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  1. F

    Question First Custom Loop. Need help with components.

    Hello! I just registered here in order to find some help regarding my project. In a few days I will start to build a custom water cooling loop for the new PC of my brother. He has a budget of 4-5k USD, so I'm kinda free which components I am getting. So far I selected all components besides...
  2. B

    Question need a hand for first build

    hey i’m new to building a pc i’m just wondering if this build is worth it or give me some ideas to build, my budget is between 500 • 1000 maybe 1200 but it got be complete with monitor and peripherals *Asus prime b350-plus *ryzen 5 2600 *xfx radeon rx 580 gts xxx edition *evga 600w bq 80+...
  3. itzxethan13

    Question Rust Massive FPS drop

    so i had rust for awhile and not played it for a long time i used to play with no fps drops and good fps with high settings. sometime ago i got a ssd and decided to put rust on it when i play it on normal settings i got so many lag spikes and crash so i lowed the settings really low and it...
  4. A

    Msi motherboard ram problem

    Hi, i have msi h81m-e33 motherboard and i have 2 sticks of 4gb, and when i put one stick, it works normaly. But when i put two sticks, i get only black screen.. Sticks are totaly same.. I updated my bios but that's not give any change.. It's that any chance to fix it?
  5. F

    FX 6300 upgrade to?

    Hello and thanks in advance for your time and help reading this thread, I have an AMD FX 6300 Black Edition Overclock to 4.3ghz, 8 GB of ram DDR3 21xx, the video card is an asus astrix R7 380 4gb overclock, a 4tb HDD and an aftermarket fan for the CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212, everything runs...
  6. O

    Direct Download Super Slow

    Hello everyone how are you ? I've a common problem which is when I always download any file or anything through Direct Download , download speed is super slow, normally when I download something it's 2 MB/S but when through direct download it's like 300 KB/S and less whether I use Google Chrome...
  7. G

    Fortnite Players Are Scrambling to Learn About a Bizarre Cube

    The rifts that opened at the start of Season 5 gifted "Fortnite" players with a strange Cube, and they're scrambling to uncover its mysteries. Fortnite Players Are Scrambling to Learn About a Bizarre Cube : Read more
  8. H

    Making wall mounted pc need urgent help

    So I'm building a wall mountable PC with an atx mobo and psu. What im doing is using wood with carbon fiber on it and screwing the parts directly. However, i read somewhere that carbon fiber is a conductor so my question is that will my components be safe? If not, can i use rubber washers...
  9. G

    Gorilla Glass 6 Is Ready for Your Device to Drop 15 Times

    Gorilla Glass 6 was designed to protect glass-dominated devices from shattering when their owners inevitably drop them. Gorilla Glass 6 Is Ready for Your Device to Drop 15 Times : Read more
  10. P

    Need a new router for Fios Gigabit internet

    I am looking for a router for my gigabit internet from fios and I am trying to replace the router they gave me since I have to pay $10 a month and I can't really do much on it. I just got comptia network+ so I am a bit new at networking, so I want to learn more about and plan to get Ccna. So I...
  11. P

    Is there any way to improve on my build?

    So lookin to build a new pc for the first time in 5 years, been a little out of the loop, so is there anyway i can improve this while staying at around $2500?
  12. L

    Building new pc , recommended components?

    Hi I am going to build a PC and I didn't decide what to buy for Monitor and GPU. About GPU I want GTX 1080 and Monitor with 144hz, 27in, 2k/4k, 1ms and gaming but not too expensive. Any suggestions?
  13. Z

    Is Antec VSK-4000 good?

    The case is so cheap and comes with an Antec EarthWatts 380W, should I get this case? Is the airflow good? It comes with one rear fan and I can add another front fan, I think the only drawbacks I can see are the lack of USB 3.0 which my Mobo doesn't have anyways and the not-so-long GPU space but...
  14. C

    Office desktop chair?

    I'm looking to buy a new chair for my desktop PC because the one i currently have is +10 yo, almost belongs to the trash, has nothing to lay your neck or head and its generally uncomfortable and genrally clunky. Do you know any good NON GAMER office chair? I ask for non gamer chairs because...
  15. C

    How to connect my mxq pro android box to a Linn unidisk sd player

    I have a plasma screen with no speakers. I run it with a Linn surround system with my sky and ps3 box running through my Linn Unidisk SC player for sound. I want to connect my OTT TV MXQ pro android box in the same way. I have connected it to the TV via an HDMI but am struggle to connect it...
  16. S

    Front panel mic jack wont work

    I everyone! I as been trying to fix the front mic, that for some reason wont work. The audio works perfectly, but if I plug the mic its not recognized. Facts: * The microphone works fine in the back mic connector * I alredy try another working mic and same result(work in the back but not in...
  17. P

    Games randomly cap at 144fps

    i recently built a new pc(here are the specs and i have been getting a really wierd bug. sometimes in games, like cso, my frames will go from something like 300 tobeing capped to 144. Normally pausing and unpausing or alt tabbing works but i dont have a permanent...
  18. G

    Bose's New Sleepbuds Can Cancel Out Snoring

    You might be able to get a better night's sleep with the help of these new crowdfunded earbuds. Bose's New Sleepbuds Can Cancel Out Snoring : Read more
  19. J

    i need help finding out this info

    hi guys. i have a question about how i can find what my mother board is and what type of ddr i have on my pc. im trying to run a very complex game called escape from tarkov but when ever i get near other online players i get so much lag and even sometimes my game freezes. while that is happening...
  20. L

    Please help to revitalise and old laptop (2009)

    Goodmorning all, SCOPE of the thread: I am looking to "revitalise" an old laptop. I am kindly asking for help from the community. I have 2 HDs with 2 different OS: 1) Ubuntu 16 2) Windows Seven (I could choose between them from the boot) The specs (from Ubuntu 16) Pavilion dv9000...