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    Question Flickering pixels/noise on laptop

    Pixels appear on my laptop on black images. They flicker in the RGB colours. I’ve reinstalled multiple drivers for the intel integrated graphics and the gpu. It has appeared in the BIOS as well so I fear it may be a hardware issue. It does however disappear if I bring a window next to the...
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    7820HK Won't Overclock, The Clock Speed Max Out at 2.9GHz

    I am using a AW15 R3. I tried using BIOS and Throttlestop, the results are the same, it just won't go over 2.9GHz.
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    Acer laptop freeze - factory reset - Acer eLaunch, step 7/8

    I see an old thread labeled "Acer laptop stuck after factory rest at 7/8” but I don’t see any solutions. I basically have the same problem. I want to reset an factory Acer Aspire 5315-2713 using its built in factory reset option. Everything loads fine until it gets to 7/8 of Acer's...
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    EVGA GTX 970 or spend $200-$300 more for EVGA GTX 980?

    Im looking to upgrade my Asus GTX 760 which i soon need to retire as its performance it dropping. But know i face the hard choice of buying the gtx 970 right now or wait until most likely the end of the 2015 summer to buy a gtx 980 that might not even be worth the extra cost? I really want to...