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    Question [Solved] Getting FPS drops every 20~50 seconds, freezes for 1 second (CS:GO) after Windows reinstall

    Status: Solved by downgrading to Windows 10 Oct. 2018 Update. Any help is highly appreciated, thank you very much. Let's start with my system specs: i5 6500, GTX 1080 Ti, OS and Game installed on SSDs, 16GB of RAM. When the problem started appearing: I've reinstalled Windows, that's it...
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    i7 7700 hq gtx 1050 vry slow

    My processor feels very slow sometimes and even when I tried playing survivio, a 2d game on a website, I was lagging very badly. I can run fortnite at about 60-100 fps, which is ok but when I try to run MINECRAFT, a game anyone can run (same as survivio) I get like 40 fps. Someone, please help me.