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  1. Noothan98

    Question How to get files back?

    my laptop acer nitro 5 i7 gtx 1050ti 8gb ram windows 10 i deleted a folder (in downloads) using shift+delete about a month ago and i havent created any backup as such How do i get it back?
  2. B

    Question Win 10 1903 Map Network Drive

    Hi, have a netgear R7800 Router with a 1TB USB 3.0 Drive plugged in, had this working since 2016 On my current windows 10 laptop, I can not map the network drive, however I can see readyshare as a network device, and see the main folder structure just not my files Attempts to fix: Private...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] It wont enter the PC on my HDD

    So recently i installed an SSD on my computer and i installed a new windows on it. I have my old windows still installed on my HDD and i wish to transfer some files to the SSD, now i tried to enter D/Users/PC and it is loading forever and wont enter the folder. So how do i delete the windows...
  4. Emshe

    Question How to delete folders that cannot be accessed by the system?

    Long story short Xbox game pass for PC has problems when uninstalling games a certain way. No space was freed up from uninstalling a 37 gb game. When I go to reinstall I just get an error. After digging around I found where I think the game files are being stored. C:\Program...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] Folder says it's only 5MB in size but it's actually more than 10GB

    The folder used to be the Users folder in the C:// and I had the drive removed. So now, the former drive is now functioning as an external HDD. anyway, when I had opened the folder, it said the subfolders were empty but the icon was it was normal icon, not the fainted one when it's empty...
  6. T

    Question Unknown type of folder (icon) after download and unzip

    Win 8.1 (x64) Recently I downloaded a zipped folder of what should be music files. My concern is that the unzipped folder displays an odd icon design in the file explorer. It is all similar to the standard ones but in color: it's purple, with a small red and green area in larger icon views...
  7. aidfarrell70

    [SOLVED] Setting website downloads to specific location

    Does anyone know if it's possible to set downloads from a certain website to be located to a specific folder using chrome? For example, if i created a folder on my desktop and downloaded files from, all the downloads from youtube would go to that folder?
  8. [SOLVED] How do I remove a folder in the navigation pane of windows explorer?

    This error box appears whenever I try to click on it, and there's no delete option so it's an empty folder stuck in my navigation pane which is really bugging me since I do not use the application anymore.
  9. D

    Is 3.4V output on 3.3V rail safe?

    I have a pc with the following config: core i5 3450,asus p8b75-v motherboard,12gb ddr3 ram,gtx 960,1+2tb hdds,seasonic s12ii 620w psu(the newer model). Earlier i had a power corsair vx 450 psu but i replaced it with the seasonic unit last year in january. Recently while monitoring the output...
  10. S

    New Gaming Build

    Hi All, Back in 2009 I built a state of the art gaming rig - 6gb RAM, first gen I7 920! It was biblical. Fast forward to now and it struggles with basic games and multiple Chrome tabs. I have a budget of £1,500 and I am looking for a full gaming rig with mouse, keyboard and at least 24"...
  11. T

    switching from intel to amd using same hard drive

    hey guys please bare with me i just wanted to know if i can switch from intel to amd can i run the same win7 as am running now without formating it by just deleting all intel drivers from device manager and control panel im using intel core 2 duo 7200 processor a gigabyte ga 945gcm s2l...
  12. S

    I have a budget of £1750 what can I build for that?

    Hi, I've not been on the PCs gaming scene for a few years now so I'm bait out of touch. I had a quote for a build from I'll attach the quote I had from them. The figures to the side is the price I found the parts online for. I'd just like to know if you lot think it's a decent...
  13. P

    85c On my HD 6870

    Hi, i have a xfx hd 6870 1gb gddr5 , when i´m playing something like Tomb Raider or on low, i have around 83-85c On idle i got around 49c, my case is a pretty basic, but i have a fan throwing air to the gpu , is that a normal temp for that GPU? What can i do to reduce it ? Sorry for my basic...
  14. X

    asus rog hero viii +NVIDIA gt 740 ddr3

    Hi, I'm new to this, and I want to know if you can have an NVIDIA GT 740 DDR3 4GB, with a motherboard asus rog hero viii. While I hope to buy a better one.
  15. A

    Can you guys tell me if my pc parts are compatible? Thx!

    Hey! this is my first build and I don't fully trust PC part picker. Can you please tell me if my parts are compatible and if I will have and troubles during the build? I appreciate it! (gaming PC) These are my parts: -Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor -CRYORIG H5 Universal 65.0...
  16. L

    Dell Optiplex 760 Upgrades

    Hi, im new to the forums. i have a dell optiplex 760 usff (ultra slim form factor) it has a crappy intel integrated graphics card i was wondering if i could change the motherboard with something that supports a graphics card and possibly upgrade the cpu in it. i realize ill probably have to...
  17. E

    Normal idle for a 5820K

    My lightly OC 5820K idles at about 40C (package), does this look normal? Highest under load Ive seen is 78C package and highest any core has gotten is 69C Case fans and cpu fan on about 30% at idle My build: Asus X99-m ws 5820k @ 4.0GHz 1.238 volts (4.1GHz @ 2 cores) Noctua NH-D9DX i4 3U CPU...
  18. Ransome

    PC Crashes for No Reason Randomly or Fails on Startup Black Screen Death Sound Continues

    1.Screen Goes Black. PC can be 100% idle on desktop, while using the browser or just navigating. 2. If any audio plays from a video/game - the sound will still play in the background. 3. Total freeze. Monitor shows "no signal", turns off and enters standby. 4. Only option is to hold the...
  19. R

    What is your Internet Speed?

    What are your guys' internet speeds? This is mine: I pay £15 a month for the internet. (£10 line rental + £5 unlimited usage)
  20. W

    I think my Laptop is underperforming

    So I've had my laptop for around 2/3 years now so it's getting pretty old, not sure on the brand I think it's a custom one from I've been noticing issues since I've started playing games again, I get an extremely low frame rate, over time whilst I'm in game the performance gets...