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  1. L

    Question My PC's performance has recently worsened significantly

    I've noticed that in both games and idle tasks, performance has been noticeably worse. My GPU becomes at unreasonable usage (90-100%) and very hot when playing low end games and giving lower than normal frame rate+stuttering. Additionally, my CPU has been running very loud while processing idle...
  2. NauseousSnake

    Question Low CPU/GPU usage, frame rate fluctuation

    I have a laptop of the make HP Pavilion ec0066ax and the specs are listed as below: I have encountered stutters, low cpu and gpu usage and the only solution to it is resetting the PC. Everything runs at a decent performance after a reset but it starts to chug again after a week or two. I have...
  3. AH64Driver

    [SOLVED] Lackluster System Performance.

    Hello all, and thanks in advance for the help. Bear with me, as this is my first AMD build and I’ve only just jumped into this rabbit hole of a hobby. I’m having an issue in which my system delivers performance which I would consider to be less than optimal, considering its theoretically...
  4. sn0wbit_

    Question games running at incredibly low fps in any mode other than windowed bordered

    at random points in time, specific games that normally run fine in fullscreen start running at like 10 fps and below. i have an rx 480 4 gb, an i5-6402p, and all of my drivers are updated. edit: games i know of that this happens to are diabotical, roblox, tf2, and csgo. other games probably...
  5. JerrWolf

    [SOLVED] A few questions about Refresh Rate, Frame Rate, and Gsync.

    Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well in the times we're currently in. Before the questions I'll post my computer specs and the games I play. CPU: Intel i7 4790k (not overclocked) GPU: Asus Strix 980ti (not overclocked) RAM: 16GB 1333hz DDR3 (forgot the rest) Monitor: Dell S2417DG...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] CPU usage is constantly 100%

    I have some CPU problems, i asume, because my CPU usage seems to be at 100% nearly all the when i'm playing games and it's taking a toll on my framerate. (I'm mainly refering to CS:GO here, but the same happens with Destiny 2, Warzone, Fortnite, and games where there's a lot happening on the...
  7. protiera

    [SOLVED] Why can i not put my screen frame rate to 144hz?

    Hello, I have an Acer 23.6 "LED display - ED242QRAbidpx, which is 144hz, plugged in Display Port to a GeForce 1080 graphics card. I can't go above 144hz, but I have all my drivers up to date, but whether it's in the Nvidia Control Panel or my Windows display settings, I can't go above 100hz. An...
  8. CJPhoneHome

    [SOLVED] My computer can't run games it should easily be able to. How do I fix it?

    My computer is a fairly high end gaming laptop but has a lot of trouble running games that it should be running flawlessly. For example, when I try to play Stellaris, the frame rate makes the game unplayable, dropping as low as 5 fps. These are the recommended requirements for Stellaris...
  9. D

    Question Call of Duty MW - frame rate was 80+ fps, but now won't go much above 40, REGARDLESS of graphics settings

    Hi folks, Something strange is happening for me, specifically in Call of Duty Modern Warfare - hoping I'm missing something simple but it also feels very odd. Seeking advice to try and make sense of it. My system details at bottom.. I installed CoD MW only a few weeks ago after upgrading my...
  10. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Does G Sync make lower FPS smoother?

    Does G Sync help with lower FPS? I play a lot of simulation games where the frame rate fluctuates between 60 and 40 FPS and when these fluctuations occur I feel a noticeable stutter on screen. So if I were to upgrade my 1080p 60 Hz monitor to a 1440p 144 Hz G Sync one would these stutters be...
  11. Hootla1

    [SOLVED] Would a GTX 1660 super be much of an upgrade from my GTX 970?

    Have had my GTX 970 for some time now and it struggling with the modern games. I'm looking to get the GTX 1660 super (OC Edition: Boost Clock 1860 MHz (OC Mode)) & just wanted to check with someone a little more knowledgeable that this would make a difference. -I play Modern Warfare & GTA. Thanks
  12. Rokas108

    My Laptop runs games like crap even when it has decent specs.

