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  1. G

    Question New PC crashing on all games

    Hello, A few months ago I bought following configuration and assembled it myself: AMD Ryzen 7 7800 X3D Kingston fury 2x16 GB DDR5 6400 MHz Gigabyte Nvidia windforce 4070 TI Asus prime b650m-a Wifi II Samsung 990 pro 1 tb nvme Corsair icue h100i water cooling Gigabyte psu series 1000 w 80+ gold...
  2. Wade Wilfong

    Question FPS Inconsistent in Fortnite

    My fps capped at 240 will drop to 100s in creative. 2060 super ryzen 5700x 32gb ram 3200
  3. vazer1337

    Question Problems with Easy Anti Cheat ?

    So basically, whenever I want to start any game that has EAC included in it, I won't be able to start it, everything I will see it infinite EAC loading, and then it just disappears ( opens back game launcher ) I tried disabling AV, turning off my firewall, updating windows, reinstalling easy...
  4. A

    Question Fortnite big lag spikes on High End PC

    Since i have my new PC i have problems playing fortnite only and this is going on now for almost 1 year i tried every method to fix this but nothing works. When i play i get ~ 120 fps with really big lag spikes down to 20-30 fps for 1s then going back up everytime i move or anyone moves in front...
  5. Jonathan5675

    Question My fortnite keeps crashing on my new pc. (RTX 2070 i7-11700kf 64GB 3066MHz ram asus prime Z590-A motherboard)

    My fortnite keeps crashing on my new pc. (RTX 2070 i7-11700kf 64GB 3066MHz ram asus prime Z590-A motherboard) error code that was copied to my clipboard automatically somehow: Fatal error! Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION 0x0000000065637275 0x0000000065637275 UnknownFunction...
  6. A

    Question Monitor Display not good in game

    I own a gaming laptop and have a new external monitor connected, the laptop screen is 144hz and the monitor is 165hz. When I run a game, for example fortnite, my game display/fps/smoothness is not that good and gets kinda choppy/low frames. But when I don’t connect my monitor and use my laptop...
  7. rhgceghj

    Question Fortnite FPS Drops/Frametime Spikes (Stuttering/Hitching) On Multiple Decent PCs

    Experiencing frametime spikes on Fortnite, on two decent PCs. I do not have such frequent and drastic frametime spikes on my Xbox Series S. PC 1 Specs: Ryzen 5650G CPU RX 6600 GPU 8GB VRAM 2x8GB DDR4 RAM (3200, CL16) Adata SU630 SSD MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX Cougar XTC 600W PSU PC 2 Specs: Ryzen...
  8. bz73

    Question Getting very low and instable fps in fortnite while using a High-end laptop

    I am getting fps drops and low fps. I also sometimes get spikes when I move my mouse. I have an rtx 3060 notebook + Ryzen 7 5800h and 16gb of ram. I have an ssd too
  9. A

    Question Why do I have delay on my new PC? some possible solution?...

    Ok good morning, I will relate the facts a little... I'm a fortnite player and I used to play on a laptop... then when I started chapter 3 I was forced to get an xbox series s because it was impossible for me to play because of the fps... then change the xbox series s for a gaming pc because the...
  10. Smwynn117

    Question Can't figure out why Fortnite keeps killing the PC ?

    I've been building computers for over a decade and I work in IT as a systems admin, so I'm no stranger to troubleshooting pc issues. But this has me scratching my head. I built a pc for my friend (now gf) a couple years ago and it had been working fine until the past couple weeks. We started...
  11. OldHwOverclocker

    [SOLVED] What is the bottleneck in my system?

    Hi. I'd like to know what is bottlenecking my system. I play mostly Fortnite at 1440p resolution and I'm getting way lower fps than I expected. Task manager shows CPU usage at most 40% and no single core is used even close to 100%. GPU usage is 40-55%. Temperatures are not a problem on either...
  12. WhatLuck150

    [SOLVED] How much of a impact does a CPU bottleneck have in a game?

    I had a i5 3550 with a GTX 780, and was able to play fortnite without any stuttering, the GPU failed entirely so i replaced it with a RX 6500xt (supposed to be a slight upgrade from the 780), and now the game is stuttering on low settings. any idea?
  13. M

    Question My RX 570 isn't getting proper wattage ?

