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    Question Top Mounted PSU on Fractal Torrent - Is it dangerous?

    The Fractal Torrent and Torrent Compact have been really well received but one thing I haven't seen anyone talk about is the top mounted PSU. Given the PSU's fan would be sucking in the heat from inside the case produced by the GPU and CPU, wouldn't it run the risk of getting damaged or operate...
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    [SOLVED] Fractal Torrent Compact or Fractal Define R6 ?

    Hello, I'm looking for a quiet case at load with not too high temperatures. I know that's a bit contradictory but I'd like to find a good balance between the two as my computer is currently annoyingly audible at idle and frustratingly loud at load. My system is built with a Ryzen 3700x with...
  3. Question GPU not sitting properly in PCIe slot ?

    I’ve got the fractal torrent, msi z690 tomahawk and 3080 ti aorus master . not sure if anyone else has this problem but when I got to seat my GPU into the motherboard the clip clicks on the pcie but closer to the rear mounting spot on the case, the videocard is not in all the way here’s a...