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  1. E

    Question Folder on SSD keeps coming back after being deleted even though I already reformatted the SSD ?

    So I have this SSD that I reformatted recently and I noticed something that is on that SSD there is a certain folder that has a file with .missing extension on it that will keep coming back after I restart my computer even though I already deleted it. Oh, and I also tried to reformat it and...
  2. A

    Question Series of Problems with my new PC

    It is a long story so buckle up. I bought a new PC in September with so much happiness that I finally got a good PC with the following Specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-12700K 3.6 GHz Mobo: MSI MPG Z690 EDGE WIFI ATX LGA1700 RAM: Kingston FURY Beast 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-5600 Storage 1...
  3. Leonniar

    [SOLVED] Destination Folder Access Denied

    Hello guys, Recently Windows <Mod Edit> up my computer and now after a format of my C drive, I copied all its contents using ubuntu and now I am copying them over. 99% of the files get the "Destination Folder Access Denied" error so pretty much out of the 40GB of files about 500MB get copied...
  4. Xmias3

    Question How to format windows C drive for new computer

    I want to know how do I format my current windows C drive for a new computer that I’m building to use it as a Windows C drive. I couldn’t find any good videos, mostly people teaching how to format a secondary drive and not the windows drive for a new computer.
  5. G

    Question Start menu slow to respond to keyboard

    I have to press the windows key 3-10 times for the start menu to open. Keyboard works fine(checked online ). The menu opens just fine when I click on it to open. The RUN function using WIN+R keys works everytime, but when taking screenshot WIN Key+Printscreen key ,shot is taken but earlier it...
  6. P

    Question USB drive formatting problem

    I used Balena etcher to format a usb stick onto a debian iso, then wanted to undo it. Did diskpart but closed it in the middle of formatting, now even after cleaning it only shows 900~ mb of unallocated space even though it is a 16gb drive. When i do format from the file explorer it says...
  7. weybrew

    Question Can't format HDD

    I have been trying to format an HDD using your tutorial and the "diskpart" method. Unfortunately after I get to the command line and enter "diskpart" per your tutorial, I do not get a diskpart window to continue. Using Win 10 Pro and trying to format a 2 1/2" Seagate drive that I have completely...
  8. A

    Question Can't format cloned SSD Hard Drive

    Hi all, A buddy of mine cloned his drive onto a 2.5" SSD, ever since, the drive only appears after about 2 mins. That's the first problem 2nd problem, I've tried various methods of formatting the drive (via CMD, 3rd party software, standard windows software). The formatting appears...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Installing A SATA SSD For Games/storage, is it a bad idea to set a split page file on your two SSDs/Is There Any Specific Route To Take To Format?

    I am well aware that in most scenarios setting your page file to automatic is the best way, however I just prefer to have a static set page file for my own OCD reasons and am asking these questions based on hypothetical results and would greatly appreciate any answers. I have a few questions...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Safe to delete System Reserved?

    Recently, I've decided that I wanted to clear up one of my SSD's (Disk 2) so I can move my files from Disk 1 to Disk 2. This is so I can fully install Linux on Disk 1, since I've been using it for my school work, development, and some gaming. Unfortunately, there is a "System Reserved" on Disk...
  11. SupremeChampion

    Question PC randomly becomes unresponsive to keyboard and clicks and everything freezes

    This issue has been frustrating me for almost a year now. I am very frustrated and I need help. For TLDR skip to bullet points. It all started in my last rig (Windows 10, i5-4460, 16Gb DDR3). The PC, while working perfectly, would randomly (usually when watching a movie) start stuttering, then...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Broken HDD doesn't show up / doesn't format properly

    TL;DR: May have bricked HDD, Sometimes shows up in Disk Manager, but doesn't inicialize or format propely. Any way to fix or should I get a pro to do this? Okay here's how I bricked it. So I have this laptop with a broken screen, I can only see a 1/3 of it. I turn it on, it says something about...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 won't let me reset my PC, need help how to clean install with my specs

    So, I just want to reset my PC. Get rid of all my apps, files and start fresh. I've already backed everything up. However, everytime I try to reset my PC, i click "remove everything" and "Reinstall windows". It goes to 100% and then it restarts. And then it starts again normally, but nothing...
  14. princedragonis

    [SOLVED] Cannot remove older disk's recovery and EFI partitions

    Hi, I have cloned my Windows to second disk, meaning my first disk's C: drive and the three related partitions are not in use anymore. I formatted the C drive. But I cannot delete the other three partitions. Also, the formatted C: drive shows up correctly as unallocated space, but cannot be used...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] I can't seem to format my 16TB HDD?

