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  1. Franklinbenny3

    Question Problemi con Fivem(frames drops e spikes)

    Gioco a cinque da un mesetto, ho avviato a Giocare su un server pesante e non mi dava problemi, ora ho cambiato server e Gioco su AMC Italia e qui ci sono problemi di lag soprattuto quando sono un bordo di veicoli che mi lagga un botto. i7-4790K 16 GB di ram ddr3 GTX 960
  2. Fletcher32555

    [SOLVED] Server Home Hosting

    Hello, I was planning on home hosting a server for "Fivem" and I understand that when you homehost your Routers IP can easily be got. I was wondering if I where to use a VPN on the computer that is Hosting will it hide my IP and use the VPN's IP.
  3. Silly_Billy

    Question BSOD When Quitting FiveM

    Whenever i play fivem (GTA Mod) after a long period of time of playing it, i will quit fivem, shutdown my system then straight away i get BSOD with the stop Code of MEMORY_MANAGEMENT ? Any Help On This Please?
  4. C

    Question GTX 960 - GTA V - Low GPU usage while playing GTA 5

    PC specs: 970A-DS3P FX 6300 GTX 960 12 GB RAM Windows 7 64-bit While playing GTA 5 / FiveM my GPU usage is at 5 - 25%. I tried changing settings to ultra, except from the game looking better, GPU usage stays the same and frames are still stuck at around 30. Anyone had similar problem? Please...
  5. O

    Question GTA 5/ Fivem- Stuttering/ input lag and bad fps.

    Hello! (I am writing this post for my friend so that is why i will refer to him often.) My friend has always had good fps on GTA 5 aswell as on Fivem, but recentley he has started experiencing bad fps and extreme stutter lag which is very weird because he has good hardware (gtx 1060 6gb, i7...