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    [SOLVED] My Passport Ultra

    I have a 2TB My Passport Ultra and I was wondering if there is any possible way to use that drive to free up disk space. It seems like the computer is detecting it but when I go to my files it doesn't show up.
  2. M

    [SOLVED] how to prevent Windows Even Log from filling up disk ?

    Dear community, After a lot of hesitation, I decided yesterday to update my windows 10 to the latest version 1903, but little did I know that I'd come soon to regret that. Right after the update I noticed I was only left with about 15 GB of free space when I had over 60 GB before it, but that is...
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    Three monitor gaming

    Discussion on which graphics card is the best for full settings ultra gaming multi monitors 5760x1080 resolution. Hi guys I have a gaming custom built PC at the moment and recently I have added 3 monitors onto one card the vtx3D 7850 with two DVI connections which are connected to 24 inch...