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  1. Adam B

    Question Port Forwarding - Modem / Router not playing nice, or am I missing something?

    Hello! I'm trying to use my computer to host a centralized version control server for a team coding project, and so far everything is seemingly set up correctly in terms of the server, and the client sides -- except that the TCP connection fails due to an issue with my port 1666, which the...
  2. G

    Help with CPU

    so some people on reddit say that the intel i5 4460 paired with a rx 480 wont run doom on ultra when on youtube people are doing it not to mention my friends do it all the time with that setup so just to get some clearance seems like everyone on here are a bit more knowledgeable is hte i5 4460...
  3. M

    AMD Fx 8320 on this PSU

    Hello, i was just wondering if this would work I want to upgrade my pc to a AMD FX 8320 but im not sure if my PSU is up to it My specs are CPU: AMD FX 6300 Mobo: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 GPU: R9 270X 2 gb PSU: CX600 Bronze Edition
  4. C

    Gpu mother board compitiblity

    i am using duel core 2.5 e series 5200 processor and g 31 series mother board . which Gpu can give me highest performance