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  1. HelpMeI'mHopeless

    Question New PC randomly deadlock and needs to be force restarted.

    I built a new PC and almost every day it freezes randomly. Usually when it freezes I only have Chrome open. Doesn't happen during gaming sessions. Everything becomes unresponsive. Caps lock button doesn't light up. I need to hold down the power button and restart whole PC. There is no pattern...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] System freezing and locking up

    I require some assistance in trouble shooting a frustrating issue with my brothers system, which has been working flawlessly since he built it in 2019. Windows recently started random locks-up/hangs where it requires him to manually power it down. It allows him to move the mouse and click apps...
  3. rakinar2

    Question My PC fails to boot for 3 times

    I have a DELL OptiPlex 7080 Tower PC and each time after finishing my work on the PC, I shut down the PC after the power button led turns off, and then I disconnect it from the main power supply. But sometimes it causes a bad impact on PC; the PC fails to boot for 3 times, (Then it works) like...
  4. E

    Question PC Force restarting when starting up a game

    Hey Guys, Was wondering if anyone had any advice on this for me. Ive had my pc for about 4 years now which I built myself. All of a sudden 2-3 weeks ago I tried to play a game (The Forest) through steam, and upon starting the game my pc would just shut down and restart. All fans, lights and...
  5. E

    [SOLVED] Computer restarts when gaming while using 1080ti

    Hey everyone, I've been having this issue for a while now and I've decided to see if anyone can help. I bought a GTX 1080Ti when it first released, and it was working fine until a couple of months ago. My computer started crashing and restarting itself when playing certain games (Mass Effect...
  6. S

    Focusrite Scarlett Solo output into external Amp

    I am looking to purchase the Focusrite Scarlett Solo to record and play guitar through Guitar Rig 5. I see the Solo has 2 RCA outputs on the back in which the volume is controlled by the monitor knob on the front of the unit. Attached to my PC is an external DAC/AMP that I use for everyday...
  7. Julibear Galleto

    ram 1866mhz compatible to a ga-h61M-DS2 r3 motherboard?

    I have this motherboard GA-H61M-DS2 and a ram Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB DDR3 1866MHz Memory, is the Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB DDR3 1866MHz compatible with my notherboard (GA-H61M-DS2)?. As I look unto my motherboard specifications, it says [b]"Support for DDR3 2200(OC)/1333/1066/800 MHz memory...
  8. P

    Is my internet bad, or is their a hardware issue with my PC? Lagging in games with good ping

    hello, I am having some problems playing online CSGO, I am getting a lot of lag even though my ping is really good (around 20) I was wondering if it could be a hardware problem? My specs are core I5 4690k with water cooler OC to 4.5 Ghz, 16 gb ddr3 ram, GTX 680, asus z97-ar mobo, with 250 gb...
  9. D

    R9 295x2 or wait for Nvidia?

    Hi all, The R9 295x2 is about to get a substantial price cut (£400 off) locally and I'm seriously considering it. Is it worth the money for that or is it better to wait on Nvidias 800 series and SLI them? I can't imagine they'd match the price performance... Thanks.