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  1. psychobacter

    Question Help diagnose laptop's display issues ?

    So whenever I turn on my laptop (Asus ROG Zephyrus M GU502GU) after it has been turned off for a couple of hours, the screen on my laptop starts displaying these weird lines (see links posted below). The screen remains black while the laptop is posting and only starts displaying something when...
  2. B

    Question Weird purple flickering in games running in less than the native resolution.

    My Dell-Precision M4800 laptop spent a couple of hours in a car parked in the sunshine in the summer which caused the GPU temperature to show as 0 in some apps(not in GPU-Z tho). Recently I've noticed the screen starts to flicker with purple lines and sometimes games like Valorant crash citing...
  3. SeparatiX

    [SOLVED] Monitors going black and flickering when playing indie games

    Hi, so as the title says ... I tried to play some indie games and when i do my monitors start to black out randomly and bright horizontal lines appears on them (doesnt matter if the game is fullscreen or windowed or on what monitor i play the game). I tried using different port on gpu and...
  4. cyang0309

    Question Screen flickering when using full-screen ?

    hi, so i have a lenovo ideapad l3 laptop and i have screen flickering every time i leave the laptop to on "sleep" mode overnight. it doesnt flicker in bios/task manager, but when i go fullscreen like playing games/watch youtube, it flickers. so, i sent my laptop for warranty claim, and they...
  5. kali666

    Question My monitor gets a flickering bar at its bottom when set to 144hz

    I have a AOC GAMER FHD 27" HERO 27 144HZ 27G2 and it worked fine until a few days ago. Whenever I set it to 144hz, I got this flickering bar at the bottom. (I uploaded a video to see better what's happening). And it's just happening in 144hz, If I set to 120hz that is the higher hz that I get...
  6. ek_e123

    Question Computer screen flickers if I don't restart.

    I built this PC less than a year ago. At some point I noticed that sometimes the screen would occasionally flicker, just like it flickers when you update the drivers sometimes. It would go black but not like "turned off" or "no signal". The full screen would just display a black light...
  7. P

    Question Slight Blinking/Flicker Issue on my Samsung 1440p 144hz 27" VA Monitor

    Yo, I just bought a Samsung 1440p 144hz 27" VA monitor (LC27JG54QQWXXL), and I've had some slight issues of the screen blinking when I play games like Warzone or sometimes even when I'm on Chrome (HW acceleration is off). Upgraded from another samsung monitor which was 1080p 72hz, but it didn't...
  8. V

    Question Display flickers on/off in game after sleep

    Hey guys, I've attached a video of my PC that has been flickering the display on and off in games. It seems to do it after my PC has been in sleep. A computer restart fixes the issue. You can also see in the video when I get out of the game via task manager or windows button, it stops. It's only...
  9. M

    Question Why do my monitors keep turning off and on randomly every few seconds?

    i just got a 3rd monitor AOC CQ27G1 27" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor QHD/2K, 1ms, 144Hz, FreeSync, DisplayPort/HDMI/VGA, Height Adjustable, 3-Year Zero-Bright Dot, Black/Red, 27" 2K QHD Curved and once i plugged it in and turned on my pc i notice all 3 of my displays will quickly flicker to...
  10. TempTop

    [SOLVED] Screen Flickering Multiple Colors [Image Provided]

    [SOLVED] Been playing a host of various small and big titles without any flickering what-so-ever. Come earlier this month I decided to boot up Skyrim: Special Edition and then when I alt-tabbed out of the game to work on the second monitor, came back and the monitor was flickering like mad, and...
  11. L

    Question Screen Flickering in-game

    Hello, I am having a really odd issue and I can't seem to resolve it myself. Basically, every time I run a game, any game, the screen starts to "flicker". The flicker seems to be a small but noticeable change in brightness and that's the only way I can describe it. I tried to record it with my...
  12. ViSkyyym

    Question Display keeps going black for few seconds then back on

    Hi, i have a i3 4150 and gtx 750ti/gtx 1060 i am experiencing black screen ever so often (its very irregular in occurrence ) sometimes longer duration of blackscreen leads to monitor displaying a message - out of range ( very rare) but mostly it just goes to a blackscreen for 1 second and then...
  13. S

    Question What is wrong with my RX 580? (Flickering..)

