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  1. S

    Question No sound through headphone jack on laptop

    So I installed FL studio with Asio, and then suddenly no sound came from my headphones. I tried all the common solutions online, but to no avail. I reinstalled drivers and everything, still nothing. I even performed a system restore and it didn't do anything. I know for fact that multiple...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Music Production/Gaming build

    Before I start I want to say that yes, I went through the similar recent threads but I'm in a kinda unique place and I think a separate post is needed. Like the title says, I want to build a system that I'm gonna use for music production and gaming. I'm gonna be using FL Studio 20 (with plugins...
  3. S

    Deleted system reserved partiton and now my pc is almost dead.....plzz help..!

    So yesterday i deleted system reserved partition....so now my pc is not booting up...it says in windows boot manager..error to boot and something 0xc00000f So i searched a lot and came to conclusion to install a new os but now there is another huge problem... whenever i connect my usb stick with...
  4. P

    using DBAN on an xbox 360 hard drive?

    Is this possible? I read somewhere that hackers can get credit card details from xbox 360 hdds even though they have been formatted on the console. I'd like to sell my xbox 360 and i was wondering if you can wipe is securely such as using dban or something similar.
  5. J

    Corsair H80i GT fans running loud and fast

    Hi there I have had this problem for a while and have tried everything to solve it to no avail - hopefully the community will be able to help me out. The problem: I have a Corsair H80i GT water cooler which acts as a exhaust to the back of my system. It comes with 2, 3 pin fans which are...
  6. K

    windows 7 CD drivers for laptop install

    I have this laptop that was running Windows 8. I swapped the hard drive and started installing Windows 7. I know the ISO was burned correctly. USB boot is out of the question, because both USB ports are 3.0. It's an ASUS laptop, American Megatrends BIOS. Secure/Fast boot has been disabled. When...
  7. G

    My Hard Drive cant continue to windows 7 to my friends desktop. but 100% working on my own desktop

    i want to help my friend about his desktop pc. his pc wont continue to windows 7 so i tried my own hard drive to plug in and test if its gonna work. their is a "safe mode, safe mode with networking etc....etc then i choose start windows normally but it cant continue to windows but in my desktop...
  8. AnthonyAshForever

    Cheapest Motherboard Suggestion

    Hello guys,please help,i need your suggestions i want to buy a new mobo.. but the mobo i want must have -Socket 1155 -6x Sata ports (3gb/6gb doesnt matter) -4x slots of DDR3 (32GB max) -SLI / crossfire support -USB 3.0 (with or without) budget is around 60-75$ Any brand should do.. thank you...
  9. L

    MSI GTX 970 Warranty

    Hello! I've been considering swapping my MSI GTA 970's fans for a NZXT G10 liquid cooler. I know that MSI's warranty is voided from taking out parts, but I've purchased an additional warranty from Microcenter, will this warranty be voided as well?
  10. CreepyBobo346

    Workstaiton Graphics for $150

    What is the best workstation graphics card for $150?
  11. D

    i erased ALL of Android os off my phone how do i reinstall it??

    i was trying to flash a rom and didnt have all the files i tried to reset my phone and all of android 4.3 is gone
  12. K

    Budget gaming rig

    Hello there! A friend of mine is gonna build this rig and I wanna make sure about the mobo-ram compabillity. also the psu watts. Asus z87-K C2 i5 4670k ADATA AX3U1600W4G9-DB 8GB (2X4GB) DDR3 1600MHZ XPG V1 BLACK DUAL CHANNEL KIT Seasonic 620W S12II ASUS R9 270X R9270X-DC2T-2GD5 2GB GDDR5 PCI-E...