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fit case build

Forum discussion tagged with fit case build.
  1. Tini

    Question Upgrading my PSU

    Can HP XW4600 WS 475W Power Supply 80 PLUS fit in my hp compaq elite 8300 cmt ?
  2. M

    Question Will this cooler fit in my case and motherboard?

    I got a be quiet dark rock pro 4 and it doesnt fit in my case, will a cooler master hyper 212 evo fit in my case and motherbaord? i have a dell inspirion 3670 with a gtx 1050ti and a m.2 ssd. Thanks
  3. Joppie

    [SOLVED] Will this setup fit?

    I've been working on a new PC build, and I was wondering whether everything would fit in the case I am using? Or is there some simple way to find out? Here's the parts list: https://nl.pcpartpicker.com/list/RkQ8TC if you have any ideas on possible changes i could make to improve the setup...
  4. P

    Question Will an EVGA 850w BQ fit in the corsair carbide spec-06?

    Bought the 600w but got delivered as a 500w and would have to wait a week+ for the 600 when I could get 850w tomorrow. Also will having such a good power supply be worse than just having a 600w?
  5. M

    Help Troubleshooting Problems for Sapphire R9 280X Toxic

    I bought a R9 280X Toxic in November to use in my old PC and to use in a future build (link below) that I ended up completing in early December. In my old PC (AMD 955BE, 8 GB RAM, etc.) I noticed some artifacting and the occasional small black boxes on the screen during games with the card in...