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  1. B

    [SOLVED] How to recover contents of filled USB

    I have an important USB that has been accidentally filled to the brim, leaving it unusable. Plugging in the USB, Windows says I need to format it. Properties shows 0 B on disk, 0 B used, etc... Is there any method or software I can use to recover the contents?
  2. xenthia

    Question Sandisk Cruzer Glide 3.0 switched to read only mode, rapid blue flashing, not writable

    Hello there everyone, I have one of these: https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Flash-Cruzer-Glide-SDCZ60-016G-B35/dp/B007YX9O9O or a Sandisk Flash USB Cruzer Glide 3 with 16 GB capacity, which I mostly use for portable Linux and ubuntu installation here and there. I was running Ubuntu off it when all...
  3. M

    Question Can't copy from Sandisk flash drive to PC

    I have a 128GB Sandisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 flash drive that I'm storing some files on. The problem is I can't copy those files from it to my PC. I can normally open the files view them and do everything on the drive, and even delete them. But when I try to copy them to my PC the copying rapidly...