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  1. S

    Question Final Fantasy XIV - Tooltips are flickering

    Today when I logged in I noticed that most tooltips I hover over have begun flickering. The tooltips normally have a grey backround that supports the text, but now the box has begun flickering white then grey. Yesterday night everything was fine but this morning this issue occured. As far as I...
  2. ewald30

    Question 1080ti screen flickering

    So i got my 10ti aorus after buying it second hand, and after installing it i noticed that i have some screen flickering. I changed my monitor with a tv and everything is ok but on the monitor it still flickers. At first i tought there is a screen issue but after running a stress test in furmark...
  3. ajburr

    Question Desktop Icons Disappear and Reappear

    My desktop PC has been doing something strange lately. About once a minute the icons on the taskbar will flicker, then the icons for every folder and app on my desktop turn into white rectangles and then back to normal. Aside from this just being an annoying distraction, I'm worried it's a...
  4. B

    Question coolermaster fans flickering with msi mystic light sync

    Hello, i just builded my new oc, with the coolermaster mastercase h500m, as you may know it has 2 argb fans pre installed. so i connected the 2 fans through the cotroller that comes with the case, and i can change the fans in the msi dragon center with mystic light. but when i put on a colour...
  5. M

    Question Why does my monitor screen turns off and on?

    My monitor's display turns off for a second or two and then turns back on when my apc ups gets hit with a voltage fluctuation. I have a brand new Dell SE2717H IPS panel Freesync monitor. It rarely happens but i am worried that will it damage my monitor in any way? I have an APC back UPS 1100...
  6. G

    Question Screen flickering and showing another tab every 30 seconds or so. Happens both in game and just browsing web.

    First off it's very hard to tell you exactly whats happening since I'm not quite sure myself and have no way of showing whats happening. Basically occasionally I will notice that whilst using my pc sometimes, every 30 seconds or so it will flicker for a very very very short time and show another...
  7. KHOR3S

    Question Lenovo ThinkPad T410 - Image display problems

    Hi, after watching videos for some time the screen is showing vertical colored lines. I tried to stress the laptop (CPU, GPU, RAM, Disk) but nothing happens. It looks like it only does this while watching videos (with VLC). It is not mine so I don't really know how it acts while doing other...
  8. A

    Question Flickering and animation problem

    Hello everyone I have problem in my pc when i play any game its flickering in edges i record a video please help me Pc Info ======== 1.i7-8700k 2.Asus z370-E Mother board 3.MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming x 4.G.Skill 16GB DDR4 5.Samsung evo 860 500gb 6.Windows 10 1809 (17763.348) Sample of...
  9. W

    Question Samsung C32HG70: flickering and microstuttering with Freesync ON (RTX 2060)

    Hello everyone, I'm Wolver_321 and I'm writing from Italy! I asked the exact same question on the Italian Tom's Hardware but I didn't receive any help, so now I'm trying my luck on the UK site. In short words... I've a Samsung C32HG70 that supports Freesync2 (range 48Hz-144Hz + LFC) and, since...
  10. F

    Question Do Samsung monitors flicker?

    Hi, i've been looking for monitors for my new pc, and i found this 1080p 60hz thats perfect for it, the model is Samsung LS24F350FHLXZB, or you can check here: https://www.pcgremiocomputacion.com/monitores/2107-monitor-24-samsung-led-ls24f350fhlxzb.html However, i've seen a lot of reviews saying...
  11. Z

    Ryzen 3 + A320M

    i recently bought a Ryzen 3 2200g with MSI A320M pro - vh plus. Im missing ram so i wanna know what ram speed would suit best for that system.
  12. S

    how to download replaced hard drive laptop os asus x540sa

    i changed my harddisk of asus x540sa laptop. how to recover os.
  13. D

    PC won't boot (bugcheck 124)

    So recently while i was playing my pc restarted itself. After that it continued doing the same but right after windows boots up. I checked the event viewer and found out that it is something about bugcheck 124 (0x124). Sometimes it goes past the windows boot - i can open chrome but that's about...
  14. S

    Best 120 GB SSD

    Hello sir, Well I haven't bought my ssd yet because I don't know about it.But I have find out 2 which fits in my budget so please can you help me out by selecting any one of these ssd's which is good. I am not much interested in spending my money so choose that ssd which will run as...
  15. A

    i3-7350K vs Xeon X5690

    the best all around of the 2 ,i have both builds and like 'em both,but i need some money in a hurry and i'll sell one of them,i don't do gaming but i do multitask a lot and video rendering
  16. W

    laptop is running but has a blank screen

    I have a Toshiba satellite there are 3 lights on at the front, from left to right, white, white, orange. It obviously is running but has a blank screen, can you help me please
  17. Z

    Having issue with burning the disc.

    Hello everyone, So i am trying to burn an audio cd, but after burning is complete successfully the tray comes out. When i put the disc in again it shows the empty disc and when i try it burns again but still shows empty. I try to write the disc as a data disc but still get the same issue. 3rd...
  18. K

    Will the kraken x62 fit into the Noctis 450 ROG?

    I checked the case specs and it says it doesn't support that radiator size but when i make my build in PC Part picker, it doesn't find any compatibility issues. Also it doesn't make sense that they would make a radiator that doesn't work with their case.
  19. M

    Can a 400-450w psu work a Ryzen 5 1600 and Nvidia 1030

    PCPartPicker says my build will only come to 190w (I will add 100w for safety and error margins). Is pcpartpicker accurate? Can I get away with 450w? Planned Build: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 MOBO: MSI B350 Tomahawk RAM: Crucial 8gb 2400 CL17 Dual Ranked PSU: EVGA 550W B3 Case: Aero-500 Extra Fans...
  20. N

    graphics card for this motherboard?

    what would be the best option/fitting graphics card for this motherboard? http://www.asrock.com/MB/AMD/960GC-GS%20FX/