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  1. lordvanko

    Question Is Fortron good?

    So I am building a system this Friday and I've picked a Fortron Hyper M 600w. Is it good and will it hold this system? ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F 2060 Super Gaming X by MSI 2x8 3200mhz RAM Team Group T-force RGB Ryzen 5 3600 1tb 7.2k RPM Segate BarraCuda 500gb Intel 660 M.2 CoolerMaster Hyper 212...
  2. G

    Build Advice 3K Budget Gaming PC

    Hey I'm so overwhelmed with information i'm going to need some help deciding on what's best to go with on a 3K budget. Is a 2080 necessary over a 2070 due to the 1440p monitor? I'm taking the PSU, storage, keyboard & mouse and case from my current build to use in my new one and this list is...
  3. G

    Question RX 570 4GB vs GTX 1060 3GB?

    I'm torn in between buying a used RX 570 for 150$ (114$ USD) and a GTX 1060 3GB for 175$ (133$ USD). Do you guys think these are decent prices for a second hand card? and which one would you get if you were on a ""budget"" (*broke as hell). Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
  4. G

    motherboard with integrated graphics that supports 3 1920 1080 monitors

    motherboard with integrated graphics that supports 3 1920x1080 monitors and if with what gen cpu does it need
  5. J

    adapter for 3pin JST-SM connectors to Addressable RGB header (4-1 pin ADD_HEADER)

    I am trying to find something to connect an RGB LED strip to my asus motherboard, the strip is and the motherboard is...
  6. Sven__

    Am I getting the full power of my Gaming One Headphones from Sennheiser?

    Do I need an amp for my Gaming one Headphones? I currently have a GIGABYTE AORUS GA-Z270X-Gaming K7 motherboard, but I really have no idea if that could support my headphones. Should I then get an amp? If so, could you guys recommend me one? Thank you so much for any help! I am totally loooost.
  7. pacci524

    Buying two non-dual kit 4gb RAM

    I'm planning to build a budget Ryzen 2200g PC with the cheapest RAM I could find being the Geil Evo Potenza 4gb ram, problem is, I can't find any dual kit version of this RAM and I'm wondering if its fine to buy two of it seperately, The Motherboard i'm planning to buy is an Asrock A320M HDV...
  8. B

    Best Bios settings for windows 10?

    Hi. Maybe there is a link, or something with recommended bios settings? I have msi h77ma-g43 motherboard. Also wrong bios settings can cause bad windows installation? Thanks.
  9. P

    ROG STRIX B350F - Which graphics driver to use with Ryzen 5 2400G?

    The VGA driver package says "AMD Graphics Driver V23.20.817.0(AMD package 17.40.3301) for Windows Win10 64bit. (Only support Raven APU,please run “AsusSetup.exe” to install hotfix and Raven Graphics Driver.)" There seem to be a few AsusSetup.exe files in the package, and I can't tell if they're...
  10. M

    while installing folder is not created

    while installing an application software Nudi 4.0 for the thin client running Windows XP it shows "Directory C:\Program Files\Nudi 4.0 cannot be created. Enter another path" please help its urgent
  11. T

    Small Cpu Cooler wanted

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a pretty small and quiet am3+ cooler. I really need one because the stock is driving me crazy. My case is a low budget small thing so it cannot be huge. I need to find a small and quiet one, i don't do anything crazy on my pc or overclock so i'm hoping somebody can...
  12. Z

    idk what cpu fits my pc please help me

    i want to know what cpu i should get that fits my motherboard and specs etc. here are my specs: GTX 1050, 8 gb ram, i THINK i have a msi motherboard, 64bit, im looking for a i5 cpu. currenly i have a intel core i3-6100 Thanks! :D
  13. A

    Graphics card fan stops spinning after booting computer?

    Hi, I am somewhat new when it comes to computer stuff in general but I was looking around while my computer was on then i noticed the fan isn't spinning when it's just using general use, i haven't tried this while gaming, but when i first boot up my pc, it spins for about 2-5 seconds and then...
  14. N

    Galaxy S8+ Bluetooth In-car - Tracklist / Playlist searching

    Wondering if anyone can help me with my issue on my Galaxy S8. Connecting my phone to my cars bluetooth (Audi S3 MY17) everything works great, the audio quality is amazing and it's passing through the detailed track data and album / track artwork. My one issue is that I can't scroll through...
  15. B

    Suggested low cost tower/DT system to support 3-4 Monitors (NOT for Gaming)

    Need to buy low cost/refurbished system that will support 3-4 monitors that is not for gaming but just for information display --mainly for internet use. Monitors have DVI interface. Something for the budget minded. Tower or desktop OK, Many thanks, walter
  16. T

    GPU for an older computer

    Hi guys, I have a desktop computer back home (now I'm at uni) which I built back in 2011. I didn't quite get the performance I wanted when I played through some games in the last couple of years and I was thinking about getting just a new GPU to speed things up; not sure if it's worth it...
  17. S

    Host Linux on mac

    Hey everyone ! Like the title says, I would like to know if it's possible to install Linux on my MacBook Air! Well, I know it's possible, but I meant to ask, how would you guys think it would run ? And which distro would you recommend for mac hardware if there is any that would be better for the...
  18. K

    System thread exception not handled!

    It seems like no matter what I have searched I can't get a solution. So yesterday evening I downloaded a new amd driver for my rx480 and restated the computer. I get a BSOD telling me "system thread exception not handled" I'm like wth. My computer reboots and does it again Untill it tries to do...
  19. J

    Pc keeps typing * key even after disabling it

    My Lenovo G50 keeps typing this key, few months before it was typing the 0 key but it stopped by itself after a while. now it started with this other key and I have tried every possible solution, even disabling the key, but it keeps being pressed automatically. It starts when I start the pc, it...
  20. O

    Is my power supply compatible with a Galax Gtx 1080?

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade my pc and I'm wondering if my PSU is compatible with Galax gtx 1080 ex oc? Link to my PSU