    I downloaded MSI Afterburner and I have noticed that my RX 5704gb ( ) only pulls in 60-90w while gaming on any game. All of my games however run fine except Fortnite. There are times...
  14. Mixxeroo

    Question low gpu usage, low fps +drops fortnite

    PC r7 5800x + AIO rx 6900xt sapphire nitro+ 1000w corsair rm 32gb 3200mhz x570 msi gaming edge wifi 2x monitors à 2560x1440 144h I get low 10-90fps in fortnite and drops every second low Settings performance mode 12-90fps + drops dx12 2-120fps + drops + matchmaking doesnt work dx11...
  15. Elhan

    [SOLVED] Fps drops, no thermal throttling, I'm at a loss

  16. RoberRaik

    Question Stutters every exact minute in Fortnite

    Hi, i recently switched from a RX 480 to a 6600XT and a Corsair RM750 thinking that all of my problems should be gone, but I can't get rid of these stutters, I tried a lot of things without result, they last about 100-200ms and happens every exact minute. PC specs: - CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 AF (No...
  17. CTElectric

    Question Fortnite Takes too long to open and load even after Reinstalling windows

    Hello my Fortnite Game From the epic games launcher is really slow right after the anti-cheat appears I thought it was something wrong with the game or the launcher so reinstalled Fortnite and the epic launcher but nothings changed but I got to the point where I reinstalled windows and I still...
  18. T

    Question Stuttering on fortnite

    Hey guys just got an Acer predator g3-710 It has i7-7700 an a GeForce rtx 1060 I mainly play fortnite yet when I play low everything in creative or public matches it runs like absolute <Mod Edit> it is never smooth always stuttering but when I switch to performance mode it runs brilliant in...
  19. ŽiglisKaajis

    Question Huge stuttering in Fortnite but not in Warzone

    I have been having this for some time, but it bothers me a lot. I have huge stuttering in Fortnite. Minor in Rocket league, League of Legends and Csgo. And none at all in Battlefield 5, Assassins Creed Valhalla, Gta 5 and Warzone. I dont know when it started because i didn't notice...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] New PC advice/build

    Hello I currently have a prebuilt Alienware R7 currently, but it is slowing down, and with all these new games, I want to upgrade. It has been a great pc to me however. I am looking for something with a budget but still good for gaming, maybe around $1000-1300? That price range can be flexed...
  21. M1Z8N

    Question Game Crashing - RX570 - Driver Problem!?

    Hi, When I start to load into or exit a game of Fortnite, my game will crash, "The application has crashed, sorry for the inconveniences this can get very annoying. I have already updated the drivers on my GPU, turned up the fan percentage using MSI Afterburner (because I was averaging around...
  22. C

    Question Recommend a PC under $500 that will run Fortnite ?

    Hello! I am wondering if there any affordable PC options (under $500) that my son could play Fortnite on? He does have an xbox but seems to prefer to play with a keyboard. He does have a nice gaming keyboard and headset but no PC. He seems to think he can play on a regular pre-owned laptop but I...
  23. Waleed66

    [SOLVED] Wrong fps counter

    I have gtx 660 and when I play fortnite on 100+ fps it feels less than 60 while fps counter shows 100+fps. Happened with my freind gpu too i dont know why it happens plz help me. (Happen to Fortnite only) My specs: I5 2400 8gb ram 400w psu Graphic setting: 100 scaling 1600 x 900 Resolution...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] cpu temprature at 90 / massive fps drop

    After asking a professional, he checked my pc and said that my cpu temp were reaching 90, then he told me i needed to change the cpu, cooler, I used to play fortnite at around 240 fps, but after cleaning my pc my frames were dropping all the way to 50 and to the point where the game was...
  25. R

    [SOLVED] fortnite and csgo microstuttering after install of new motherboard

    so about a year ago now, i had an 8700k with a 1660ti and i upgraded my motherboard from msi to asus, ever since i did this, fortnite and csgo are the only games that i can notice microstuttering in. since those components ive upgraded, now i currently am running an i9 9900k and a evga xc3 ultra...
  26. ragejay

    [SOLVED] question

    so i mainly play fortnite, and i was wondering if i could play on 144 hz? and if not which part do i need to upgrade first and what should i upgrade it to? Specs: i5 4590 16 gb ddr3 1600mhz gtx 1050 ti
  27. ahmadraza64631

