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  1. L

    [SOLVED] URGENT System randomly freezing occasionally and slow startup

    Hey everybody, I recently upgraded my PC to be more along with new game titles and make everything a bit smoother, I upgraded to the following system specs: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit) Memory: 16 GB Corsaire Dominator 3333Mhz Processor: i7-6700K 4.00 GHz Motherboard: Maximus Hero VIII...
  2. V

    Question Fresh build boots somtimes random crashs

    Hello all I am a relatively new to the world of PCs. I just recently finished my build and it will only post sometimes and when it does post/boot it will run for a few hours then it will crash. by crash i mean it gives me no acces to my monitor or usbs. My build is cpu ryzen 5 2600x mb ROG...
  3. P

    Build Advice Please help me please i basically cannot use my computer.

    I built this computer like a month ago and i just can't use it anymore, everytime i open something like for example task manager or folder it freezes and my mouse becomes that reloading circle and it says that app not responding. This even happens in desktop, i try to click on something and...
  4. Kaluditz

    CPU Idle load and temperature HIGH

    So I read a couple of threads and did not find my solution here, My CPU peak from about 20% to 70% at idle and temps go from about 60c to 80c. I've checked from task manager and nothing is using my CPU (I5-4670k) there. I have overclocked it to 4.2GHz and 3.5GHz it only makes a 10c...