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  1. C

    Question No video, no bios, no post, mobo has power, fans work, power led off, hdd blinks once after forced shutdown ?

    Motherboard: MSI 970 Gaming CPU: AMD-FX8350 GPU: Gigabyte 1060 GTX Psu: Tacens Valeo V 700W Plus silver Hello, my computer was forced shutdown and i know that do it is not good for the PC but i didn't expect that the computer will not work after that TT😱😑😔 When i power on the computer it...
  2. M

    Question Omen 45L Monitor loses signal when launching games

    Product: OMEN by HP 45L Gaming Desktop PC GT22-0000a (4E977AV) Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 Product Number: 50J09EA#UUW GPU: GeForce RTX 3070 8GB CPU: Ryzen 5800X PSU: 600W I have had my Omen 45l 3070...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] PC powers on but no display + holding power button doesn't turn it off + keyboard lights off

    Recently while I was playing XCOM 2 and talking to a few friends over discord, my entire computer suddently froze. After a few seconds of not responding I had to flip the PSU switch to turn the computer off. After that, when I tried to turn the computer back on, the fans and case lights turned...
  4. Rebel836

    Question System keeps crashing. Possibly my SSD

    I've been encountering an issue lately where my computer keeps crashing/freezing inconsistently, but frequently. The crash happens in several different ways. Sometimes the whole thing just freezes and stops responding, resulting in me needing to force shutdown the system. Sometimes it will just...
  5. mmzf

    Question HP Probook 6570b freezes, shutdowns.

    Hello, i have Hp probook 6570b with i7 3540m, with 4gb ram at 1600mhz. bios and everything is updated. While using 1600mhz ram laptop freezes in linux on normal use, and on windows laptop freezes, sometimes shutdown like powercut off i mean you are browsing something and bam!! laptop off in a...
  6. C

    Question Computer freezes completely after prolonged Blender use

    This is a really tough issue I've been trying to figure out for a week or so but can't make any headway. Basically, after a couple of hours straight of working in Blender, my computer will become completely unresponsive. My monitors (some connected to motherboard using integrated graphics, some...
  7. I

    Question Forces shutdown before full boot up

    I had to force shutdown my PC before it completely booted up. I had no display connected to it and I had to connect it directly to an outlet just to check if the power supply is still working. Is that okay? Will cause damage to my hard drive? Thank you.
  8. Q

    AMD Phenom 8450 Triple-Core 32 bit or 64 bit?

    I am helping someone upgrade their pc from Vista to 10, but I need to know if the processor mentioned in the topic title is a 32 bit or 64 bit processor. They are currently running Vista 32 bit, but there is nothing that says if the processor is 32 or 64 bit itself. This computer is for basic...
  9. T

    Is the MSI B150m gaming pro compatibel with the i5 7400

    Hi, i have bought components for a new pc and in the start everything went well, but when i tried to connect it with a screen it did not work. So I started to look better into it and found out that the msi website says that my processor and my motherboard arent compatibel, but on other sites it...