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    [SOLVED] Upgrading PC and installing Win10 on new ssd. Is it ok if i do it without formatting either of my original drives?

    Currently have a PC with 2 drives and Windows 7 installed in one of them. I'm gonna be upgrading some parts also changing to Windows 10. As backing up important files is a mess and more often than not something gets left behind and only notice it when it's too late, i was wondering... Could i...
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    Question Using Laptop Pre-existing SSD

    Hey, I own a Dell Inspiron 7566 which has 1TB HDD and 128 SSD. I check on ptimise drives and it lists my OS C: as an SSD w/ some other small drives as an SSD. At one point my OS C: was greater than 128 GB but after that time I partitioned my OS C: to make space for my linux partition which I...
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    Question Issues with formating new hard drive

    So my desktop recently crashed and kept having a windows loop error. I ran a systems diagnosis and the hard drive failed the Short DST check. I figured I needed a new hard drive. I bought a new hard drive today and successfully put it in. I had the windows ISO file installed on a USB drive...
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    [SOLVED] backupping my system partition without the system files when formatting

    i want to reinstall windows 10 while keeping all my old info as they were like i want all my programs with their registries to keep functioning well and the same way they used to work but i don't want windows 10 old files to be backed up with them cause it has some problems, i'm trying to use...
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    Question Should I format my computer to install a new motherboard?

    My z97 died and I buyed a h81m should I format my computer to install this new motherboard?
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    ASRock H97 Pro4 vs MSI H97 pc mate

    which one to choose?...and why? i have no prefrence...both are close in price..just wanna know which has more features to offer