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  1. ndr2022

    Question Unable to clean/format drive or reinstall windows; bitlocker issue.

    I have a microsoft surface pro tablet (windows 10 home) that recently went into a blue screen loop. None of the repair options worked so I'm content to just wipe data and reinstall OS. But it's requesting bitlocker encryption key and I have no way to acquire it. I've tried several diskpart...
  2. GearJJ

    Question Removing WIN-11 Alienware x15 preinstall

    Is there anyway to remove windows 11 from a pre-installed Alienware x15 laptop? I cant find the partition when i use the windows reinstall tool.
  3. SupremeChampion

    Question PC randomly becomes unresponsive to keyboard and clicks and everything freezes

    This issue has been frustrating me for almost a year now. I am very frustrated and I need help. For TLDR skip to bullet points. It all started in my last rig (Windows 10, i5-4460, 16Gb DDR3). The PC, while working perfectly, would randomly (usually when watching a movie) start stuttering, then...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 won't let me reset my PC, need help how to clean install with my specs

    So, I just want to reset my PC. Get rid of all my apps, files and start fresh. I've already backed everything up. However, everytime I try to reset my PC, i click "remove everything" and "Reinstall windows". It goes to 100% and then it restarts. And then it starts again normally, but nothing...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] How properly format sata HDD to install to a new computer.

    I have an existing computer with an SSD(Boot drive) and Seagate Sata hard drive on it. Since I'm changing cpu and motherboard, I'm buying a new M.2 Nvme SSD boot drive for windows but I'd like to reuse this hard drive. How do I go about formatting it and using it as a new blank hard drive?
  6. D

    Question Formatting HDD

    Okay so i recently acquired a laptop from a deceased close friend. He had his user account on Windows 7 both password protected and protected with a fingerprint scanner. Since i can't login or create a new user, i want to format the ssd and hdd to install Windows 10. However, the setup cannot...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] How many partition should I make?

    I'm doing a clean installation of Windows 10. I have two disk 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD. How many partition should I make, for OS, programs, VMs and Games. With 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD to play with, how should I distribute the partitions? It's a 64-bit system with 16 GB of RAM. What would you do...
  8. TempTop

    [SOLVED] Do you have to reset a Game Drive if you reinitialize Windows 10, or create a new Boot Drive?

    If I have an SSD boot drive, and I reset Windows on that boot drive (completely erase everything), does that affect any additional drives such as an HDD? After resetting Windows/setting up a new boot drive: Do you need to partition the drive once more? Can you partition a drive more than once...
  9. Exia00

    [SOLVED] How often should you format your system?

    Hi just was curious but how often should i format my system because back then when i used a hard drive i would do it every year but now since i am using just SSD's i tend to wonder how often i should format it and the reason for me asking is because my main drive right now for my OS had about...
  10. I

    [SOLVED] HELP! Storage issue after bios bootup!

    I have this laptop Toshiba Satellite with an i3 1st gen variant, where any internal storage such as hdd or ssd device you plug in as an internal storage (Laptop SATA port) will destroy the partition C: where the windows is currently installed. What may be the issue? I’m using this laptop earlier...
  11. I

    [SOLVED] Formatting SSD multiple times can cause some harm?

    So lately I had to format and reinstall windows multiple times, probably 2-4 times because I'm still somewhat newb when it comes to PC, my PC is a pre-build and had everything installed. First I messed up device drivers and then downloaded many motherboard bloatware without knowing. It was a...
  12. johnx125

    [SOLVED] Can I still use my storage drive after upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Pro?

    I've been using the same installation of Windows 10 Home for over 4 years, but for the last month my PC has been doing all sorts of annoying things like random crashes and blue screens and stuff, so I'm thinking about reinstalling Windows and this time I want to install Windows 10 Pro. I only...
  13. H

    [SOLVED] Scan formatted hard drive to find out which email I had used

    I recently decided to reformat my windows PC because of how much it had slowed down over time. Instead of backing up all my data on a hard drive, I had synced everything into the one drive account connected to that login. However, reinstalling windows and logging in again, I found that none of...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Too scared to build my own PC!

    Hey guys. I bought a ryzen 5 2600, a b450 tomahawk and 16gb corsair ram 3000mhz and I was thinking to take my pc to a local pc shop, but they want 60 euros and I thought that it isn't worth it. However I'm too scared to build it on my own! I need some courage. I have found a youtube video, where...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] Upgrading PC and installing Win10 on new ssd. Is it ok if i do it without formatting either of my original drives?

    Currently have a PC with 2 drives and Windows 7 installed in one of them. I'm gonna be upgrading some parts also changing to Windows 10. As backing up important files is a mess and more often than not something gets left behind and only notice it when it's too late, i was wondering... Could i...
  16. K

    Question Using Laptop Pre-existing SSD

    Hey, I own a Dell Inspiron 7566 which has 1TB HDD and 128 SSD. I check on ptimise drives and it lists my OS C: as an SSD w/ some other small drives as an SSD. At one point my OS C: was greater than 128 GB but after that time I partitioned my OS C: to make space for my linux partition which I...
  17. N

    Question Issues with formating new hard drive

    So my desktop recently crashed and kept having a windows loop error. I ran a systems diagnosis and the hard drive failed the Short DST check. I figured I needed a new hard drive. I bought a new hard drive today and successfully put it in. I had the windows ISO file installed on a USB drive...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] backupping my system partition without the system files when formatting

    i want to reinstall windows 10 while keeping all my old info as they were like i want all my programs with their registries to keep functioning well and the same way they used to work but i don't want windows 10 old files to be backed up with them cause it has some problems, i'm trying to use...
  19. J

    Question Should I format my computer to install a new motherboard?

    My z97 died and I buyed a h81m should I format my computer to install this new motherboard?
  20. E

    ASRock H97 Pro4 vs MSI H97 pc mate

    which one to choose?...and why? i have no prefrence...both are close in price..just wanna know which has more features to offer