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  1. Question Fortnite textures not loading properly, Please Help

    My game has for a long time had issues with loading, especially texture loading. I sometimes go into a game and I won't even see my character skin, have a harvesting tool or have any buildings load. It looks something like this: I have a laptop that is in my opinion above average, an I hoped...
  2. K

    Question Old Computer, New Graphics Card - Help

    So, I have the HP Pavilion Slimline 5123W, which has a AMD Sempron LE-1250 cpu and the capacity for 8 GB of ram, and i'm trying to get a new graphics card for it. One that can limit the bottleneck between the gpu and the cpu while also allowing me to play at least Fortnite at okay speed, and...
  3. T

    Question CPU Usage 100% on brand new gaming PC

    Hello guys. My cousin recently bought a brand new gaming PC (The build is below). He bought it from an eshop with the newest windows 10 version installed and when he got the pc he just installed a couple of games and some programs like discord or steam.. After that he opened fortnite and...
  4. T

    Question Brand new gaming pc with RTX 2060 have only 40-100 fps...

    Hi guys! Today I bought a brand new gaming pc with RTX 2060! (The build is below) I installed fortnite but the fps are always 40-100... I downloaded my rtx 2060 drivers again and I updated them but nothing changed... I also checked the power options it's on high performance. So... any idea...
  5. S

    Question Multiple Game Crashes, dont know problem.

    Minecraft crashes on booting and Fortnite Crashes while playing, both also making my computer freeze when crashing making me force a restart my holding the power button. Fortnite also says: File Block: Note: file blocks can be ignored if they cause no...
  6. liwahadri2

    Question GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 Question!

    guys can i run gpu gt 1030 on my pc lenovo v520 15ikl ?😕 Specs: G4400 3.0Ghz PSU: 180W Ram: 4gb ddr4 2400mhz HDD: 500GB WD Blue
  7. W

    Question My sound cuts out, I need help!

    Okay, so I play fortnite on CONTROLLER but on my PC and use it wired. Every once in a while I will be in the middle of a game and my controller will completely disconnect as if the batteries died. It only lasts about 5 seconds. Except when it does start working again I can only hear people in my...
  8. W

    Question Why do I have lower frames when i stream and what hardware can fix it?

    I play fortnite pretty much all the time and get a steady 144 fps, except when every once in a while when I have a frame drop which I'm also not sure about but that's not what I'm asking. So anyways Ill plug in my second monitor and my frames are going crazy just going up and down from 30-144...
  9. S

    Question Building a PC for competitive gaming + streaming (Fortnite)

    Hi guys, Im new to PC building and I'm looking to build a rig capable of maintaining a 200 +FPS while streaming. I basically starting from scratch and so I need everything, including OS, monitor, Keyb&mouse, etc. I have a budget of 3000$ CAD and I would really appreciate any guidance and help.
  10. Penrose

    Question Ryzen 5 2600X or i5 9400F?

    I'm looking to build a PC with GTX 1660 (Gigabyte GTX1660 OC 6GB), 16GB RAM (3000MHz) and a 550W PSU. I just need to decide with either an R5 2600X or i5 9400F. I'm looking to play games like Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite on lower graphical settings. I'm looking to play over 144 frames per...
  11. P

    Question Texture pop-ins and slower loading times

    I got my pc a year ago, I know the CPU isn't on the better side but the store was out of ryzens at the time. So I set up the pc at home and I instantly stress test it, everything is fine and working how it should, fast forward to about a couple of months ago and I start noticing texture pop-ins...
  12. R

    Question Extremely Frequent Crashing

    Hi, I've recently got back into fortnite (I know pretty lame) but after an hour of playing I crashed, with an error saying Assertion failed: [File:Unknown] [Line: 198] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0005 - 'REMOVED') FortniteClient_Win64_Shipping...
  13. D

    Question What should I buy with a budget to get 200+ FPS in Fortnite

    CPU-i5-6500 Gpu- gtx 1050 Ram-16gb I already get frams up to 200 sometimes I want a consistent 180+ FPS please help me I have a budges if 400$ will go a bit higher
  14. H

    Question How much power does does my PC spare?

    I have a 240W PSU and want to upgrade my integrated gpu to a dedicated Graphics card and so I'm wondering how much power does my PC spare so I can look for a GPU accordingly. Also it's a Small Form Factor Computer. Following are my PC components, just in case. Intel Core i5-4570 120GB SSD 2TB...
  15. M

    Question how much fps I will have on this

    gpu rx 560 4gb cpu i3 6100 3.70 ghz 8gb ram
  16. E

    Question Graphics card issue - Constant crashing

    I recently upgraded form a 960 to a RTX 2060 6gb, I brought Ark and played for a while i started to get crashes but only now and then and then i could play fine which wasn't really a problem. However the problem occurred when i tried to play fortnite i only recently downloaded it and played for...
  17. E

    Question Game constant crashes

    #1 Hi my pc has been crashing on fortnite every time i try to play. Sometimes i cant even get into a game before it crashes and other times it crashes 1 minute in and occasionally i can play for an hour. It also happens on other games aswell like ARK, which is better and i crash less...
  18. S

    Question Fortnite Over locked by CPU THREADING (HELP ME UNDO)

    So, basically I overclocked the CPU maybe, by using cpu threading method to increase the FPS in game which resulted in my PC getting crashed whenever I open fortnite, I need to know how can I undo this, I have not done anything in bios. Here's the video showing what I have done. View...
  19. T

    Question Monitor goes into power save mode ONLY on Fortnite

    For a while now ONLY when I play fortnite, my monitor (LG Flatron E2750) goes into power saving mode while the game is open. I've updated drivers, switched hdmi cables, turned off any possible power saving option, google searched at least a dozen times, and I cannot find an answer. It doesn't...
  20. F

    Question Extreme lag need help

    Just bought a new pc, on csgo I get around 300 to 400 FPS mostly. on fortnite when I first started, I would get solid FPS, i then replaced my 60hz monitor for 75 making it a lot smoother for me and it felt amazing, I then set up the 60hz as my second monitor, and now my main monitor doesn’t...