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  1. F

    Question Motherboard RGB LEDs blinking randomly

    I have a ASRock B550M Steel Legend and recently my motherboard's RGB lights started to randomly blink, i've always had it at full red. I filmed it. First it started to randomly decrease the brightness of the LEDs, then it would blink a greenish color (second video), now it blinks a blue color...
  2. Lyith Hawwar

    Question Screen flickering/going black

    So I've had my system for a few years now, built it almost 3 years ago and its been working fine. Recently(the past few weeks) whenever I play a game, the screen frequently flickers and then goes black for a few seconds before returning. I can still hear the audio and inputs still work just...
  3. ZeroPena

    Question Games Flickering lagging/stuttering fps going down, screen flickering in game sometimes out of game (help me please)

    I have never experience this in my life One day i started playing COD cold war and the frames started to go down. I decided to update my driver and ever sice i updated it. Games are stuttering, frames dropping, flickering. After that i decided to ude DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and so i...
  4. C

    Question Two identical monitors but one is flickering black ?

    I have two identical monitors, one connected via HDMI and one connected via VGA. The VGA monitor started flashing to black and back like it was turning off and on randomly but the power light doesn't change. I tried switching the input to DVI but the issue persists. I assume it's not an issue...
  5. J

    Question Screen flickering on LG Gram laptop ?

    Hello, my 14 inch LG Gram's screen flickers from time to time doing regular tasks, but when i take a screenshot for example it happens even more, i havent installed any pirated programs and have all the drivers up to date. I hope you can help me. Here is a video where you can see the problem...
  6. S

    Question Bios boots up but windows black/green screen flickering

    This all started on January 31st this year. I put my pc into sleep mode, went for a walk, came back and my pc wouldnt show me a picture. It also told me "signal not detected" with my displayport cable plugged in (how it has been for the past years). I plugged in the hdmi cable and the "no signal...
  7. B

    Question Black / grey bars flickering at the top of the screen ?

    So i changed my GPU from the Gigabyte 1650 to an Asus 1660 Super, i used DDU, reinstalled windows 10, changed ram slots twice, changed GPU, changed cable, nothing seems to work... im desperate, hope some of you can help me guys Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 MOBO: B450M Asus GPU: 1660 Super ASUS...
  8. Hmack

    Question Flickering/Glitching along edges in all games - Aliasing problem ?

    Hey everyone, Starting about two weeks ago I started experiencing graphical issues in almost all my games (Terrible in a few, annoying in many, non-existent in some). The game it is most noticeable in for me is Cyberpunk. It seems to be some issue with aliasing and it causes edges to shimmer...
  9. L

    Question My second monitor starts flickering when the GPU usage gets high ?

    My second monitor starts flickering either when the gpu usage gets to high or im tabbed in a program? It started after a sudden shut down when I accidentally unplugged my computer is there anything I can try?
  10. R

    Question Getting Various Graphical and Camera Bugs in Multiple Games

    Hi, I've been recently having some issues where certain elements of games flicker in and out of existence, stretch, or are moved up for a few seconds. Here are some videos which allow you to see this issue better: GTA Online World of Warcraft 1 World of Warcraft 2 Furmark Test Some...
  11. ek_e123

    Question Computer screen flickers if I don't restart.

    I built this PC less than a year ago. At some point I noticed that sometimes the screen would occasionally flicker, just like it flickers when you update the drivers sometimes. It would go black but not like "turned off" or "no signal". The full screen would just display a black light...
  12. RealPrime

    [SOLVED] Screen Keeps Flickering Whenever I Start My PC From A ShutDown!

    Hi Everyone. I have a VGA monitor and my GPU has only HDMI/DVI ports only. So, Last Year I bought HDMI to VGA converter and it worked fine. But Past few weeks I was experiencing some flickering whenever i start my pc after shut down. It flickers A lot, the screen (Manufacturer Logo moves lol)...
  13. B

    Question Weird flickering, already tried some things but can't figure out a solution. Is my monitor dying?

    Good afternoon, I have a problem that started just today, and I can't seem be able to solve it on my own atm. I was using my PC as usual, when my second monitor, a BENQ GL2460HM (aprox 3-4 yo) started flickering like crazy. I didn't even touch anything special or I was playing, it simply started...
  14. C

    Question My Monitor keeps flickering and horizontal lines on screen when connected to cpu but when I used a tv there's no flicker and lines on TV screen. Help

    My Monitor keeps flickering and horizontal lines on screen when connected to cpu but when I used a tv there's no flicker and lines on TV screen. Help
  15. N

    Flickering help please

    so i had an issue where my dual monitors will not turn on when i connect both of them i found out its because i cant use 2 hdmi's so i switched one over to a VGA cable using a DVI converter as the 1070 doesnt have a VGA port. My monitor seems to flicker on dark backgrounds its very minimal but...
  16. T

    Question Screen Flickering, Which Gets Worse With High GPU Usage

    Hi, so I recently bought a used PC to replace my old main one. The PC was acquired from my friend, who wouldn't ever sell anything even slightly broken. It is also important to mention that I use a HDMI to VGA adapter because my monitor only supports VGA. (Philips 192EL) So here is problem from...
  17. Muhammad Jahid

    [SOLVED] 60hz refresh rate causes monitor screen flickering

    I have an very old pc running with pentium e5400 processor and the monitor model is dell 1916hv which recommends 1366*768 resolution at 60hz. The problem occurs when I set the recommend setting,the monitor screen starts flickering but when I set 1280*768 at 75hz the screen is fixed and not...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Dell inspiron 3542 Screen flashing/flickering issue

    Hello! I have a problem with a Dell inspiron 3542 model. When in BIOS or boot menu the screen is not flickering nor flashing but right after it loads into windows the screen starts flashing white/gray. The flickering will stop when starting google chrome or pressing the start menu button, i...
  19. M

    Question Monitor flickering with new 1660 Super DP port

    I just upgraded to a 1660 Super from my 970. Whenever I use the DisplayPort with my primary monitor, I get sporadic flickering across the bottom couple inches of the screen. The HDMI port works fine. I already sent the card back for a replacement as well as trying a new DisplayPort cable. I...
  20. TempTop

    [SOLVED] Screen Flickering Multiple Colors [Image Provided]

    [SOLVED] Been playing a host of various small and big titles without any flickering what-so-ever. Come earlier this month I decided to boot up Skyrim: Special Edition and then when I alt-tabbed out of the game to work on the second monitor, came back and the monitor was flickering like mad, and...