, DVI and DP as connectors. My two Monitors have either VGA, DVI or DP as inputs and I try to run them with one HDMI to DP cable and one DP to DP cable. 2nd one works but the connection via the HDMI port is dead. I dont even see...
  18. M

    Game is Lagging!

    Why does my game F.E.A.R. lag so bad on my windows 8 or 8.1? I'm so frustrated! It plays great for about 5 min and then lags really bad! So I have to end the game and restart, which gives me another 5 min of play. Only to have to repetitively play, stop,, stop, restart....Help please!
  19. The_Staplergun

    Swiftech or H115i

    I'm really torn on returning my h115i and getting a swiftech. I'm seeing it can provide a decent difference in temp. I'm wondering if it would be better for me running a 7700k. Would it be worth it for me to return the h115 to get a swiftech? When I oc to 5.0 I break the 80c but not by 10c...
  20. M

    Missing network connection after reinstalling or formatting windows 7

    i'm missing network driver for a 32 bit windows 7 my pc name is unkown processor is intel core i5 2300 2.80 ghz ram 8.00gb How can i find my updates for network driver so that my google chrome is up and running ?