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    Question Scanline artifacts at lower refresh rates on a 144hz IPS monitor

    I recently got myself an AOC 24G2, really great monitor for the price with superb colors. But I have noticed while playing a couple games with FreeSync turned on that in certain images with grayish colors I get scanline artifacts, basically faint dark lines slowly moving from top to the bottom...
  2. D

    Question Laptop with AMD FreeSync Premium and a Nvidia card

    Hi, I bought a Lenovo Legion 5 laptop. It has a AMD CPU and RTX 3060 GPU. In its website, the display part says "AMD FreeSync™ Premium". What does it mean? How can I enable the freesync? In the Nvidia control panel, there is no G-sync option. I updated everything I can think of, but still no...
  3. Karan Yelve

    [SOLVED] Do cable adapters/ converters kill HDMI 2.1/DP1.4 cables full potential?

    Hi. Hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if cable converters/adapters kill the potential of HDMI 2.1 cables or DP 1.4 cables. For example if I were to use a simple/cheap adapter for my HDMI 2.1 cable (Mini HDMI to HDMI) will it work without any issues or will I suffer loss in quality...
  4. n9neman

    Question Freesync brightness/lighting flickering

    Whenever I have freesync enabled, when I'm in games I get brightness flickering, and its quite noticeable. ESPECIALLY in menus/loading screens (although it still does it outside of menus). It doesnt seem to do it on desktop or anything, just in games. Things I've tried: Turning vsync on/off...
  5. M

    Question 100hz vs 180hz

    I have a Alienware AW3418DW. And I recently have been thinking about upgrading it. And stumble upon a Acer Predator monitor at my local micro center this model here: Acer Predator X34 GSbmiipphuzx 34" QHD 180Hz...
  6. T

    Question Philips monitor no freesync or sound

    I have a Philips 246e9q monitor and a Radeon r7 200 series graphics card. I tried to turn on freesync in Radeon settings but it says you need a compatible display. I am running 1920x1080 @75 hz. I know for sure my display is compatible (it has freesync stickers on the box and the monitor...
  7. V

    Question Would this freesync monitor work with MSI GeForce GTX 1660 6GB Gaming X Graphics Card?

    I have this monitor ( and it supports freesync and I want to know if I can buy this GPU ( and have the freesync still work? Thanks in advance!
  8. MxzsyXII

    [SOLVED] Nvidia control panels shows 144hz monitor as 120hz max when using 'native' resolution 1080p

    When choosing my monitor resolution and refresh rate through the Nvidia control panel, the max refresh rate option is capped to 120Hz if I want to use 1080p native. (The max refresh rate options in Windows settings changes with what I set in the Nvidia control panel) But if I scroll down the...
  9. MacTavish08

    [SOLVED] Should I be worried about screen tearing?

    Hello guys. I recently ordered a GTX 1080 TI and I have a FreeSync Samsung monitor. Am I gonna have issues if there's a discrepancy between the technology of the monitor and the capabilities of the GPU? Is there anything NVIDIA provides to act as a subsitute for FreeSync when using my monitor...
  10. alexalexa221

    [SOLVED] Enabling FreeSync without using Radeon Software?

    Basically, I kept having black screens and unstable overclocks when installing the AMD drivers and software included so what I did was installing the drivers through device manager so I can get rid of the software itself but still have the necessary drivers installed. The problem is that I get...
  11. J

    Question Trouble with freesync

    I have recently upgraded to an amd card (rx 5600xt) and have it hooked up to an xfa240 monitor I cannot for the life of me get free sync to turn on. I turned on vrr in windows, set the refresh rate to 144, turned on freesync on the radeon app, and made sure i was using a dp cable. Whats...
  12. P

    Question Slight Blinking/Flicker Issue on my Samsung 1440p 144hz 27" VA Monitor

    Yo, I just bought a Samsung 1440p 144hz 27" VA monitor (LC27JG54QQWXXL), and I've had some slight issues of the screen blinking when I play games like Warzone or sometimes even when I'm on Chrome (HW acceleration is off). Upgraded from another samsung monitor which was 1080p 72hz, but it didn't...
  13. R

    [SOLVED] Does display port to HDMI adapter support Freesync for Nvidia GPUs?

