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Forum discussion tagged with #fpsdrops.
  1. wejsen

    Question FPS drops?

    Im experience FPS since i upgraded with my friends old components. Im playning League of Legends and experiencing big FPS drops. It goes from around 130-140 FPS and then it drops down to 40-60 FPS for a few seconds. If im listening to music on spotify, and gets a drop, the music either pause or...
  2. jamalmohdssb

    Question Massive fps drop while gaming idk why max temp it goes to 70- 75 degree C, I dont know what is the reason, Should i buy a cooling fan or something

    I own hp laptop, model number 15-da0014ne, i7-8550U CPU@ 1.80Ghz, 16gb ram, with Mx 130 4gb.
  3. C

    Question What's the key to good fps?

    Hey, I'm on a custom build and I only play fifa titles (FIFA 20 at the moment). I wish to improve my fps in game. I've tried a lot of combinations for video settings, however I've never managed to experience great fps in game. This is my pc specification: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 8GB + 4GB DDR4...
  4. dimifok

    Question pc freeze for seconds and fps drop

    Hello guys im new here. I have and issue with my pc. Last week my pc started lags and freezes sound and display on games for a sec. I tried to check my ram but it was ok . I also check hdd and ssd (ok too). Then i check gpu all fine. But keep freezes and fps drop. I was playing fine until this...
  5. J

    Question i have a gtx 1660 and a ryzen 7 3700x

    for some reason with my specs listed above, my games run worse than when i had a 1050 and a ryzen 5 2600. How do i fix this? I have fully updated drivers and chipsets and everything and still nothing worked. I even tried to us DDU but my pc wouldnt boot to safe mode either.
  6. O

    Question Low FPS on Laptop Gaming with High Resolution Monitor

    Hi Guys, I have 8 yrs old Toshiba Laptop 1+1GB graphic card which have 1366x768 resolution. When i plug it to 4K Samsung monitor, it allows me to choose any resolution in windows and in games. Problem is; when i set to a higher resolution than 1366 games begin to have dramatically low fps. If...
  7. Garou

    Question FPS problem - Bottleneck of the computer

    My FPS is always very unreliable. Sometimes it goes to 220, and suddenly it goes to 80. It is on a regular basis very unsteady. I have tried everything I could to adjust settings. I adjusted on nvidia panel(more performance), adjusted game settings to the lowest they can be, checked that my...
  8. M

    Question SSD OR RAM, that is the question!

    hey guys! there is some questions about having a stable frame rate in Games! so i just made my pc i'm totally sure that this issue not realted to my cpu or gpu, trust me tho!! but when i go in some games like cod mw, when a new map wanna load, in first 2 or 3 minutes, the fps jumps from 60 to...
  9. J

    Question FPS and Frametime unstable after PC restore.

    FPS and Frametime not stable after PC restore. Hi everyone! Recently I’ve been trying to fix some stuttering I’ve been having in some games in my library (War-frame, Torchlight 2,) and I had gotten to the point of giving up and decided to just do a system reset and crossed my fingers that...
  10. SaintLaurent

    [SOLVED] Bottleneck on R5 1600 and Rx 580 8 gb

    Guys I just bought new pc. It has all new parts except Gpu. Gpu is used and its OC. I downloaded newest AMD gpu driver and set evry setting for best performance. Im playing game Squad and im getting some really bad Fps. Im playing on lowest settings and my Cpu and Gpu usage are very low. Cpu...
  11. Jerichodanger

    [SOLVED] Gaming Laptop suffers from random FPS drops

    Hi guys, recently my gaming laptop suffers from random FPS drops, it will drop from 100ish FPS (Assetto Corsa as an example) to around 20 FPS for about 30 seconds, and then back to normal. The weird thing is not every game suffers from this problem, but as for now, Assetto Corsa, Ace Combat 7...
  12. T

    Question FPS drops

    Lemme get right to the point I have an acer predator helios 300 i7 8750H GTX 1060 6gb vram 32 gb ram 2tb hdd 256gb ssd Windows 10 144hz While playing games I get these fps drops. They happen every once in a while(maybe once every 3 or so mins). For example while play destiny 2 I normally get...
  13. S

    Question Software related hardware utilisation.

    Hello. I want to ask about hardware utilisation by most of the games. My PC specs are: i9-9900K watercooled cpu RTX 2080 gpu 32Gb of 2666MHz ram MSI MEG Z390 ACE motherboard Several NVMe SSDs Dont know much about my current PSU(680-1000W), changed aprox 3-4 of them to get quiet one. Maybe it...