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  1. G

    [SOLVED] low fps

    i have a 9400f rx 460 4gb 8 gb ram and i get fps drops below 30 fps in 720p while my brother gets constant 60-70 fps with gtx 1050 2gb and 16gb ram,howww?is it a ram issue,and here i was hoping to switch to 1080p.Saw online benchmark of rx 460 online,all had much better fps than mine in 1080p:0
  2. A

    Question 3080 low FPS?

    I have an i7-10700k Asus strix 3080 32gb 3.2 pc4 RAM 850w psu I am only getting around 120-150 FPS in warzone on low and high settings. I have seen people get 180-200 frames depending on settings. I have updated al drivers and changed bios to 3rd gen. Is my cpu bottlenecking or what could be...
  3. A

    Question major fps stutter/fps drops in all games. PLEASE HELP!!! almost at the end of my wits...

    Okay, so during lockdown I decided to build my first ever gaming PC and from the word go, it has been nothing but problems. I cannot find one game that runs smoothly, regardless of graphics settings I can always count on a massive drop in fps out of nowhere which makes my game stutter, almost...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Low FPS in older titles

    Hi, i need help in solving my problem with low fps. In older games like CS:GO and LoL i have random fps increases and drops, it goes from 50 to 120 on low, medium, and high settings, it is same on every possible combination of settings. I have GTX 660 paired with A8-3850 and 8GB of ram. I know...
  5. GUN3Y

    [SOLVED] Is this Build good for 1440p with high fps?

    Hi guys, I am fairly new to custom PC's and hope to build a PC sometime in the future but for now I am using PCspecialist. Wanted to know if this build is good, balanced and if you think it is good enough for 1440p with good fps results. Case FRACTAL MESHIFY S2 BLACKOUT TEMPERED GLASS Processor...
  6. K

    Question Not getting enough FPS as I think I could (Ryzen 7 1700 + GTX 980Ti) what is wrong me or my pc?

    TLDR: I have an overclocked ryzen 7 1700 and gtx 980Ti, I get 90 to 100 fps in gta 5 at 1080p with all settings on normal or off and 90 - 100 fps on rocket league at quality settings, I want to hit at least 120 fps for my 144hz monitor and I feel like I should be able to but cannot, am I...