    Hello This question has been asked here a dozen times but here I go. Basically I have an MSIGE72mvr 7RG Apache Pro laptop. I will leave the actual specs of it bellow the post. Every time I try to run games like Insurgency Sandstorm or Battlefield 5 it seems to struggle with frame rate even...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] New components, games running lower framerates

    hello, I just installed a new motherboard, CPU and RAM to my system i also have a fresh install of windows and a clean new HDD the only thing i have installed is the new COD and it seems to be running around 30-40 fps worse i7 4700k to an i7 9700k 16 GB hyper x fury ( just got the same...
  14. T

    Question GPU Usage drops to 0% in games, causes frame drops/stuttering

    In games (specifically Rainbow Six Siege), my GPU (MSI GTX 1070 Ti) has dropped to 0% usage while loading into maps and on occasion during gameplay. Stuttering has also happened in other games like Overwatch. I've tried numerous times to uninstall and reinstall my graphics drivers, and I've...
  15. nooneisback

    Question Cannot Turn off Integrated Graphics on ASUS Laptop

    Note that this isn't my machine and I'm posting this for a friend so I can't check anything myself immediately. I'll get directly into the issue. The laptop in question is an ASUS fx504gm-e4057 with an SSD replacement to 1TB and a RAM upgrade to 16GB. It worked perfectly for some time and the...
  16. J

    Question New Laptop Working?

    Hey guys, I just got an Alienware m15 laptop with an RTX 2060. I have downloaded a few games and have been trying the new PC out. I've noticed that in a few games I'm getting some disappointingly low frame rates, like in Subnautica in certain parts on high settings I would drop to 30ish for a...
  17. [SOLVED] 2080TI With good specs but bad fps

    Hello, let me tell you my specs first RTX 2080TI FE i7-8700K overclocked to 4.8 with H100i v2 32gb Corsair Vengeance Rams Z390 Aorus Pro Mobo Corsair 850x powersupply (850 watt) 1TB SSD, 2TB HDD Case: Cooler Master K500L Monitor : Acer XB271HU, 1440p 2k ips 144hz overclocked to 165hz Here is...
  18. C

    Question Nvidia profile inspector Latency/Input lag

    Hello so basically im playing CS:GO professionally, and would like to achieve the lowest Input lag/latency possible, im using csgo ingame frame rate limiter set at FPS_MAX 300, but recently i heard that in Nvidia profile inspector, frame rate limiter mode changing from default to "Limiter force...
  19. J

    Question CPU usage is all the way to 100% and the gpu is only below 50%

    I've been trying to figure out what causes this problem but its not getting better So, wjat i have in my pc is: Cpu: xeon w3550 Gpu: 660 ti Ram: 16 gb ddr3 Im pretty sure its not a bottleneck as i already checked it somewhere like a bottleneck calculator ..and also the gpu and cpu were...
  20. L

    Question Frame rate drop and/ or general slowed function

    Hello, I've been having frame rate problem while playing Fortnite recently, in addition to general slowed computer function. Not sure if they are linked or not. My PC.. Intel- Core i7-6700K 4GHz Quad-Core Processor Asus- GeForce GTX 1070 8GB STRIX Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-2666...
  21. N

    Question b350 or b450 board?

    I have an option to choose between an asrock pro 4 b450 or b350. Is there any advantage in pairing the 2600 with a b450 over a b350? If i do choose a 350 variant, how would i go about updating the bios? Also is the pro 4 series good compared to the competition? Thanks :)
  22. J

    what is better?

    i was thinking about upgrading my i3 8100 but i dont know whether to get an i5 8600k (overclocked) and 8 more gigabytes of ram (i currently have 8) or to just get a i7 8700 my main use is game capturing with obs my budget is around 500 canadian or 380 american
  23. C

    Best Dac/Amp under $100 cad for the Ath-M40x

    I usually play first person games like csgo, overwatch, etc and listen to electronic music. With the M40x i just feel like im missing somethibg, hope you understand what I mean.
  24. K

    What is the Best Combo for a CPU + Motherboard + RAM for around 250 dollars?

    The PC I have is a pre-build and the model number of the PC is h8-1230z Specs: AMD FX - 8120 460 Watt HP Powersupply HP Pavilion Elite Angelica Motherboard M3970am 652951-001 Am3b AMD AMD 7570 Graphics 1 TB Seagate The purpose of the build is to get good gaming performance as well as a well...
  25. M

    I Can't Change My Default Downloads Path

    I recently installed a new hard drive to replace my current one. I copied all the data of the old one on to the new drive. I went into "This PC" and changed all the default download destination paths to my new drive. But there is a problem. Whenever I download something on Ninite, the downloaded...
  26. AlexBlue

    XFX Radeon R9 390x Keeps crashing and recovering.