    I have a 75Hz Samsung monitor(LS24R350FHWXXL) and it only has HDMI and VGA ports but it does support AMD Freesync. I understand Nvidia GPUs can use the technology and I have a 1650 Super. From all online articles, I gather I need to use the display port on my card to use this G-sync on freesync...
  14. C

    [SOLVED] why do i experience screen tearing with freesync enabled?

    so i have a freesync monitor and an amd cpu and gpu. my display is connected via a displayport cable and i have freesync enabled on both the monitor and in the radeon settings, yet i still experience screen tearing. any idea as to why the freesync isn't working?
  15. R

    [SOLVED] X570m Pro4 with 2x SAPPHIRE AMD RX 570 GPU's

    Aloha everyone, My system specs are as follows: M/B - Asrock X570M Pro4 CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (w/Noctua NH-U12S) RAM - 2x Corsair Veng. 3200MHz 16Gb (32Gb total RAM) GPU - 2x SAPPHIRE AMD RX570 8Gb (matched) SSD - CRUCIAL P1 NVME M.2 1Tb (In primary M.2 slot under aluminum shroud) HDD - 2TB...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] Freesync causing stutters in older games

    When I play some older games, the games will stutter a lot. Even if I have it in borderless fullscreen and the fps capped it still does it. Examples are: surgeon simulator (the old one), portal 1, and other similar games. When I turn off freesync on my monitor or in amd settings the stuttering...
  17. R

    Question 27" 1440p 144hz IPS Freesync vs 24" 1080p 144hz IPS Freesync

    I am building a PC with the below specs and i need suggestions in getting a perfect monitor for the below specs. I am looking for an IPS panel with Refresh rate more than 75Hz atleast. Below are the points that i already knew, More PPI means more sharpness. 27 inch 1440p PPI is more than 24...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Is freesync activated through Radeon Settings or monitor OSD... or could it be both?

    Hi everyone. Thanks for taking the time to check on my issue. Let me explain my concern a bit. Situation is that I have been having numerous issues ever since getting a passed down rx 580 8gb. I know the card is in great condition as installing ONLY the drivers and without Radeon software does...
  19. M

    [SOLVED] Activate G-Sync on Asus G14

    Hello! I am trying to actvate G-Sync on my new Asus G14 with RTX 2060. However, the option is not showing in Nvidia control panel. From what I understand the display support Freesync and also have G-Sync Compatible available. But the option to set up G-Sync is not there. Has anyone got this to...
  20. KForce

    [SOLVED] Advice Needed ASAP: Best 144hz Budget Monitor?

    Hey, I'm currently looking for a 144hz monitor (with freesync as well) for the best price (in CAD) I can get it at. I don't mind the response time as long as its under 5ms. So far I've looked through lots of monitors and found some decent ones, but some of them have reviews saying that there are...
  21. GoldKingCobra

    [SOLVED] 2060 (G-Sync Compatible) vs 5600XT (Freesync) with Freesync 144hz Monitor

    I'm currently planning a new b450 build for high/ultra 1080p gaming. I'm between the RTX 2060 and the RX 5600XT. I definitely lean more towards Nvidia as my pfp may hint and I like the evga ko aftermarket design. I would normally just go for the 2060 but at this budget I'm going to be buying...
  22. GettoDacul

    [SOLVED] 165Hz + 75 Hz monitors

    Hello there! So I am running a dual monitor setup, one having 165Hz and the other having 75Hz. I am having the common issue where the refresh rate of my 2nd monitor drops to the refresh rate of the 1st one. Both are Freesync compatible but I am using a GTX 1070 card. My question is, would I fix...
  23. Drewla16

    [SOLVED] no Freesync/GSync worries

    Hello All, Im looking at picking up a samsung monitor - SAMSUNG LC32JG50QQ. I like it for size, price and the panel quality,(reviews are good). I've looked multiple places and so on, no pages state this screen supports freesync/gsync... I want to use this screen with my gaming build that...
  24. H

    [SOLVED] Does it support freesync?

    Does this screen support freesync? AOC G2590PX
  25. P

    [SOLVED] G-sync compatible is multiplying refresh rate

    Hi, I'm currently using 2 screens - Asus PG248Q (G-sync) and Dell AW2518HF (Free Sync). The G-sync compatibility option is working on my Dell but it is multiplying the refresh rate far beyond the adaptive sync range (43-240 HZ), for example at 60 fps I have 120 Hz, for 90 fps I have 180 Hz. It...
  26. A

    [SOLVED] How do I enable g-sync? No option in nvidia control panel or monitor settings

    I have been getting terrible screen tearing in high fps games such as rocket league and valorant so I decided to look around for a g-sync monitor. Anyway turns out, I'm pretty sure my current monitor supports it. Here is a link to the monitor. It says g-sync and freesync, but when I try to...
  27. garlicc juice

    [SOLVED] Whats the deal with high refresh rate monitors

    So i wanted to go for a 144hz freesync monitor people were saying that it's only worth it if you are getting constant 100+ fps. I will be mainly playing csgo and i know that i will get consant 144fps and over, but what if i want to play another game, like Rust? My planned build won't be getting...
  28. garlicc juice

    [SOLVED] Is 144hz monitor worth in my case?

