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  1. dantheman0809

    Question What is causing black screen + buzzing crash and frame lag?

    I have a system with the components listed underneath my username. I occasionally get black screen crashes+ a buzzing sound where I have to full reset the pc. I also fail userbench's sphere GPU benchmark when I try to run it. I also get occasional frame-lag where the screen pauses for a micro...
  2. M

    how to edit the Device Manager

    Hello from Ukraine. Tell me please. How can you create additional string in Device Manager. An example of how to make the picture
  3. A

    Hello I need a good build for a intel I5 4670-k haswell cpu.Any ideas, thanks.

    I am new to custom computer building and need a custom computer built for around 800-900 dollars. Looking for 12 gb of ram around 1 tb of storage mild overclocking.