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  1. B

    Question What is the difference between the Nvidea GTX 1070 Ti Turbo, Armor, and Founders?

    I'm buying one online and while the Turbo is 70$ cheaper than the other two, which are priced at 400$, I'm wondering why. What is the difference in all of these models when they all have the same graphics card; the GTX 1070 Ti?
  2. S

    Question Problems playing Facebook videos on iPhone

    On my iPhone if I click to watch a video, it plays but it’s on the Facebook Watch tab, and if I want to skip through the video I need to tap on the video then tap again to bring up the play bar. And even more annoyingly, I need to swipe back twice to get back to my news feed, why can’t I just...
  3. packersfan036

    bios overclock question

    before I update the bios on my asus maximus viii hero motherboard can I clear the cmos from within the bios settings? also I'm currently overclocked, so would I have to clear the cmos to update the bios? and does the pc have to be off to push the clear cmos button on the motherboard? or can I...
  4. L

    how do i open my dvd player

    can't seen to open the dvd player
  5. A

    Can i run GT 1030 graphic card

    Hi I have windows 7 32 bit install in my pc with Intel core 2 duo processor E7500 @ 2.94GHz 4 GB DDR3 ram Intel GMA X4500 Graphics and PSU=500W I have a pre build PC Compaq Presario CQ3250IX specification about my motherboard
  6. A

    Will a MSI gtx 1060 gamingx 6g fit in my gb bw50m ds3h

    mobo - gigabyte b250 m gpu - msi gtx 1060 gaming x 6g will the gpu fit into my mother board or will there be any problems?
  7. S

    Is the R9 270x a suitable upgrade for the r7 360?

    Hello, I was wondering whether the AMD R9 270x would be a suitable upgrade from my r7 360. Any help is appreciated.