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  1. sycoreaper

    Question Reasoning behind the different BIOS updating methods on motherboards ?

    What's the reasoning behind how different brands update the BIOS? Asus, Acer and Gigabyte all either received BIOS via Windows, Their Respective Centers, Update Tools in Windows or old fashioned flashing. MSI on the other hand forces you to install the BIOS from a cold start and this I find...
  2. C

    Question Flashed wrong BIOS . How to re-flash the correct one from within Windows 10 ?

    Hello to all. My laptop model is Asus K56CB, CPU intel 3337U, 8Gb RAM . The motherboard is labeled " K56CM rev. 2.0". Trying to dual boot Linux/Windows , I somehow corrupted the BIOS - bricked - blank screen laptop. Took it apart, used a CH341 tool, and I reflashed the BIOS. The problem is...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] B450 F ROG Strix won't work with Ryzen 5 3600 anymore?

    So, a very long journey but I think I've found out what's going on to some degree. This all started when I watched a "professional" YouTube video about undervolting in BIOS, which resulted in my motherboard giving the white qLED light of death. NO it's not a GPU error like so many posts want to...
  4. vulpix

    [SOLVED] How to repair gpu after failed flash?

    My gtx 1070 randomly stopped working. The monitor would go black and the fans would get very loud. After restarting it said please power down and connect the pci cables. I got a new psu and it still did not work so I tried flashing it to a newer gpu bios. Now when I start the pc the monitor just...
  5. B

    Question Failing to boot with a i5-4590 and a Asus B85M-E

    I am so confused to why my computer that I upgraded is failing to boot with my new CPU. I have a Asus B85M-E motherboard running the latest BIOS (3602) and I am trying to use a i5-4590 but it refuses to boot with it in but works fine with my old CPU (i5-4430). According to the ASUS CPU support...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] How to update BIOS on Acer Travelmate B117-MP

    This may sound like a very basic question but I want to be doubly sure before proceeding. I have Acer Travelmate B117-MP laptop with Windows 10. I want to update BIOS to latest v1.24 as available from Acer. The BIOS file available on Acer site is a zip file that unzips to ZHX_124.exe. So...
  7. S

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 Bios Flash X470 Board

    I ordered my Ryzen 5 3600 cpu and my X470 Crosshair VII Hero (Non wifi) along with a flash drive knowing I would need it. I have my ram, cpu, monitor, and I’m buying my power supply and hard drive next. In order for the motherboard to be able to support the processor, I will need to flash the...
  8. FluffyFlounder

    [SOLVED] Can I flash my bios without purchasing a new compatible cpu?

    Question; if I get the i5-9400f with the MSI z370 a-pro, will I have to buy a compatible CPU just to update the bios? TIA
  9. S

    SLI and Input Lag

    Hey guys, I'd like to know if running a game with SLI ON but in Single Card Mode will still have any extra input lag or will it be the same as just physically having a single card? I know AFR induces a bit of input lag but I'm curious to know if the fact that SLI is ON will induce it...