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  1. Kuplungúr

    Question Sudden framerate drops when I extend desktop (or when there's another cable connected)

    So I have an AMD GPU since end of last year. Performance is good, it is working well (it is a second model, first one was faulty, 6900 XT Red devil ultimate). My issue is the following: - there are random performance (framerate) drops at ever 10-20 sec when I extend the desktop to a secondary...
  2. Nlucz

    [SOLVED] GPU sudden 40% frame loss ?

    Hello, I'm having an issue that has left me stumped. A little backstory to the problem, I installed a new SSD which ran fine. A week later I upgraded ram from 2x8 ddr4 3000mhz to 2x16 ddr4 3600mhz. All was great I noticed load time improvements as well as slight fps increases. A couple weeks...