    I have tried every solution I can find on the internet. I have updated to the latest drivers (!7.4.3) and I have changed the not responding time from 2 seconds to 8 seconds. I have purchased a more powerful fan to keep the graphics card cool and a better power supply. I am at a loss and do not...
  27. T

    CPU's and heatsinks

    Hi there, I am going to purchase a used Intel CPU (i7 2600k) but it doesn't come with a heatsink, will my old Intel CPU heatsink (i3 2120) work with the new CPU. The CPUs share the same socket so I'm hoping it will be ok? Many Thanks
  28. F

    Help Open Port Mikrotik (For Game Ranger)

    so hi guys today I'm asking about open port for gameranger or tungle so I just started download gameranger fo like 2 days ago but when I want to join a game or host a game it say so I clicked the learn more button it say so it try upnp then the result was sameting it didn't work so I try...
  29. C

    Hard drive problem

    toshiba satellite laptop: cannot start at all! recently a few sounds from hdd, fan running hot, did win7 updates, acting weird, then it booted but wouldnt open anything. something about revert to self. finally got to toshiba recovery, did full recovery, doing recovery fine, assume it finished...
  30. J

    What to upgrade ?

    I'v been thinking about upgrading my motherboard and cpu , and im not quite sure what i should upgrade to. The thing is that i recently bought new ddr3 ram and a gtx 1060, and only heard after i bought it that i can't use ddr3 memory on most of the 1151 socket motherboards. So my main...
  31. xFeaRDom

    High Quality Monitor Suggestions

    So I'm currently running a triple-display setup, with 2 BenQ 21" Monitors, and 1 32 Inch TV. I am looking to get rid of both of the BenQ Monitors and replacing it with a high quality, maybe IPS monitor to play games such as Far Cry 4 and High Quality games. I do not play FPS games so response...
  32. N

    Finally asking for help re: SFF power supply

    I've been researching non-stop for a couple days and have reached the point that I feel like I need to ask the experts. Just the facts: I am Upgrading an HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1110 so I can use an MSI N750Ti - 2GD5TLP which requires 20A on the +12V rail The current PSU is an HP part No...
  33. C

    Can i hook up 2 fans to my Zalman fan mate 2?

    Hi, i want to hook up 2 fans to my Zalman fan mate 2 beacause i dont have any 3-4 pin motherboard fan headers. Also i dont want to buy like a splitter cable. Is it possible? System i7 870 (cooled with zalman cnps9700 controlled with second fan mate) Gigabyte ga-h55m-s2 Sapphire hd 6950...
  34. A

    Will these parts fit in my motherboard with no problem?

    i am planning on building my first gaming pc in a month or two and i am worried about the clearance issues with my motherboard. Will these parts fit into my motherboard with no problem whatsoever? My motherboard is ASRock H97 Anniversary ATX LGA1150 Motherboard - EVGA Geforce gtx 950 2gb SSC -...
  35. T

    Which of these two laptops would be faster for light gaming?

    I'm on a cheap budget (~$550) and am looking at two laptops for gaming. Better processor, but weaker graphics: Weaker Processor, better graphics...
  36. M

    How am i being blocked from home wifi

    Been stayin with my brother for a while and we got into this online game. However my brother being the jerk that he is went ahead and decided to block my xbox frm the internet (he has verizon fios). On the xbox i can see it is still connected to the wifi, but im not able to access any online...
  37. F

    i7 6700k 80 C temp while streaming

    Im making another thread because last one was solved and I've an update on what's going on. I got rainbow six siege with my graphic card and i noticed after around 1 hour of streaming (obs 5000 kbitrate (before i had 3500 kbbitrate)) I have average temperature of 72 C and it spikes to 80 C ! Is...
  38. George Lazu

    SSD vs HDD

    Hey, i have a limited budget, and my current HDD started having bad sectors, and it's very slow. I have money for either a Kingston V300 SSD (120 GB) or a 1TB Wester Digital Blue @ 7200rpm. Which one should i take? My old HDD has 500 gb and i want to keep it until it fails, all my important...
  39. B

    second hand gpu

    Hi all i have found a good price for some used gpu where i live some of them with warranty other are not but my question is what things should i check to test the gpu before buying it also should i ask the seller what is the psu that this card used to work on , or it will not make...
  40. D

    Wich psu is better ?

    motherboard: Asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0 cpu: fx 6300 video card: tri x oc r9 290 ram: 8gb hyper x blu 1- Tt SMART M650W Modular 650W+80 2- Corsair CX Series Modular CX750M 750W+80 3- Corsair CX Series CX750+80 i can only get one of those, so don't tell me another models. if those models are...