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  1. O

    [SOLVED] New monitor: GPU usage shoots to 100%, PC freezes/ stutters A LOT. Recommended actions?

    After hooking up a Gigabyte M27Q at 1440p 170Hz my PC randomly freezes while on Youtube or Netflix. I forced the power management mode of my GTX 1070Ti to maximum performance from the Nvidia control panel then played Valorant at 1440p maxed out for three hours, no hiccups. After a day PC again...
  2. Free Flyin'

    [SOLVED] Once per day freeze, black screen, and unexpected restart.

    TL;DR often my computer restarts unexpectedly (not exactly a BSOD, also never more than once in a day), with the screen freezing momentarily, followed by a very short lived return of the audio, and then a restart. Any advice or insight would be deeply appreciated, even more so if you'd be...
  3. H

    Question GTX 1660 Ti having issues - display crashes/freezes at inconsistent times?

    Hello! My apologies in advance if I'm in the wrong section for this; I'm admittedly unsure what part of my PC is failing me, but as the issue seems visual, I thought this might be the best option after a friend recommended me this site. (Basic additional info: Windows 10, 8GB ram, PC built by...
  4. LordTimzki

    Question Frozen screen but still hearing audio

    Most games keep freezing and when they freeze I could still hear audio. Games like League of Legends, Roblox, Nier:Automata, Monster Hunter World, and rarely VLC player. I thought this was all the fault of my graphics card the GT1030 so I replaced it with a GTX 1660ti in 2/25/20. I still have...