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  1. G

    Question No compromises ITX case, any Fractal Core 500 specialists here?

    Hi, I'm planning on a no compromises ITX build and therefore looking for the perfect case. So far the Core 500 seems to be the way to go, but I really really want to use the Seasonic Prime Titanium 650W (because "no compromises", you know^^), which could be a little problematic with this case...
  2. P

    Question What case should i choose ?

    Hello, im choosing case for my first new build but i cant decide which one should i choose. If someone have better case around 50-65€ let me know. Also it must be Middle Tower for ATX motherboards. 1:
  3. M

    Question Weird Meshify C question... badge delete?

    I understand this is a bit of a weird longshot inquiry, but for anybody who owns a Fractal Meshify C (or other Meshify case as I imagine it's pretty much the same on all)... ...Is it possible to remove the "Fractal Design" silver logo badge on the front? I mean, easily remove it without hurting...
  4. armonkazemi1

    Best Monitor For $200?

    I am looking for an upgrade from my old 1080p 60hz Westinghouse monitor and have a budget of $175. (I will go to $200, but only if it is an AMAZING deal like an 4k monitor)
  5. S

    I need help with GTP and MBR

    When im downloading windows it says that i need a gtp driver and i have a mbr what should i do to fix this problem
  6. F

    Gigabyte GA-B250M-D3H question: 32-bit motherboard?

    Hi. I'm planning to build a new system around i5 7500 and MSI GTX1050ti OC V1 and the retailer I frequent recommended using Gigabyte GA-B250M-D3H and Kingston HyperX Fury Black 1x8GB. Personally, I see nothing wrong and from reading the other threads the Gigabyte motherboard seems to be ok or...
  7. T

    Out Of Video Space Problem

    I was playing games with my GTX 1050 2gb. While I was trying to change some stuff for fps boost I did something to video memory. Now when I try to start the game I played yesterday, it says "your computer appears to be out of video memory"
  8. B

    New with gaming pcs

    I have never bought or built a gaming pc before and I was wondering what a good setup is for 1000-1500 dollars
  9. G

    Can a FX 6300 Multitask?

    For skyping while playing games like GTA 5 or Witcher 3.
  10. K

    whats the best NVIDIA GPU for my rig

    ok i have an HP Z400 pc and need to know what the best NVIDIA graphics card is for my power supply keep in mind i cant upgrade my power suply because its a custom PSU made my HP for the Z400 heres my specs Intel® Xeon® Quad-Core Processor W3565 (3.20 GHz, 8 MB cache, 1066 MHz memory) LIQUID...
  11. A

    Laptop for streaming

    We have ibuy power desk top and an Elgato. Now my son wants another laptop to stream and upload you tube videos with SD card. What kind of laptop will he need to get this done. Or does he have what he needs already to do this. Please help
  12. M

    Hardwired computer disconnecting from internet, but not router.

    Hello everyone, I have several computers on my network, and there seems to be only 1 that has an issue staying on the internet. I have already run several virus scans, malware checks, and driver and windows updates to see if there is any conflicts or other issues there. The general problem is...
  13. I

    bf4 causing autorestart (no hardware issues)

    Hello, ever since the a few days BF4 has been causing autorestarts. no other games do this, nor does prime95 or memtest. everything about the hardware checks out perfect. the first fix was reinstalling BF, this worked for about 2 days (4 hours of gameplay) I'd rather not do this everytime I...
  14. S

    GTX590 Heating Issues

    I have a GTX 590. Ive been using Speedfan to measure temps. Now it is quite cold today, has been idle yet here are my readings. GPU-35c GPU-59c Everything else is 30 or below. This is running no applications bar firefox to type this. When I play the second reading only ever hits a max of 81c...
  15. N

    computer shuts off right after start up.

    so i built my computer and it was great and all. but it started overheating and it took a while to get a heatsink. i bought a heatsink and installed it and after now it does not turn on for more then a second. i didnt have the money to fix it so i set it to the side and then i brought it out to...
  16. TheFifthTK

    Update WTS Extreme Deal Gaming Rig Dual 3D GeForce GTX 560 Ti Graphics 3.4GHz Quad Core 16 GB RAM 2TB HD $600 Very Negotiable

    Looking to sell tower computer fully assembled with proper wire management (see attached pictures). This is still an amazing gaming computer. I live in Kings Park, New York U.S.A. and I am willing to ship anywhere or deliver locally. The dual video cards are SLI linked and each have...
  17. J

    Trouble Adding Second Router

    Community, So, right up front I'm trying to add a second wireless router in my upstairs area but am having trouble configuring it to work. My set up is as follows, cable service comes in in the basement and enters my cable modem (Motorola Docsis 3.0 P/N: 545100-009-00) and then I want to put...
  18. A

    Picking a GPU For $220 or less

    I'm wanting to be able to play WoW and Skyrim and BF4 on max settings but need a available GPU to handle the settings at 40-60FPS.... CPU Chosen: Intel i5 3570
  19. P

    PS3 Madden 2014

    Will PS3 still release games for madden in 2014. Will PS4 stop the games for ps3
  20. abeer72

    does my mb support an ssd?

    well i have an intel -DH61WW AAG23116-204 so does it support an ssd? please do help.