    Lately i've been cutting edges on my planned build to see where can i save a little bit of money. I was planning on getting a 144hz freesync monitor because im planning on mainly playing csgo, and i know that the computer will be able to give me the 144hz experience, but im also planning on...
  29. J

    Question AMD Freesync multiple monitors

    Planning on buying RX 5700 XT and run 3 identical freesync monitors using display ports, will freesync work on all 3?
  30. Lejend

    [SOLVED] Need help finding a 25inch 1440p 144Hz G-Sync monitor

    Looking for a good display as per the title of this thread. Budget is £400 Hz can be higher if within budget.
  31. S

    Question Viotek GFT27DB 144hz keeps turning off

    I just recently got a Viotek GFT27DB and have it connected with a DP cable. My issue is sometimes it will randomly switch down to 120hz and when I go to switch it back 144 isn't even an option. A temporary fix is switching Freesync on the monitor off and back on, 144hz will show back up...
  32. Irisena

    [SOLVED] Freesync through DP to HDMI adapter with GTX 1070 and Dell se2717h

    Hi, so I recently bought a new monitor to boost my measly old 22 inch 60hz monitor to 27 inch 75hz monitor with freesync. I've heard all the news from last year that Nvidia finally supports freesync and I was eager to test the VRR experience myself. Well, few problems i've found is that I need...
  33. ceejay7

    Question Brightness Flickering when FreeSync is activated?

    This problem has been for weeks and I couldn't stand it. I've done alot of research ( reading a thread with 873 replies) still it left me with no solution at all. You can see what is the problem is on the title obviously. The only fix for this issue is by turning off FreeSync which is a true...
  34. H

    [SOLVED] FreeSync isn't working.

    Hello, I've the following monitor: LG 22mk400h-b GPU: RX-570 8GB. FreeSync isn't working, and the screen is working at 60hz instead of 75hz, what should I do? Thanks!
  35. C

    Question Asus mg28uq freesync support over hdmi?

    Hi hoping someone can help me out with this, i recently baught a asus mg28uq 4k uhd monitor for my xbox one x but it only supports freesync over display port and not hdmi, is there any adaptors or cables that i can use to get freesync to work on my xbox one x or is this not possible?

    Question NVIDIA with Ryzen

    So I stumbled upon a confusion regarding the compatibility of a new build's graphics card. I am using Ryzen 5 3500 for that build and hoping to achieve 90+ fps @1080p. So I was waiting for the 5500xt for quite a time. Now realizing 5500 xt being the game not worth the candle I'm inclined towards...
  37. R

    Question Freesync flicker

    Hi! I recently bought the and I love it, except for 1 issue I can't seem to fix. Using Freesync causes alot of brightness flicker\pulsing. Even within the 48-144 range. Anyone got any idea on how to handle this? I use a GTX 1080ti btw...
  38. A

    [SOLVED] In game stutter lag (frame time spikes), help!

    Very new PC, my first time building actually. CPU: Ryzen 3 1200 GPU Radeon RX 580 8GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 3000MHz MOBO: ASUS Prime B450M-A Micro ATX Storage: Gigabyte 2.5" 240GB SSD PSU: Thermaltake 550W Monitor: MSI Optix G24 75Hz 1920x1080 Freesync ready On Rainbow Six Siege I...
  39. RacAtat007

    [SOLVED] Display Port connection not working

    I have been using a TV as a monitor through HDMI for a long time so I bought a MSI Optix MAG271C monitor and went to set it up today using DP but my GPU (RTX 2060) won't recognize the DP adapter, I can get it to work using HDMI just fine. I tried 2 different cable with the same result. I've...
  40. K

    [SOLVED] Which monitor to buy out of these two?

    Hi, planning on buying new monitor. I chose these two but if you have any other suggestions, please let me know. My requirements for new monitor is at least 144Hz, FHD and Freesync. Dell Alienware Monitor MSI Monitor Prices: In Czech Republic prices are almost same for those two monitors...