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  1. H

    Question Screen flickering under load ?

    Hi, unfortunately I'm here again. While playing games I've noticed that my screen is flashing. It sometimes happens idle but getting more and more noticable underload. It occurs on different monitors so it's my PC's fault. Does anyone know what might be the issue? Video...
  2. BerryGarden

    Question Display 1 Will Not Stop Flickering After Booting A Game

    For context, I have an rtx 2080 and I use an older roku tv as a second monitor to watch videos as I play my games. The TV is hooked in using HDMI, and my main monitor, an ASUS, is hooked in using a display port connection. For a while now, this annoying thing has been happening whenever a game...
  3. C

    Question Two identical monitors but one is flickering black ?

    I have two identical monitors, one connected via HDMI and one connected via VGA. The VGA monitor started flashing to black and back like it was turning off and on randomly but the power light doesn't change. I tried switching the input to DVI but the issue persists. I assume it's not an issue...