    Hi I recently bought a used Aorus RX 580 4G and am very frustrated as I tried everything to get it running but it still won't. The GPU does work as far as normal tasks like browsing, watching YouTube videos, etc. The problem is that it won't work properly in video games such as The Division 2...
  14. A

    Question Whenever i go fullscreen in some games, the screen starts to flicker. Why is this happening?

    I have a GTX 1650, Ryzen 5 and sometimes while playing games like FIFA 19, Ghost Recon etc in full screen mode the screen starts to flicker and as soon as i change to borderless or windowed mode it runs fine then. What should i do to correct this?
  15. V

    [SOLVED] Screen Flickering and Grainy After Installing New Gpu

    Recently I had upgraded my GPU from an ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 6GB to an ASUS Geforce RTX 2070 Super 8GB. After which I noticed my screen was slightly grainy/fuzzy/static especially on darker colors. My screen also started to flicker whenever I was playing a game and got worse with the more...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Flickering pixels all over my screen

    My AMD Radeon HD 7970 has always been a massive problem within keeping my pc working but this time its too far. I am having flickering pixels all over my screen. I believe it is something to do with my GPU as whenever I uninstall the display drivers within device manager the problem is fixed...
  17. M

    Question Laptop Turns off randomly as well as when it is moved sometimes displaying flickering screen pattern before turning off

    Hello everyone , The laptop n5110i turns off unexpectedly when any of the following things occur. It may do it on its own If it experiences a mild movement, for example during adjustment or the opening of dvd tray Sometimes flickering lines appear before it shuts off ( I have a snapshot of...
  18. BlueMustard

    Question I have in game graphics screen flickering problem

    I have MSI R7 370 4GB and when i'm on desktop it's all fine, or something not very demanding, but when i load a game (forza horizon 4 or PUBG) there's a horrible screen flicker, in FH4 on the road textures are flickering black, but only on some bits of the road, and car's textures are...
  19. S

    Question TV 4k 60hz hdr flickering

    Hello ! Im having a problem with my tv running at 4k 60hz when playing games or movies etc. at 30hz the tv is stable but at 60hz its starts turning black for a sec or two. with a bit of research found out thats propably the cable, My tv says it supports hdmi 2.0 . My question is if my tv is...
  20. A

    Question Why I get flickering on screen when I turn on my pc

    Sometimes when I turn on my pc I get kind of flickering on screen instead of pc brand name,or sime times logo spinf asf.Pc works very well there are no problems with it.Is that dangerous, or its maybe becuse I play on integrated gpu?
  21. R

    [SOLVED] LG 24MP59G screen flickering/brightness issue

    I recently started to notice that something was wrong with my monitor. It started to flicker but it doesnt go completely black. The screen starts to loose brightness and return it it almost looks like its fighting the darkness :D. So i played with the monitor control settings(LG's software)...
  22. L

    Question Small white dots on monitor

    I got these small white dots on my monitor. Only visible when hovering an app or a game on screen. Not when in desktop. (check picture) What can this be? Edit: Picture View: https://imgur.com/a/GCd22LV
  23. Muffinstumps

    Question R9 390X Post Issue

    (R9 390X Sapphire Tri-X Cooling, I7-4790k, 16gb ddr3 RAM, msi Z97S SLI Krait Edition) So recently, just browsing the internet, my screen started to randomly flicker with the occasional artifact. Just as I searched up the issue, my screen went to the "Black screen of death". I tried to reboot...
  24. R

    Question Problem with flickering (triple monitor setup, one with 144hz)

    I recently purchased a 144hz 1080p display and my god what a difference compared to my old 60hz TN monitor but aside of that. Once my 144 is enabled, my other 2 monitors (both on 60hz) start flickering like once every 15 seconds.(at the same time). If I disable my 144hz back to 60 it's gone but...