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    Question Computer randomly freezes indefinitely. Need help troubleshooting

    My computer goes through few week cycles where it will randomly freeze indefinitely many times a day, while other weeks it won't ever freeze. I'll be using my computer (gaming, internet browsing, even minimum load stuff), and the computer will freeze and make buzzing noise in my headset that...
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    Question Laptop keeps crashing whenever Discord is running

    I don't know where to post this issue, so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place. Ever since I started using Discord on my laptop, it will be fine running in the background while I'm just using Microsoft Word or Notepad to type notes and then my computer will either immediately crash or completely...
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    Question System freeze

    Hello, So my pc keeps freezing it started the last couple of weeks where my screen just suddenly freezes. I was playing League of legends or world of tank and the sound stops and the screen just freezes and it stay freezes untill i turn off my pc ofcourse. So i have checked my cpu temp which...
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    Component failure - PSU, Motherboard, or GPU?

    Hello (this is my first post on TH). Please note I have seen many cases similar but none have seemed to fit with my situation so I'd like help on my particular situation. I've searched the entire internet and seemingly tried everything. For the last couple days I've been having increasing...