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  1. PleaseHelpCPUstuck

    Question i5-13600kf does not clock down | stuck idle frequency ?

    Hello, I need help with my CPU: i5 13600kf on an Asus Z790 Strix Gaming H For some reason it does not properly downclock and it is stuck at 5.1 ghz for the p cores and 3.9 ghz for the e cores almost all of the time. Very rarely some of the cores would shortly clock down to 800 mhz but go up...
  2. Senheck

    Question RAM not working at the manufacturer's stated speed ?

    Hello, I have G Skill TridentZ NEO 16x2 3200MHz RAM The problem is that when I try to increase the Mhz to 3200 MHz or turn on the XMP profile, my computer crashes and shows a blue screen of death. After I change the speed to 2133 MHz, it works at 3200 MHz but when I restart it crashes again and...
  3. J

    Question i7 8750h, Boosting to maximum frequency on idle.

    Hi I have a question. My lenovo y530 with i7 8750h has all cores constantly running and boosting to 3,9-4,0 GHz, which generates quite a lot of heat. I used throttlestop to undervolt the cpu by 150mV and allowed long power max to be 60 W. Also changed active trip points for fan in bios but...
  4. S

    windows 10 freezing when idle or light tasks

    hi i installed windows 10 a few month ago and all was good for a few weeks and all of a sudden i keep get freezing when left idle or light tasks. was quite bad to start with i.e would crash a min or so after start up then sometimes would crash on loading screen. now its when left idle for...