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  1. P

    Question I need help with my setup

    So I got a problem with my computer, it freezes at random, but the weird thing is that it ran normally 3 days ago, before I removed the GPU the PSU and the SSD in order to test um another another build for a friend, but when I put my pc back up it begins crashing and freezing, I already tried...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Computer freezes when updating graphics drivers.

    When I try to install GPU drivers for my RTX 2060 Super, the computer freezes, screen goes blank but stays on (getting display input) and peripherals don't work at all. When I restart, windows starts diagnostic repairs and goes to a restore point. What I've tried: Reseating the GPU multiple...
  3. Gerraour

    I wan't to learn about Linux OS

    Hello , My friend has explained me about Linux OS , And i'm getting interested. So i watch youtube for Linux OS preview. And it looks different than windows 7. My friend said that Linux OS is more difficult to use than windows 7. So , i want to give a try on Linux OS. I'm ready to learn Linux...