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    Discussion Game freezes and crashes

    A couple of months ago my pc started being really unresponsive when playing games (slow alt-tab, bsod sometimes, random 5 sec freezes). I updated all my drivers, windows updates with no success. Only thing that helped was a clean windows installation. Since then I had to reinstall my windows 3...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] PC game freezes but pc still runs

    So first lets start with specs msi 3950-A pro i9 9900k processor 760 gpu (I took from old pc while waiting on 2070s) 16gb ram corsair vengence rgb pro corsair hydro 100i corsair rm650 psu So I built my pc and it can run to windows on the desktop fine with not temp issues or anything and can be...
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    Question Issue with xmp and computer freezing when opening some programs

    I recently had my computer in for service because a problem that was unfixable. They changed the Mobo, ram(because last was faulty even tho it was new and worked when i leaved it to them), and case fans. Since then, i tried to enable xmp with 3200 mhz. It goes into a reboot loop for about 5-6...
  4. xNeldin

    [SOLVED] PC turned off after screen artifacts

    Hi, I occured unusual problem with PC - during remote work screen turned full white (gray) and froze without any response. I restarted it, it worked for 2-3 minutes and blue screen occured (but not system one, screen just turned blue), PC also froze. After second restart red square pattern...
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    Question Should I update my BIOS?

    I've been experiencing freezes while gaming as soon as I started upgrading some parts. I literally tried everything (reinstalling windows and drivers, updating them, stress tests etc.) except updating BIOS because of the lack of knowledge to do so. These are parts that I upgraded: GPU - nVidia...
  6. R3fl3cted2001

    Question HDMI doesn't work after crashin Chrome with projector

    Hi, quick explanation: I used my laptop DELL Inspiron 15 3000 for a presentation, started Google Chrome, fullscreened a website, pluged in HDMI connector for a projector and the laptop freezed.. Pulled out HDMI connector after trying to ALT+TAB or CTRL+ALT+DEL and it was the same so I turned...