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    Question AT2035 not being detected by computer/audacity

    So a little on my equipment, I have a dell inspirion 15-3521 laptop, I'm on windows 10, Focusrite 2i2 3rd gen for the audio interface, AT2035 mic and some old headphones that work fine. I was recording (voiceover) on audacity and it worked fine for a while. Then I installed a thing call...
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    Question Crackling Noise For No Reason

    So this started no more than a month ago. I didn't know about this until i was in a call and my friend said there was this loud crackling noise going through my mic. At first i put it off as my xlr cable cuz that's happened in the past. But it seemed to be constant and didn't change no matter...
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    HDD weird clicking sound

    The laptop is half a year old. I am not sure if the click has been around from the very moment I've bought the laptop, but for at least 3 months I can hear it click. I've had HDD-s die on me before, but with a typical click of death and symptoms of PC freezing and similar, however this type of...
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    Is my motherboard compatible with GTX 1050 Ti

    Hello everyone, I want to change my Gpu but im not sure is 1050 Ti compatible with my motherboard. This is my computer Here, my motherboard,CPU and GPU