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  1. Alezwieje

    Question Stuttering in games after clean windows reinstall

    Hi, I have a problem with stuttering in games since I reinstalled windows, because i had BSODs. Luckily after reinstalling them I haven't experienced them anymore, but I have a performance issue and the screen stutters occasionally in games for less than a second I also feel that in-game...
  2. H

    Question System running slower than expected

    This may be a bit of a longer post, but more details the better. Rig Specs: MOBO: Asus prime-b350 plus CPU: AMD ryzen 1600 OC'd to 3.95 w/ hyper 212 evo cooler Ram: corsair vengence 3200 GPU: MSi gaming 1060 6gb Windows 10 Using the AMD power plan I recently upgraded to a 1440 main monitor...
  3. M

    Question my pc is frames are unstable and my game is freezing in battlefield

    Im not sure if it just my pc can handle it or whats going on. Specs i5 7600 Rx 580 8gb 16gbs ddr4 ballistiks ram msi m3 b250 motherboard hdd 1tb HEELLLP!