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  1. Torta_Di_Pesce

    Question Should i buy a founder edition

    So rigth now a founder edition rtx2070super it's 550 euros does a aftermarket card really worth 40 more euros? (i'm refearing to the gigabyte one)I have a large case with plenty of space inside. Why are fe cards cheaper and do they break more often?
  2. R

    [SOLVED] If I sell my founders edition gtx 1080, how much could I get?

    I am thinking of upgrading my GPU to a rtx 2070 super. If I sell my founders edition gtx 1080 (with out the box, got the computer second hand) how much should I expect to get? Also, I have a 6700k processer, any bottleneck issues possible, or no?
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Replace GTX 1080 ti turbos heatsink with Founders Edition heatsink

    Hi , this is my first time posting here so go easy on me . Last year or so I bought a Asus Gtx 1080ti Turbo but I really hate the look of it , i allways liked the look of the Founders Edition but don’t know if I can just buy a FE heatsink and slap it on there . Do any of you guys know if this...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] First PC build

    I just wanted to know if these are good parts for gaming and for using Unity. And if you have any suggestions for better parts.
  5. S

    Wont detecr gpu after pc restarted jtself

    I got a brand new pc every part new and i used it the first day just fine downloaded everything and turned it off. Next day i run it i open a game i play for around 15mins and my pc restarts itself and when it started again my gpu wasnt being detected.So i restarted my pc and it workes only for...
  6. E

    Extra Hard disk installation

    I want to install additional sata internal hard disk into my desk top computer but the sata ports on board are finished. They are only two been used by drive c and cd drive. How can I add the other hard disk?