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  1. D

    Difference between the Ivy Bridge i5s?

    The obvious difference is the 3570k vs the non-k, but what about the others? i5-3350, vs i5-3330, vs i5-3350P, vs i5-3470, vs 3570? I'm not buying any of these, just curious.
  2. J

    Where would you put this fan?

    Hello, I just built my first PC, at present I have a cheap case however the problem I have is where I should actually place an intake fan at the front of the case. The case has a front bottom panel with a filter then behind it has a gap as deep as a 80mm fans depth, behind it is a fan mount...
  3. bennyblanx

    Second Take: Far Cry 2 vs Crysis

    Ben and Rob compare and contrast the two titles (and expansion Crysis Warhead) that share a common forbearer. Watch The Video: What game did you prefer? How does Crysis:Warhead compare on it's own? -Ben
  4. J

    Good case fans?

    Anybody have reccomendations for good 120mm case fans? Thanks! Edit: Noise is not a factor. Just not too loud that people in the other room are telling me to "turn my case down" :D
  5. N

    Will Steamroller be AM3+?

    I'm thinking of building a budget rig for my friend with a Phenom II x4 965 BE and I'm curious if he will be able to upgrade to Steamroller down the road without replacing the motherboard.
  6. C

    Phenom II x-4 840 and DDR3 PC3-10666

    Okay so i have a Phenom II x-4 840 and i it supports 10600 but it doesn't say a thing about 10666 so i was wondering if any of you guys know if it does and if i do combine them if my memory or cpu will get damaged?
  7. S

    Power supply for graphics card

    sir i am going to buy a ati radeon 5670 rated 400w but my cpu power supply is 350w. should i go for it or should purchase power supply first.
  8. A

    PSU or Mobo failure? Or something else?

    So I've recently (about 3 months ago)built a new computer. Everything fit nicely into the case, and it started up wonderfully. After a couple days of smooth running, and not doing anything too intensive, it happened. The screen went to static as did the noise. This occurred twice more during the...
  9. TheCereaKillerPT

    Possible bottleneck with HD7850 ?

    Hi , I thinking about getting a new GPU , the ASUS HD7850 DUII Version and I was wondering if I'll lose much performance because of my cpu . I currently have an i5-650 . Thanks for your time :)
  10. R

    Cooler Master Storm Scout Fan Connectors?

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I would like to ask, for anybody who owns a Storm Scout, or know; What fan connector do the three fans on the case use? I'm looking into buying the case, but I would like to know so I can get a proper power supply.
  11. D

    Pc shuts after immedietly after putting it on

    Hello, my pc shuts down after puttin ig on and sometiimes it goes off but you notice that there is power in the system ,cos the monitor light blinks please help me thank u
  12. holykalo

    AMD fx8120 vs. i5 2500k

    I'm currently looking at cpu options for building a desktop computer for gaming. I was originally thinking of the i5 2500k (and will still purchase it if needed), but was told that the 8120 would also be a viable option, and save me a little bit of money I can use to justify a gtx 570. I already...
  13. S

    Audiodg.exe raping memory

    I'm curious if it's normal for the audiodg.exe process to use only 15 or so mb of memory after reboot but after a few apps running and stopping it uses 2 to 4 gb. It does this even after i close everything and have nothing running.
  14. M

    80c in prime 95 help

    So i tried running prime95, and left it to run for 5 min before checking the temps and it goes 81c @@ Did I permanently damage my athlon II x4? max temp of cpu is supposed to be 71c Idle temp right now is 48c
  15. N

    How to set up a security key for a wireless network

    Hello, i wan set up a security key for a wireless network in mt office with my
  16. A

    What is problem date and time not saved

    IBM Think center Desktop Cmos bettry Change but date and time not Saves after restart or Shutdown
  17. M


    Hi frndz...i have a problem with my Asus P5G41T MLX motherboard.USB ports cant detect a card reader or a printer or a flash drive but it detects digital camera ......but if i plug in a flash drive,card reader, printer etc and restart my PC ...after restarting the USB port works well till i...
  18. S

    AMD965 witn one broken pin question?

    I was trying to fix one bent pin and i accidentally broke it off and it fell on my table and i i decided to put it back on and it worked and still works up to now and i even gamed with it and i was wondering if its ok to use it like this or will my mobo get fried?
  19. G

    Just replaced a IDE DVD drive with a SATA Drive and get the \

    I just replaced a IDE DVD drive with a SATA drive and get the "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key." when I start the computer. I can get to the BIOS screen in my Windows XP operating system, but I'm not that familar with how it...
  20. G

    tech:golden tee 3d resetting on power-up

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Board lights up and sound plays first few bars of intro,then resets,over and over.Game has worked for last 4 months , no problems ..Changed out power supply(was set at 5.13 vdc)now set at 5.22vdc before game will power-up with...