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    Question 2nd monitor flickering

    Hello! As you can guess from the title, my monitor doesnt want to work properly, but it only appears when the GPU is under heavy load, also you cant see any problem if the second monitor is showing bright images, which is odd... (or just my eyes that are bad) I have tried: Switching ports, the...
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    Question Why I get flickering on screen when I turn on my pc

    Sometimes when I turn on my pc I get kind of flickering on screen instead of pc brand name,or sime times logo spinf asf.Pc works very well there are no problems with it.Is that dangerous, or its maybe becuse I play on integrated gpu?
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    Question LG 24MP59G screen flickering/brightness issue

    I recently started to notice that something was wrong with my monitor. It started to flicker but it doesnt go completely black. The screen starts to loose brightness and return it it almost looks like its fighting the darkness :D. So i played with the monitor control settings(LG's software)...
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    Question Small white dots on monitor

    I got these small white dots on my monitor. Only visible when hovering an app or a game on screen. Not when in desktop. (check picture) What can this be? Edit: Picture View: https://imgur.com/a/GCd22LV
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    Question R9 390X Post Issue

    (R9 390X Sapphire Tri-X Cooling, I7-4790k, 16gb ddr3 RAM, msi Z97S SLI Krait Edition) So recently, just browsing the internet, my screen started to randomly flicker with the occasional artifact. Just as I searched up the issue, my screen went to the "Black screen of death". I tried to reboot...
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    Question Problem with flickering (triple monitor setup, one with 144hz)

    I recently purchased a 144hz 1080p display and my god what a difference compared to my old 60hz TN monitor but aside of that. Once my 144 is enabled, my other 2 monitors (both on 60hz) start flickering like once every 15 seconds.(at the same time). If I disable my 144hz back to 60 it's gone but...