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  1. Question High Interrupts / DPC Lantency

    Does anybody know how to solve this? I did a lot of research and I couldn't find a fix. I'm having FPS drops in some games, random mouse and sound stutter. My specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 @ 4,1GHz with Liquid Cooler GPU: MSI RTX 2080 Ventus 8GB OC Memory: 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3.2GHz...
  2. E

    Question PC Stutters when tabing in/out.

    Every time I tab out/in of something this happens ( kinda like a fps drop, look at the cursor ) and the audio is cut the same way the frames are. Even my microphone starts cutting of the same way when im talking to someone. Whats the problem?
  3. Q

    Question PC is not running games like it used to a few years back.

    So I got my PC for my birthday, 26th May 2017. It was a good one and ran games smoothly like GTA V on high settings 90-100 FPS, Mirror's Edge Catalyst Min 60 Fps (ultra), CS:GO 250-300 FPS (ultra). It got repaired once because I unplugged the PC while it was updating, but it got fixed and my...
  4. Bad Sector

    [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Battlefield 1 With Core i3 8100

    Hey guys. I start playing BF1 again recently and noticed that my new rig sometime give me a good FPS and sometime not! I bought this rig for machine learning so It's really not meant to be for gaming however I search in Internet and see similar rig has a better and consistent performance and...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] CPU usage goes down the 33 percent while gaming, causes FPS drop

    These FPS drops used to happen to me, but it usually involved my GPU, not CPU. When I ran Prime95 and kept and eye on my cpu temps/usage, the usage always went to 33 percent, always in the same pattern, but my temperature is at a cool 50 degrees. This happens on any CPU intensive game, but the...
  6. N

    Confirmation on dead CPU?

    Apologies in advance if this is not the right thread to ask or someone already gone through this or I just literally answered my own question. TL;DR question at bottom. My build is: Asus Z270H motherboard i7 7700K GTX 1080 Strix 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666 C16 2x8GB EVGA 550 Gold (am...
  7. S

    Motherboard Help (B350)

    So I am getting a MSI B350 Tomahawk with 16gb of Corsair Vengeance LPX (idgaf about color scheme bc you can’t see my pc anyways) and a Zotac AMP Edition GTX 1060 6gb. I have 3 questions is that a good motherboard? And with all those parts would I be able to last with a 450w PSU until Christmas...
  8. N

    Help me please

    i think 2 picture is enough to make you guys understand what kind of problem i had back in the day my laptop got black screen after updating the nvidia driver , even on the bios startup , thus the only way i can get my laptop to work again is to reflashing bios , and it works however...
  9. K

    cheap gaming laptops

    i want a cheap gaming laptop (under 600$)
  10. G

    Identify this Icon

    Does anyone know what program this is from? http://imgur.com/sOorelT
  11. tlatch89

    Please review my PC parts order

    Updated - Changed motherboard and added wireless card http://pcpartpicker.com/p/6d9Ybv I'm an amazon prime user and will be purchasing all of these components through it. I have windows 8.1, 1080p 24inch monitor, logitech mouse, keyboard, and speakers already. I'll probably purchase an xbox...
  12. B

    installing win 8 on SSD

    I will hopefully be buying win 8 to change my system that is currently running on win 7. Easy fix I know, however my problem starts here. Im currently using my 1T HDD to run win 7, and have recently purchased 2 SSD's Samsung pro 128g and a Samsung pro 512g. I want my new OS (win 8) to go onto...
  13. G

    Cant run my assassins creed 4 at max settings without it lagging a bit.

    I was wondering if my cpu was too slow or if maybe my graphics card wasnt good enough. How can i tell which one it is? Cpu: intel core i7 processor i7-4770k, 3.5Ghz Graphics card: Geforce GTX 760, 2gb gddr5