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freeze at various points

Forum discussion tagged with freeze at various points.
  1. Lic0n

    Question Computer freezes on BIOS

    My computer freezes in Windows lock screen and even on BIOS settings, and after freezing, the computer shuts itself down. I've tried to change the processor, ram, psu, and ssd. I've tried to use one stick of ram and removing my gpu to using on board intel graphic, but the problem still persist...
  2. Lic0n

    Question Computer freezes and shuts down

    So i was using my computer as usual, for about 8-10 hours and then suddenly the computer freezes. I immediately restart the computer and after i restarted it, it works for about 10 minute until it's freezes again. So i decided to wait it out and after 20 minutes of waiting, the computer just...
  3. M

    Question My computer keeps freezing completely, without any reason.

    I have my computer since 2015, so it is not the best, but it never had a problem like this before. It completely freezes, while gaming, or while idle, does not matter. When it freezes, the one last sound will be repeated constantly, very fast, like a fan. It started doing this when a new windows...
  4. B

    Question PC Random Freeze Hiccups

    Hi There! So. My PC Since i built it has always had problems where it will randomly freeze up for like 20seconds at a time then unfreeze randomly, especially if im playing a game (But not only when gaming, just happens most often) I have tried many things to find and or fix the issue and im...
  5. K

    Question PC lags with new GPU

    Hey forum crowd, I come to you in desperate times! (no, it's not that terrible, just hoping you can help out!) So, here is the case: My old GPU got fried. I was in contact with the company who built the PC/sold it, and after some troubleshooting they decided to replace the GPU and send me the...
  6. edgarrivero33

    Question Custom PC keeps freezing unexpectedly and will not unfreeze

    So over the past few months, my computer was randomly freezing. By this I mean randomly the whole computer will freeze in frame and the sound will completely stop. Everything will just stop and this won't unfreeze itself, forcing me to just manually shut it off. It can happen minutes after boot...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] Win 10 freezes daily

    I'm having weird issues with my system. The windows freezes every day randomly under no load. Everything is stuck - mouse, keyboard, screen - when I unplug anything, it isn't recognized when I plug it back - even the screen stays black, the laser on the mouse is off. I have to hard reset every...
  8. P

    Question What tests to run when PC freezes?

    System: cpu: amd-8320 mobo: ga-78lmt-usb3 ram: 16gb 1333hz gpu: geforce 980 hd: 240 ssd, 1.5tb hdd psu: evga supernova 650 My PC froze while gaming and I had to do a hard reset. When I turned it back on there was no signal to monitor (Displayport). Things I've tested to no avail: swapping...