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  1. N

    Question fps drop on fortnite only

    hi, I have a 10700k, rtx 3060 and 2x8gb 3200mhz. Other games like warzone, valorant seem to run perfectly fine with constant 240 fps for valorant. But when I play fortnite, fps are dropping from 240 to 90-100 for just a frame, which is very annoying. What are all the things I can to do try to...
  2. J

    Question FPS question

    I am planning on building a PC with an intel i7-10700K CPU, and GeForce 3060 TI Graphics card in it. I need to know the FPS that I would get on low and high settings on 1080o and 1440p? Thanks.
  3. K

    Question PC Micro Stuttering Question

    Been having terrible micro stuttering issues. Frametime spikes go to 30ms, 50ms and even 100ms at a time, randomly. Most affected are games such as PUBG, Fortnite. GTA 5 runs perfectly smooth, that's pretty much the only game. Been having this problem for months now and can't find a fix. I...
  4. JakePauler6911

    Question Low FPS on Fortnite With RTX 3070 and DirectX12

    Hello, So last week my game was running perfectly, I was getting over 200 fps on max settings with my 3070. However, this week I saw that for some reason my fps was halved when I played Fortnite. I played on the same settings as before but I could only barely maintain 100 fps. In other games...
  5. Synth_

    Question Fortnite problems

    I go in to a game and then get kicked on fortnite and it says corrupted memory #0 battle eye error. can you you help me ASAP PLEASE.
  6. I

    Question Unplayable Stutters In Fortnite

    Before I start, yes this will be long as I will try and explain everything I have done because I have been at this for nearly 8-10 hours between today and yesterday. I also will really appreciate anyone's help with this as well as I am completely stumped. Two days ago I started experiencing...
  7. J

    Question Two 8 pins or 16 into 8

    i have recently bought a 3080 and was wondering if it was worth it two use two 8 pin power connectors over one 16 pin.
  8. K

    Question When I move my mouse in Fortnite my fps drops from 160 to 40 ?

    This only happens in fortnite . When I move my mouse my cpu usage stays at 40-60 percent.This started happening just 2 days ago - it was fine before.
  9. DirtySZN

    [SOLVED] How can I boost FPS/Brand new build expectations

    So I am going to try and put the most information possible in this post here that I can think of as I am trying to get more FPS/more consistent FPS in the following games that I play quite a bit of: Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone & Call of Duty Cold War. My new custom PC build (not built by me)...
  10. Johan060311

    Question Low FPS playing Fortnite with RTX 2060 6GB ?

    I bought a prebuilt acer nitro n50-600- tower, i only get around 100 fps on fortnite on low settings wich is really dissapointing. I dont know why this happns but i would really like some idres or soulutions! Specs: Rtx 2060 6gb I5 9400f 8gb 2666mhz ddr4 512 gb ssd 500w 80 +bronse
  11. C

    Question PC underperforming

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to PCs (in other words, I have no clue about them), I bought a pre-built PC almost a year ago, which is a highish end PC I guess, but have ran into FPS, connection issues and just overall the PC has never run at its best, but just recently I found out about user...
  12. M

    Question Stuttering on fortnite gtx 1650 Super

    Hi, Im currently getting fps stutters on fortnite with gtx 1650 S, I have 2 sticks of 8gb ram. My pc specs are more than capable of running this game at 160fps constant however the stutters make it unplayable. I used msi afterburner to check temps and cpu and gpu remain between 40-45 constantly...
  13. A

    Question Looking for recommendation for a card that can handle fortnite

    I posted a question on here about a month ago about getting really bad frame lag when I play fortnite. It only happens when I’m in a build fight with someone in game, I can play creative and do everything just fine but when I’m in a game and I start fighting someone my frames drop from 120-140...
  14. R

    Question Fortnite temps... HOT

    Hello, I play Fortnite and GTA and I notice that my temps get really really hot, especially in Fortnite. My temps reach to 82C when I am in a game, and I am worried that those high of temps can damage my computer. I have my Fortnite settings set for performance, therefore my settings for the...
  15. 5tefan

    Question FPS drops neeeddd hellllpp

    Hey guys I just built a new pc Specs Asrock b450m steel legend Ryzen 52600x 16gb 3000mz ram 250 gun speed fish adata m.2 wich game is installed on 480gb a data ssd Rx 5500xt I was wondering when I play fortnite and am dropping or looking around I get frame drop because the game loads the...
  16. kaler77

    Question Why having good FPS my game is not smooth?

    I searched for a long time and found no solution. This problem is with Fortnite. I limit the FPS in 73 with Freesync enabled. 25-40 ping. 480GB SSD. Monitor: 75hz Freesync. GPU: RX 5600 XT. (60-70 C° 25% usage) CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 4.2Ghz. (50-65 C° 20-50% usage) RAM: 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz. Mother...
  17. MominAslam11111

    Question Game stuttering without any FPS drop

    I am a fortnite competetive player. When i got a new PC and installed new drivers. My fortnite ran silky smooth! After a day or two my game starts stuttering during building and fighting and randomly too. I checked the fps counter and its locked at 144hz. When i turn on vsync the game run silky...
  18. Yeno0o

    Question Unstable GPU Usage (RX 580)

    I seem to be having very unstable GPU usage when playing any games. The GPU usage would be at 90-100%, then after a second or two, the usage goes back down to 0%. The temperatures seem to be fine as they are at a stable 60-70. So when I am playing fortnite or other games, the pc will not be...
  19. LilAndyy

    Question Getting kicked out of fortnite.

    So when im in a fortnite game(doesnt matter which mode) i randomly get kicked out to the lobby and it shows the message "Network connection lost". Everyting else seems to be working fine, no ping issues or anyting else. its just that i get kicked out of games after a while, it even happend to...
  20. mossi

    Question Triple or dual monitor build, 1080p gaming for Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox

    Triple or dual monitor build, 1080p gaming for Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox Hi all, I was thinking of building this for my son who is 10 and wants to play these games. What kind of CPU/GPU combo would I need? I assume the GPU will do the heavy lifting. I don't need to build it right now but just...