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  1. J

    Question Alot of stuttering on Forza Horizon 4

    Specs are listed in the screenshot, the CPU is overclocked to 4.62GHz. As you can see on the benchmark result, I have stuttering issues that doesn't exactly make the game unplayable but it's very annoying. Yes, I know my CPU is weak but why can't it have a stable 55-60fps? What causes it to...
  2. IndraaBD

    Question Forza horizon 4 lag

    Hello, I love racing games so I thought let's try out Forza Horizon 4. I looked up the minimum and recommended requirements and my pc was better than the minimum, So I downloaded the demo to try out the game. But when I played it the game lagged like crazy on the recommended (auto) settings. So...
  3. S

    Question DIY H-Shifter Forza Horizon

    Hi guys, Im planning on building an diy h shifter to play games like forza horizon. Im going to use micro switches to shift in a gear. When a micro switch is activated I want it to make it look like its touching a button. So when I switch to like gear 3 it seems like I just touch the f3 button...
  4. ParadoxOnPc

    Question GPU utilisation VERY LOW while gaming despite good hardware

    Hey folks! First things first. I would consider my PC setup quite decent. Intel Core i7 7700 non K Geforce GTX 1070 16 GB RAM Main SSD: Samsung Evo 500GB Second SSD: Samsung Evo 250GB HDD: 2TB (don't know about the name) While gaming ive noticed that: My Gpu usage is very low most of...
  5. G

    Question Forza Horizon 4 vs Horizon 3 on laptop

    Hello! I have a gaming PC at home, but I use a Dell XPS 9560 when I'm living at university. I recently installed Forza Horizon 3 on it, just to try it out; to my pleasant surprise it runs it at 1080p Ultra at a steady 30fps (for me, in open world racing games where I like to chill instead of...