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    Question Best laptop under 2000 euros ?

    Hello! I am looking for a new laptop for everyday use - for both work and games. I've found some laptops, but I would like to hear your advice about them. 1. What is your budget? Up to 2000 euros, but cheaper is better. I hope to buy a laptop for about 1700-1800 euros, but if there are some...
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    Question about Windows 10 Updates

    In a cumulative update, why is it that the download is inconsistent as in it stops for a period of time? I just see that in my task manager the download is inconsistent.
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    [SOLVED] Problem transferring files between itunes libraries: error -50

    I recently replaced the external HDD that is connected to my (headless) Mac Mini and which I use as media center, with a WD 6TB Mybook (USB 3.0). The external HDD is used to store my Itunes Library. The Mac Mini runs OSX Mavericks 10.9.5 and Itunes 11.4 (I did not upgrade to Itunes 12 because I...