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Forum discussion tagged with #fps.
  1. C

    Question What's the key to good fps?

    Hey, I'm on a custom build and I only play fifa titles (FIFA 20 at the moment). I wish to improve my fps in game. I've tried a lot of combinations for video settings, however I've never managed to experience great fps in game. This is my pc specification: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 8GB + 4GB DDR4...
  2. G

    Question My Computer Is getting bad frames when they should be way higher.

    My pc is not getting the frames it should be. It's getting 60 fps when I have an i7-9700k, 1070 Ti, And 32 Gb of ram i also have a 240hz monitor so it's not getting what it should get obviously. I have vsync turn off also. I don't know what happen but if any 1 come help that would be nice or any...
  3. Navaromoa

    Question DIFFERENT settings SAME FPS?

    So I’ve recently built an amd build with a ryzen 7 2700x with a 5700xt from gigabyte and I’m confused on why when I play modern warfare on highest settings I can get about 150fps but when I’m playing Overwatch on the lowest settings get the same amount of FPS? Aren’t I suppose to be getting...
  4. M

    Question SSD OR RAM, that is the question!

    hey guys! there is some questions about having a stable frame rate in Games! so i just made my pc i'm totally sure that this issue not realted to my cpu or gpu, trust me tho!! but when i go in some games like cod mw, when a new map wanna load, in first 2 or 3 minutes, the fps jumps from 60 to...
  5. J

    Question FPS and Frametime unstable after PC restore.

    FPS and Frametime not stable after PC restore. Hi everyone! Recently I’ve been trying to fix some stuttering I’ve been having in some games in my library (War-frame, Torchlight 2,) and I had gotten to the point of giving up and decided to just do a system reset and crossed my fingers that...
  6. Karvinen

    [SOLVED] My friend has the exactly same pc, but better fps than i have.

    Hi guys! Sooo my friend has exactly same pc as i do, but more fps than i have. We have i5-9400f, gtx 1660, 1x8gb ram 2666mhz, 258gb ssd. Mostly this problem is in csgo. Other games run very well. I have about 150-240fps in csgo, when he has 250-370fps. He's pc is older. I had it like week ago. I...
  7. Scrim

    [SOLVED] hello i am getting very low fps on a game.

    hello i am getting very low fps on a game called escape from tarkov i play medium to high graphics. my specs RTX 2080 s x gaming trio i7-8700 -16gb ram - windows 10 -850w i get around 40 ish fps and i see other people using less powerful cards than me and getting more, its really annoying i...
  8. Stalio_msb

    Question My PC slows down..After upgrading

    So I had a setup of i5 4th gen + 6GB ddr3 ram with a 1050Ti gfx card. I had installed forza horizon 3 and played it pretty well with minor stuttering here and there.. I thought it was because I had less recommend RAM which is 8.. So now 5 months from that I upgraded it to 8GB ddr3 ram and...