    I bought 4x Western Digital Elements Desktop 16TB Hub Drives ( WDBWLG0160HBK-EESN ) I removed the HDDs from the hub and I've added them to my 4x HP Blade Servers (1 drive in each server). I went into the boot setup (F10 - Intelligent Provisioning) and configured them as a RAID 0. I then booted...
  16. B

    [SOLVED] We can't format or re-use M.2 SSDs taken from new ASUS laptops ?

    My company recently purchased a bunch of ASUS Vivobook 15's. They came with 128GB M.2's and we replaced them with 256GB M.2. The removed 128GB ones are FORESEE FSGLMMC-128GH We wanted to reuse them but can't seem to get them to format on any other systems. Tried them in other computers, on 2...
  17. kaishlothon

    [SOLVED] What is the best File System & Allocation unit size for a 128 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive?

    Its File system is exFAT by default (which I THINK is what's best because it allows for higher allocation unit sizes) and I will be transferring large files on it. It goes from 8192 kilobytes all the way up to 32,768 kilobytes.
  18. D

    Question Micro SD card formatting to lower capacity

    I've watched many videos and look at many forums solutions. I'm having a difficult time trying to fix the sd card. I know that it works because I can access it through the IP address from Networks. I can see everything inside the card. However, when I insert the sd card into the pc, it wants me...
  19. Jaiff

    [SOLVED] can i recover data from the drive formatted with eraser tool?

    Hello, I recently bought m.2 SSD and transferred my personal data from my SATA drive to a new Samsung Evo drive but my bad I just did something and the SSD corrupted the Samsung gave me the new 1 as it is just 7 days old. Just before that, I formatted my SATA drive with Eraser 3 pass which is...
  20. Zane Stewart

    [SOLVED] How do you format RAW without losing data

    My hard drive is dying/dead(?). The file system changed to RAW and I cannot open the drive anymore. Is there any way I can get my data back or format without erasing? The drive is called: Seagate ST31000340AS (I tried CHKDSK but it said "The type of the file system is RAW. CHKDSK is not...
  21. Enjoyriotman

    Question Ssd infinity rollback (cant wipe ssd)

    I've bought a new Ssd intenso 120gb....Installed windows 10 64x and 5 days afters a blue screen appears....somehow after this bsod any change i made on this drive like install or uninstall programs won't have any effect.Every time my pc opens its just before the bsod...i tried everything...
  22. anjpere

    Question NVMe SSD not appearing on Diskpart

    Hey everyone, I am in need of some help! My organization just purchased a brand new Dell Latitude 5520 for one of our employees. These are the specs: KBG40ZNS512G NVMe KIOXIA 512GB SSD, Intel i7-1185G7, 16GB DDR4 SDRAM @ 3200MHz, Intel Iris Xe Graphics. We currently use Windows PE for imaging...
  23. ButtonForest

    [SOLVED] NVMe SSD Not Properly Registering

    Hey guys, I recently got a Kingston 1TB "A2000" M.2 NVMe SSD for my birthday, and installed in on my desktop Windows 10 computer (I already have one 500GB NVME SSD installed as the boot device). I tried to format it and make it register as an actual disk by using Disk Management, but it does...
  24. 6

    [SOLVED] 'not enough space available on the disk(s)'

    Hi everyone, Hope you're staying safe. Currently I have as SSD and a HDD, both being ~500-ish GB in size each. My old Windows OS was installed on the hard drive, and the new OS I'm using is on the SSD. HDD is partitioned into 2-3 Volumes, one with the OS, the other with data only and one named...
  25. T

    Question SSD formats back to raw after reboot

    So i have formatted my ssd from raw to ntfs. After that i reboot my pc from restart pc and after that my ssd have formatted itself back to raw. If i just shut my pc and then open it, nothing happens to my ssd format. I tried to chkdsk /f and /r , but it didnt help at all. I also tried to...
  26. M

    [SOLVED] Laptop acts as if it's booting for the first time whenever I restart.

    I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop. The laptop works perfectly fine if I just put it to sleep. But if I shut it down, it sometimes starts up as if I'm booting it for the first time ever; no desktop icons, installed apps, backgrounds, user data. If I restart it a couple of times, it...
  27. P

    Question How to use a Kingston Data Traveler as a normal USB Stick?