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600xt + gtx 1080 + 16gb ram but not good fps for 240 hz

    Hi, My name is Ahmad Raza. I've bought a gaming pc some months ago for Fortnite as a competitive point of view. my aim was to get 240 consistent fps on Fortnite because I saw videos where people with a setup like mine getting 240 consistent fps. here is the setup: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600xt GPU:Gtx...
  28. O

    Question Fortnite Crash (Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x0000001000000000)

    Hi all, I downloaded and installed Fortnite today and so far I played it for 2 hours in total. Earlier today I exited out of the game and went to play Dying Light. Then after that I came back to Fortnite and in the battle royale party screen/menu, it crashed without even me entering the game...
  29. Hamza Ahmed Jamil

    Question Fortnite keeps crashing in my pc z400

    I have z400 with following specs: Processor : X5690 xeon GPU : Gtx 1060 6GB blower style Ram : DDR3 4x3 (12gb) HDD : 250 + 500 SSD : 160gb intel I have tried the following: Upgraded My gpu driver to letest Install new Fortnite Verified Fortnite Files Tried Direct X 11 and 12 and Performance...
  30. J

    Question FPS question

    I am planning on building a PC with an intel i7-10700K CPU, and GeForce 3060 TI Graphics card in it. I need to know the FPS that I would get on low and high settings on 1080o and 1440p? Thanks.
  31. JakePauler6911

    Question Low FPS on Fortnite With RTX 3070 and DirectX12

    Hello, So last week my game was running perfectly, I was getting over 200 fps on max settings with my 3070. However, this week I saw that for some reason my fps was halved when I played Fortnite. I played on the same settings as before but I could only barely maintain 100 fps. In other games...
  32. Synth_

    Question Fortnite problems

    I go in to a game and then get kicked on fortnite and it says corrupted memory #0 battle eye error. can you you help me ASAP PLEASE.
  33. I

    Question Unplayable Stutters In Fortnite

    Before I start, yes this will be long as I will try and explain everything I have done because I have been at this for nearly 8-10 hours between today and yesterday. I also will really appreciate anyone's help with this as well as I am completely stumped. Two days ago I started experiencing...
  34. J

    [SOLVED] Two 8 pins or 16 into 8

    i have recently bought a 3080 and was wondering if it was worth it two use two 8 pin power connectors over one 16 pin.
  35. DirtySZN

    [SOLVED] How can I boost FPS/Brand new build expectations

    So I am going to try and put the most information possible in this post here that I can think of as I am trying to get more FPS/more consistent FPS in the following games that I play quite a bit of: Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone & Call of Duty Cold War. My new custom PC build (not built by me)...
  36. Johan060311

    Question Low FPS playing Fortnite with RTX 2060 6GB ?

    I bought a prebuilt acer nitro n50-600- tower, i only get around 100 fps on fortnite on low settings wich is really dissapointing. I dont know why this happns but i would really like some idres or soulutions! Specs: Rtx 2060 6gb I5 9400f 8gb 2666mhz ddr4 512 gb ssd 500w 80 +bronse
  37. C

    Question PC underperforming

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to PCs (in other words, I have no clue about them), I bought a pre-built PC almost a year ago, which is a highish end PC I guess, but have ran into FPS, connection issues and just overall the PC has never run at its best, but just recently I found out about user...
  38. M

    Question Stuttering on fortnite gtx 1650 Super

    Hi, Im currently getting fps stutters on fortnite with gtx 1650 S, I have 2 sticks of 8gb ram. My pc specs are more than capable of running this game at 160fps constant however the stutters make it unplayable. I used msi afterburner to check temps and cpu and gpu remain between 40-45 constantly...
  39. A

    [SOLVED] Looking for recommendation for a card that can handle fortnite

    I posted a question on here about a month ago about getting really bad frame lag when I play fortnite. It only happens when I’m in a build fight with someone in game, I can play creative and do everything just fine but when I’m in a game and I start fighting someone my frames drop from 120-140...
  40. R

    [SOLVED] Fortnite temps... HOT

    Hello, I play Fortnite and GTA and I notice that my temps get really really hot, especially in Fortnite. My temps reach to 82C when I am in a game, and I am worried that those high of temps can damage my computer. I have my Fortnite settings set for performance, therefore my settings for the...