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  1. R

    Which gaming mouse has better performance?

    The wired tournament edition Razer Lanchead or the G502 Proteus Spectrum? I'm just looking for the best performance for FPS.
  2. J

    Which build is better for streaming?

    I'm planning to buy a new pc, I was going to build it for myself, but since the gpu prices are just going crazy, buying a pre built pc doesn't seem too crazy now. I'm planning to do streams with my pc on heavy graphics games like gta v and stuff, with or without game capture card. I'm between...
  3. O

    Harddrive shows empty after installing new cpu/gpu/motherboard

    Hi i recently bought a new cpu/gpu/motherboard, because my old motherboard/cpu stopped working. now ive installed these new parts i booted the pc and it asked me a few question about windows. what language, time etc and if you whanna add a microsoft account. i did all that and when i came into...
  4. S

    Why is my memory usage so high?

    My PC has been using a lot more memory than it's supposed to recently. I have 8GB of DDR3 memory. All memory used by my apps combined is less than 1GB, and Windows, as much as I'm cocerned, isn't supposed to use more than 1.5GB. Resource monitor says that my PC is using 5GB. It also shows that...
  5. S

    CSGO low FPS with GTX1060

    Hello guys, I have older PC (CPU Quad core Q9550, MB: ASUS maximus formula 2, RAM: 8GB Coirsair Dominator 1066Mhz, OS: Win10pro 64bit, SSD: Samsung Evo850, HDD:WD Black 1TB SATA, Monitor ASUS PQ279q, GPU: MSI GTX 1060 Armor 3GB, previuous one was ASUS GTX660). I am a fan of Counter Strike and...
  6. J

    my p745 won't start up

    my laptop toshiba p745 will no longer start up. you push the start button and it lights up but does nothing.... it has a decent battery and takes and holds a charge. i am lost.
  7. P

    Asus Z270F m.2 PCI-E speed won't set to x4, how to? [solved]

    Hey guys, I only just created this account, because I've found a few several questions + answers but nothing really helping me. EDIT: The SSD I got, seems to bet at its max Speed according to Toshiba, so I am gonna send it back and try with another M.2 SSD I have a ASUS ROG STRIX Z270 Gaming...
  8. O

    LG X NOTE R 400 unable to go in bios setup mode. Which keys to press, I tried f10 as well as f2 which leads to please wait sta

    Need to change boot setup mode to USB but how to reach the setup? What can be probable cause?
  9. D

    8gb DDR3 single channel

    Hi all just hoping this post is gonna be answered fast on this forum... I got a laptop with a nVidia 950m 4gb, i7 cpu octa core and 8gb DDR3 single channel memory Formthe momment I just bought Star Wars Battlefront II, the game runs decent...but it still lags and image freezing sometimes Will...
  10. W

    office 365 serial key

    Hi guys, can you help with office 365 version 17011 serial key ?
  11. G

    Can't Boot into BIOS

    Recently got a new SSD. Installed SSD, cloned everything from current into the new one, but now I'm not able to boot into BIOS to change boot drive since I want to wipe the old SSD. I restart my PC and no mobo logo comes up and I smashed F11/DEL and nothing happens. I've tried a cold boot as...
  12. S

    Dell Vostro won't boot- goes straight to black screen with blinking cursor

    I've seen similar posts regarding this issue, but none of the solutions have worked so far for me. I've tried booting off Windows 10 recovery disk, and original Windows 7 DVD. None of the Troubleshooting methods worked, including various command prompt entries, and I couldn't do a upgrade or...
  13. Reggod

    Extreme Budget Flight Sim Rig

    I'm putting out feelers on this one; not sure if I'll actually go through with it. Anyways, here goes. My brother is crazy about aviation and is really into flight Sims. He's building his own flight simulator "pod" , complete with all manner of flight controls in the garage, but has turned to...
  14. G

    Rx 580 sapphire nitro + Warranty!

    Hey people! I just bought a new rx 580 8 gb from sapphire and I`m really happy for it =) The thing is, I`ve got the code for registering on the gpu`s box but I couldn`t find anywhere to register it, how do I register my product ? Does someone know it ? I`m from Brazil btw, but I think it...
  15. M

    need help buying a motherboard for an i5 760

    I need a motherboard that will support i5 760 with ddr3 ram and at least 2 usb 3.0 for under 100 bucks
  16. G

    GTX 1070 Ti and Molex?

    Hi, I bought a GTX 1070 Ti and it requires 1 6-pin and 1 8-pin pci e cable. The problem is that I only have 1 cable.. I probably lost the other one. My PSU is a Seasonic S12II 520W. Will 8 pin pci e to dual (4-pin) molex cable be good to power my GPU? I got my current 6(+2)-pin directly into...
  17. C

    Underpowered PSU killed my rig? (UPDATE)

    Have I just killed my PSU? Just put a Power Colour Red Dragon RX580 8GB card into my build, without realising that my 450W PSU wasn’t powerful enough to drive this GPU. My new PSU has arrive do and there is no life from my motherboards whatsoever, no power LEDs at all. Is the motherboard the...
  18. H

    Looking to upgrade laptop finally

    Would this feel like a worthwhile upgrade to you? I'm currently playing on an alienware m14x specs are i7 3610qm GT 650M 8GB RAM Looking to upgrade to a cheap gaming laptop on a black friday deal that has these specs i5 7200U GTX 950M 12GB RAM Price would be $620 + tax. Really don't have...
  19. D

    help me choosing 24 inch monitor

    Hello guys , I have been searching for a 24inch monitor and I have shortlisted these 4 monitors dell s2415h lg 24mp88hv asus vz249h asus mx259h But now I can't decide which one I should choose , I am going to us it for causal gaming , watching movies , I have Nvidia 960 gpu , earlier I had...
  20. D

    Graphics Card for ASUS P6TD Deluxe

    I'm looking for an NVIDIA graphics card for an ASUS P6TD Deluxe motherboard with an i7 920 processor. The main purpose of the card is for GPU processsing with python (pycuda) and Tensorflow. A speedy gpu will make my monte carlo simulations complete in reasonable times. I'm not sure if the...