    I have a bunch of Kingston Data Traveler USB sticks ranging in size from 16GB to 64 GB. These have a "read only" (Diskpart shows it as a CDROM) partition and a data partition, and access to the data partition is only through software in the "read only" partition, where it gets encrypted with a...
  28. HerbertSherbet

    Question How to format an exFAT drive so MacOS and Windows can write to it? (Part 2: Did I do it right?)

    I need some help. I have a 5TB portable HDD that I long-formatted into exFAT. My plan is to set this drive up and then format a second drive the same way and use these two drives as a portable backup with one redundancy. I want to be able to freely write to it from Windows computers and Mac...
  29. C

    [SOLVED] unable to delete corrupted data

    I am having an issue while deleting certain files on my sd card which I guess are corrupted I am unable to access my memory card on my phone but can open it on my computer it has certain files that are corrupted and has names like "└²₧┼ΩÖ .πö " special character names and shows that it was...
  30. L

    [SOLVED] Old hard drive (with existing OS) as an extra HDD

    How to properly clean/format hard drive with installed windows? to be used as an extra HDD. I have a 1TB hard drive with windows in it. I want to use as a storage drive for my new laptop with SSD that has a slot for a hard drive. I can just plug the hard drive in and reformat it in "this pc"?
  31. Korruption001

    Question Ssd un allocating every time I enter bios

    So I’ve been gradually been putting my build together and this is what I’m running Aorus x570 elite Ryzen 5 3500xt 3rd gen 16gb Corsair vengeance rgb pro 3200mhx c16 Evga 850w psu 80+ gold supernova Asus Gtx 1660ti Phoenix edition Window 10 home free 1 Kingston m.2 nvme 256gb ssd 1 sk hynix...
  32. E

    [SOLVED] HDD no format option

    I got a new hard drive and plugged it in ive already checked the cables everything's fine the hard drive even pops up on my disk manager already but for some reason I don't get the option to format it and I just said screw it and tried making a spanned volume and it didn't do anything. Is there...
  33. A

    [SOLVED] How do I wipe HDD after cloning to SSD?

    I recently cloned my HDD to a SSD. So now I've got 2 disks named "local disk", however with different drive letters. I want to wipe the HDD so I can use it for storing other files. I have tried going to disk management and formating, but the format is greyed out. I have also tried using the...
  34. Z

    [SOLVED] Will my programs outside C stop working if I format C?

    So I'm planning to Upgrade from my Windows 7 ( Enterprise 64-bit SP1) to Windows 10 64 pro. My C partition where windows 7 is installed on is practically empty. Only some programs are installed on it and are easily re downloadable like Chrome, Nvidia drivers etc. But these aren't the ones i'm...
  35. velocci

    [SOLVED] formatting a 14TB hardisk

    Hi all, I popped in my new Ironwolf 14TB hardrive into my win10 machine and the first thing it asks is to initialize it using either MBR or GPT. this HDD will store a backup of my data. Which of those should I choose?
  36. B

    Question Recover data from formatted disk

    Hi everyone, I had to formatted a HDD with the W10 installation tool (the partition where it was already installed) because the OS crashed. Is there any program that can actually find/recover files from desktop/documents/etc? I've tried these three already EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro...
  37. juampidieguez123

    [SOLVED] Can't assign new disk, stuck in RAW

    I recently built a new pc. Installed windows on an ssd. All good. Went to disk manger, tried creating a new simple volume on the hdd and disk manager would froze. Afer a while, the new hdd showed up as drive 1 and RAW alongside an error prompt of 'format failed to complete'. Any ideas as to how...
  38. jrdraq

    Question No Bootable Device/HDD1 instead of HDD0?

    So, I bought this laptop 11 months ago. It is acer nitro 5 (i5-8300h/gtx1050ti/12gbram/1tbhdd). I kinda experienced a lot of malfunction to it like corrupted windows, registry keys, boot loop and so on until now. I'm just playing League of Legends when suddenly I lost internet connection (Ph net...
  39. okwiBoy

    [SOLVED] Seagate 8TB harddrive won't format / won't convert from RAW to NTFS: WINDOWS

    Hey Everyone, I bought an 8TB Seagate hard drive from Amazon (BarraCuda Hard Drive 8TB ST8000DM004) and I have plugged it in correctly and it shows up in my disk management as 8tb RAW Healthy (Primary Partition) after a few days of trying and failing. I have read that windows doesn't understand...
  40. T

    [SOLVED] No sound after windows 10 format

    Hello. My friend had Windows 10 installed for at least 2 years and everything was fine until he decided to do a format. After format he had no sound so after he did all the updates we thought windows updates will download the audio drivers too but we were wrong so he downloaded the audio...